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    Anyone know where to buy good fitting stockings, I'm after a few varieties from lace top to opaque etc, all my old stocking fit perfect and fit to the top of my thighs, but now I need some new ones I'm struggling to find any pairs that reach to the top of my thighs, Ordered a few different pairs this week from various manufactures and they all only just reach past my knees, I would have to stretch them to far to attach to suspenders and they would just pull the belt of my hips, I even ordered some levante ones that were described as extra tall and they still only just go past my knees, I'm not the tallest at only 5ft8 so can not understand why I'm finding them all to short, I can only assume manufactures are cutting back on material or there being imported from china etc were people are shorter, I'm not wanting to go to any specialist websites and pay over the odds.

    i just want everyday stockings but I can't afford to waste any more money ordering and hoping they might fit so any help gladly appreciated..

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    I have this problem. I have had I start ordering from web sites specifically for talk women. I'm 5 10 but all leg. Most of the stockings on here are just above my knee. Ocassionaly I find a longer pair but I've been unable to get ones that come to the perfect hight from LH

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    I have just ordered a pair of lavante 100 denier wool stockings, and from what reviews I have found they sound promising as they all said they were long enough even for tall legs, being wool there probably not the sexiest but will certainly keep your legs warm. for anyone intrested google "levante 100 denier wool stockings" and you will see them, I ordered them in black.

    I just can not understand as a few years ago I could go to peacocks and primark etc, and all I had to do was by them in large and they were nice and long, now I just can't find any and I'm wasting money trying to find some.

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    M&S Fit my 34" legs.

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    I have these and I have 34" legs http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=24434 and these go the extra bit to further up your leg http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=24435

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