1. Stockings if you could just have one from LH what one

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    Would you get?

    Im trying out all sorts of lingerie and at the moment im really into tights and stockings its a Scent thing aswell as a looking thing but i wont bore you about my scent fetish.

    I have some fishnet stockings soso nice but also i love to see colourfull lingerie and i think this could be my next buy i really love the look of this one:


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    I think I'd go left no right no left no. ..
    Oh I can't decide

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    On the topic of colourful, I find these ones very appealing (the blue specifically):


    I'm also so so in love with these ones atm:


    But out of stockings I own, it would have to be this pair:


    They fit like a dream, they are super comfy and are sooo good quality wise; super soft and sheer with soft soft lace yet durable enough not to tear. AND they actually hold up, it is not a lie! I just love them. Not to mention of all my stockings these ones make me feel the most feminine and pretty and I certainly got a bigger reaction from my partner than my regular old black ones! If you ever want a white pair I can highly recomend these :)

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    I'm really not much of a stockings fan, but these stay on my mind quite a lot lately:


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