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  1. Lingerie for someone with a tummy?

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    Lovebirds_x wrote:

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    I think this one would hide, basing it on the panel and what some women have said on the reviews. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=27693 ">http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=27693

    Kittycat102 wrote:

    I was considering this as well but not sure if it would hide or not.


    As a bloke I would love to see these on a curvy lady. Those floaty ones don't really do it for me at all. But these 2 are hot.

    Lol I'm going with the first one. But yeah I've asked a few guys on which they think looks best and only one of them said the floaty one.

    I would go with caution basing a lingerie puchase on what guys think as 9 times out of 10 when given a choice betwen something that looks floaty and frilly or something skin tight they will choose the skin tight. It's easy to make a choice when you're looking at bits of lingerie on models. But consider your own feelings too!

    A guy might say he doesn't like babydolls and prefers chemises. That same guy will not, however, find the chemise hot on a lady who is obviously uncomfortable or insecure in it. Whereas if that lady presents herself to him wearing a floaty babydoll that she feels totally comfortable in suddenly he's going to find he likes babydolls more than he thought. It's all about the confidence of the person wearing it, and you're not going to exude sexy confidence if you're wearing a piece of lingerie that you feel is drawing attention to your problem areas or doesn't fit you the way you like. It doesn't matter how hot it looked in the product pictures, it needs to feel good on you to look good on you.

    Fact is you'll look great in anything if YOU think it looks great on you, be it a bodystocking, a chemise, a babydoll, whatever type of lingerie.

    Good choice of lingerie, no disputes there, just but don't be scared of things guys say they don't find attractive (like babydolls) if it's something you'd feel more comfortable in :)

    Thank you hun, really good advice. To be honest, I do like the babydoll and the pink and purple chemise a lot and I feel more confident about wearing the chemise after reading the reviews about how it's so flattering and hides the things you don't want shown

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    Everyone is different too. Just because I'm not into the floaty look doesn't mean that it wouldn't tick all the boxes for another bloke.

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    I'm quite curvty and have a little wobble on my stomach too, and i love sorsets because they pull everything in really well, but if you're looking for bra sets, I woukld recommend balcony bras because they're super flattering and hug a curvy figure as well as accentuate all of the right places. I'd also recommend thongs, brazillian and high waisted panties bacause they pull up your bum for a lovely ahape, and thongs mean there arent any knicker lines which looks amazing :)

    whilst everyone can make suggestions, I really think it's a matter of confidence. if you feel sexy you'll look sexy! as cheesy as that sounds, I've found it to be true. Also, I'm sure a partner would find anything you wear hot no matter what!

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    My tummy has never been the same since having children and it's what I'm lest confident about, I recently tried a bodystocking and my confidence was through the roof, so flattering, I've just ordered 2 from lovehoney in the 2 for £20 deal :)

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