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  1. big boob nightmare

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    LibraLover wrote:

    Girls with small backs and big boobs I recommend http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32063 And http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=31040 And corsets!! :)

    Oooh goody- I've got the halterneck bra coming in red. I was really worried about it but thought I should just go for it as I can always return it. Thanks for the advice Libra!

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    Yep, nightmare here too. I'm a 42G which is roughly a size 22 on the top but only a size 16 at the bottom. I'm fine with tops and a skirt or trouser combo but dresses............omg cant even go there :( Would love a pvc kinky dress for the bedroom ( I have some tops and skirts) but can never find one that fits my top half but dosent look rediculous at the bottom :(

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    Hi all you ladies. I have big boobs small back 32GG. I have found a clothes retailer to deals with all the issues. It is by bravissimo and their clothes line is called pepper berry. They have some shops dotted around the country. Not cheap but not ridiculous either. In pepperberry clothing I wear a size 10 super curvy. Other clothes i'my a 14. Figleaves have also started a clothes range. Curvy kate do a cupped size baby doll. Hope this is some hope xxx

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    I have BIG boobs :( but i am a big gily over all, finding sexy bed clothes/attire can be a nightmare, heck a good gust of wind and I will topple over, front first ahahahah

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    I have the same problem :(

    I have suggested on the pander to me thread that LH start stocking some of their lingerie in bra sizes like other retailers do, however that would require them to have a lot more stock so perhaps it's not cost effective enough for them.

    I'm a 36GG and I find it impossible to fit into lingerie properly, I always go up a size and even then it's a squeeze and I don't get full coverage, and the chemise or whatever it is then fits too loosely around my waist. There are other retailers which sell lingerie according to bra size but can be quite expensive, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about them on here?

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    Ah, saucy21 had already mentioned the retailer I had in mind. Bravissimo/Pepperberry are great for well endowed ladies :)

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    My OH struggles with bras but has fallen in love with Ewa Michalek. Hasn't looked anywhere else since, she loves the styles, support and sizing is great.

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    38DD and finding the right bra that also looks nice is becoming a nightmare for me. Really. I'm stuck with things that barely have a form after years and years of use and abuse.

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    I stuggle allll the time! I'm a 32H and I've found that if I buy lingerie from Lovehoney, you need to buy it without any form of cup padding, even slight. Any form of padding shapes the cup therefore if you're bigger than 'average' for that given size, it's not gonna fit. X

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    I have the too big problem, where as my sister had suffered with the too small, but she is all of sudden in ownership of perfect natural boobs. Was so jealous when she was buying perfect fitting bras in new look. I buy my nicer/ sexy ones from boux avenue or Anne summers if I can get to a shop and try on first. And good old M&S for everyday, although I did manage to get a rather slutty leopard print number from there a couple of years back. But baby dolls are a nightmare. Bought one from here in an XL just fits the boobs but too loose everywhere else and makes me feel frumpy not sexy. Argh!

    Did get a nice corset off eBay for a fancy dress part but I love it , can be worn for going out or in the bedroom, if in public I have to watch bending over as the girls try and make a bid for freedom in the bedroom this probably wouldn't be the worst thing hehe

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    38/40 GG/H here tried many things nothing fits except body stockings even then the girls are pretty squished just can't escape to the outside world.
    Iv taken to designing and making my own sexy stuff either by turning a bra that does fit in to a baby doll or starting from scratch with a pile of nice fabric and see where I end up.
    Iv also been looking at adding sexy touches to everyday clothes such as lacing so I can tighten under my boobs as I do find most tops hang from my boobs like a huge tent. I'm already large without baggy tops hiding my curves.

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    Why are there no pictures in this thread?! Haha

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    Im a fuller figure guy so i love the sight of bigger boobs.

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    Had mine reduced about 18 years ago. Best thin I ever did!! I'm still big boobed (42f ) but nowhere near where I was!

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    Do the LH bras have rough cup size estimates displayed anywhere at least? Rather than small/med/large etc? I'm a 36E and size 18 so queensize things are a total hit or miss for me. My breasts are very squishy so whenever a bra is too small for me it gives me extreme muffin top over the sides/under arm which is really not flattering, lol.

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    38gg and can never get a sexy bra. Just recently I have started teaming up my bras with knickers from here it makes such a difference.

    I have also just purchased a plus size LH halter neck dress. While it offers no support I feel amazing in it as it stretches over my boobs without feeling tight or uncomfortable, hubby loves how it is see through. I got it in blue but I am planning on getting both the red and black ones when I get paid. Will be posting a fantastic review.

    There is also a long sleeved LH lace style dress which is really nice and stretches over bigger boobs.

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