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  1. Looking to buy something for my partner but confused about sizing!

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    Hi all,

    Firstly. I'm looking to buy a little outfit for my partner and have found something that she'd like. But I am little confused about sizing and what to do about it, if anything.

    My partner is a size 16, and a 36 D cup.

    This is what I've got my eye on:

    So, uhm, I'm a bit stuck on what size to go for!

    Secondly, one for the lovely staff at LoveHoney. There's a problem with the Cottelli sizing chart:

    Cottelli Size Chart

    Cottelli Lingerie Size UK

    Dress size Bust Waist Hips

    XS 6 - 8 30" - 32" 23" - 25" 33" - 36"

    Small 10 - 12 34" - 36" 25" - 28" 36" - 38"

    Medium 12 - 14 38" - 40" 28" - 32" 38" - 40"

    Large 18 - 20 42" - 44" 32" - 35" 40" - 44"

    XL 22 - 24 46" - 48" 35" - 40" 44" - 47"

    XXL 26 - 28 50" - 52" 40" - 45" 47" - 52"

    XXXL 30 - 32 52" - 54" 45" - 50" 52" - 56"

    ....what's happened to size 16, or does it just not exist.... ? ;)

    Young and fun95 [sign in to see picture]
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    I'd go for large deffinately but even that is only a C cup and your wife being a D might not quite fit, but if you're set on that it's the best fit I recon

    pinkanimal [sign in to see picture]
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    I agree with y&f
    Maybe you should pick something more her size?
    Or order it and if it doesn't fit return it.
    Lh has amazing returns policy

    Kinky&Curvy [sign in to see picture]
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    I'd go for the large because the band size being slightly bigger means that cup will be too (i.e I'm a 32H but I can if I need to fit into a 34G its just slighty bigger around a little bit smaller on top, but if it's bedroom wear, that shouldn't be a problem.) so there is a possibility that it will fit and then like PA said you can send it back if it doesn't X

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    Thank you!

    I've gone for the large for now, and also bought something in her size just in case, so there's less of a disappointment if it doesn't fit! I'm not expecting it to, but obviously like all things, it's down to the manufacturer as one size 18 is anothers size 16. She's finding recently that most of the new clothes she is buying as 16 are just a little on the big size, so I am thinking this might be too big, but hey!

    We can always swap it for something else...! :)


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    Hope she loves it! :)

    rose hip [sign in to see picture]
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    Looks like Cotelli is a German brand so the lack of a size 16 probably has to do with conversion between European and UK sizing. The systems don't line up exactly.

    Knowing her measurements would help you pick things for her. If you don't want to ask her, you might be able to get an idea (range of measurements) from the websites of her favourite clothing brands. But don't stress about imported brands being listed as something other than a 16.

    I agree with the others. Large is my guess for your best bet on this one. If it's too big though, get an idea of how much too big it is top and bottom. That kind of information could come in handy if you want to buy something else from the brand.

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    I just looked at some German e-shop pages that offer items of the Corelli lingerie and their size chart says that German size 44/46 would be an L; that would be a 16/18 in the UK.

    the measurement range would be 98-106 for chest, 80-89 for waist and 112-116 for hip

    which would mean 38,5-41,5 / 31,5-35 / 44-45,5 in the inch system

    I hope that helps.

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