1. Corset for the smaller of us!

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    Hey - I've just recently bought myself a couple of corsets and am looking for recommendations. I'm about 5ft and a size 6-8, so the small sizes are fine in terms of length and general fit. The issue I have is that I'm not exactly blessed in the boob department - I've found that rather than lifting and enhancing what I do have, corsets tend to have the opposite effect when tightened to fit and just flatten everything unless I supplement it with chicken fillets. This isn't a a problem for going out and such, but if I'm looking to impress someone it's not exactly great to have the fillets falling out when the corset is removed!

    Any help/ideas/recommendations will be much appreciated!

    Cheers! x

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    Have you considered an underbust corset/waspie with a similar colour/contrasting bra? I know that doesn't offer a solution to the ones you've already bought, but may be a suggestion for the future.

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    Hadn't thought of that and will definitely look into it - thanks!

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    I was going to say the same thing, try an underbust with a sexy bra :)

    I have the opposite problem, way too much boobage to fit in an of the rack corset without looking ridiculous (yes, that is possible!) and underbusts have definitely been the way forward for me.

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    thats exactly what I have bought in the past an underbust corset :)

    I have the same issue as Spoonerism but also small in height and size and they shape so well

    With the corsets you have make sure they tighten from the middle ribbon/lace this can make a massive differnece to shape too

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    Depending what you are after often plastic boned corsets come up smaller in the breast department than classical steel boned, but they will give you much less shape definition.


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    I bought my oh this. She is a small size 8 with small boobs. It was just right for her. Read my review.

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    I used to be crazy about corsets - I had (well, still have but don't really wear) loads of expensive steel boned ones when I was a size 8 so I had the same problem. I can think of one in particular which had a sweetheart neckline, but also had some padding as it was designed for smaller busts. If you're after a full corset something like that would probably work, but a waspie is a good idea too.

    I've had my eye on this one for ages - it has padded cups too :) http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=29513

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    Thanks everyone! Definitely have to save up a bit for some of these!

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    An underbust corset is a great idea if you want to pull in your waist, without pulling in your boobs. You can then wear your favourite push up bra with it to make the most of your assests.

    Having said that, a lot of people forget to lean forwards when putting a bra or corset on, and this means than half of your boob-fat isn't where it should be! When you put your corset on, make sure you lean forwards and then wrap the corset around your body. This encourages all the fat (which we all have!) around your waist, back and boobs to be pulled to the front where you want it, giving you bigger, more perky boobs :)

    Check out our Fitting Guide for Corsets to find out more on how to fit and wear a corset :)

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    I have absolutely no bust, corsets look ridiculous on me. Need more of a vest lol. I have to say I don't bother with them any more just bras knickers stockings and suspenders. My oh bought me a fantastic lingerie set from another well know high street supplier of sexy things and it is fantastic for once I have a bust.

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