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    I recently bought the LH Thrill Me Suspender Shorts (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32071) and am wondering if anyone else has had this experience with them. I've read reviews on this item and the plus size version, and it doesn't seem to be a common issue with these, so I thought I'd turn to the forums to see if people have this problem with any knickers that have suspender straps attached.

    At first I bought a plus size pair, which fit ok when not wearing stockings on the suspender straps. When attaching stockings and walking a short way, they got dragged down so that they were sitting around my hip and my bum was starting to show at the back. I tried different stockings, adjusting the straps, and trying to wear the stockings higher/lower on my thigh, but nothing did the trick.

    So I figured the 18-20 were too big and were able to be pulled down because they weren't close-fitting enough at the hip. I liked them enough to buy a 14-16 pair to try out, which fit better but maddeningly still have the same issue with attaching stockings.

    I just want to work out if I'm missing something, if there's something I haven't tried... these are my first pairs of suspender knickers so I'm not at all familiar with the style, but they don't seem to be wearable for me with the suspender straps attached :(

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    Mine don't stay on long enough for me to walk too far lol. You could try wearing hold ups instead of stockings though, then the straps would just be for show & not for function, it should take the strain off them

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    I dont have the ones you bought but I have purchased 3 pairs in the past and yes, I've had exactly the same problem. I've bought smaller ones too, but all I get is a lovely (not) vpl. Would be interested if anyone has a solution to this problem .

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    From a mans viewpoint and obviously lingerie is a mans specialised subject lol, a suspender belt is meant to rest on top of hips and with right sizing it should not come down because of the widening of hips. Whereas sussy knickers have no way of stopping them coming down (lol). So the options are wear tighter knickers or get the good old sexy sussy belt back into play xx

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    I'm so glad that it's not just me wearing them wrong or having an oddly shaped body! Very reassuring that it's a recognised problem.

    My partner seems to think it doesn't matter because I won't be walking anywhere in them, but I hate lingerie that I have to worry about falling down all the time when moving positions, walking to another room, etc.

    I might have to try the hold up idea, although I was under the impression that hold-ups are harder to use with suspender clips. Definitely worth a try though.

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    Try these or this brand for hold ups http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=24434

    i have the same issue with a skirt/thong suspender set from elsewhere. Stockings pull them down too much.

    usually i find hold ups and suspenders dont mix because the rubbery hold up bit is too wide for the suspender clip so they wont shut. With these stockings i linked, the hold up bit is in intermitant strips so you can clip the suspenders to the lace itself, or even if its on the rubbery bit it seems thinner than normal. These are the best stockings ive ever tried because they hold up perfectly on their own, dont dig in and roll down and even seem compatable with all my suspender clips!

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    Thanks, JM88. I'll have a look at that brand. It's good to know the strips on them still work with clips.

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    Hi all,

    I am a cross dressing male, I can see your problem with suspender knickers. I have problems with ordinary suspender belts slowly heading south as mentioned above the hips should keep them up but the male frame is not as curvey. This is the reason I have never bought suspender knickers, I cannot posibly see how they can stay up. Using hold ups I feel is the only option, this is something I do all the time with suspender belts, again to combat anatomy differences. I find that I do not have any trouble with the clips, as long as they are metal the plastic ones do break because of the extra thickness. Another tip that I have gained from the theatre world if you wear fishnets, to stop your toes going through wear a nude pair underneath. Makes wearing fishnets so much more comfy.

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    The current preference for relatively low-rise knickers is no help at all if you want to hang suspenders off them. Likewise, current suspender belts are sized to fit lower down the hips than they used to be, so you need to make sure your belt is going to be snug enough to stop sliding before it gets over your hips.

    For men, this is a two-edged sword: the present styles means that sizing is more generous, so that we can get belts that go round us at all (thirty years ago most suspender belts were too tight for me and I wasn't very big then - just bigger round the waist than most women). Now, I sometimes buy medium or even small suspenders rather thsn getting the biggest I can find, as I used to.

    On the pants side, when they all generally sat further up there was more chance of them staying up. I used to have some suspender knickers, at least 20 years ago and maybe more, which had a fastener on the waist so they could fit snugly and not slide down. With today's typical low-waist cut, that simply isn't possible. The only suspender knickers I've bought recently just don't work, despite being fairly tight on me.

    The other thing that makes your stockings and belt/knickers slide down is when the stockings themselves are too small. Again, thankfully, it's easier to get sized stockings in a range of decent sizes, and of course with suspender knickers or modern belts, the suspenders generally seem to go down a bit further than on older style 'small waist' susponder belts, so there's probably a bit of help there. Obviously, if your belt or knickers won't stay up anyway that's likely to be a wasted benefit, but in general, you do need to have big enough stockings. Tight stockings with lots of lycra in them are devils for squeezing themselves down your leg.

    I think if you want stockings to stay up all day you need bigger stockings and an old-fashioned suspender belt, preferably with at least 6 straps. Anything less is basically bedroomwear and it shouldn't matter too much of it doesn't stay on ...

    MInd you, if you fancy an energetic romp with your stockings on, that's another thing altogether!

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