1. Tips please for best poses to look good in lingerie photos for OH

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    spend a few hours getting ready and taking selfies trying the range of underwear he has bought you... the photo is the easy part its all about the preperation and beleiving your sexy... love yourself... you cannot expect anyone to love you if you don't beleive them when they tell you... (we all get insecure from time to time) from a male point of veiw confidence is much easier to keep secure and most importantly satisfy and keep happy (it makes us want to spoil you and and making the moves subtly is always the best way...

    if he is like me then he doesn't like suprises send him a snap which could be seen by friends colleagues just in case so he knows what you want how and when... and keep the naughty ones for later... one long photo session should give you enough time to take plenty for the times you don't have time... keep some photo's back for a rainy day

    hearing your making the effort to making the effort to show him how sexy you are and feel can only mean positive things... do it for you and in turn this will inevitably mean he will like it... try innocent poses and dirty poses... use mirrors and if you are feeling really naughty make it look like someone else is taking the photo / video. dont be subtle and expect us guys to pick up on things especially if we are stressed... testing the water with a sexy pic is always a winner for both of you... use photo editors either online or photoshop to edit the photo and add text to make the message or fantasy you want him to get clear... hope this helps... enjoy... and if you would like a mans opinion i will volunteer! ha ha

    have fun

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