1. Hello and ...oh no not again!

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    Hi guys...new to the site and commuinity so thought I would say hello and ask some advice!

    Been married over 20 years and always had a good sex life but over the past few years due to kids its become very infrequent and the wife wants it quiet and quick. Recently we've started to become more of how we used to be, lots of foreplay etc but...whereas I used to be abe to go for quite some time I find I have no control now....its either over within a few minutes of putting it in or can take ages.

    I am a gentleman and she is always satisfied lol but just wondering if anyone has any advice or have been through this themselves.

    Thanks for reading and hope to chat soon.


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    Hi Woody, welcome to the forum. I was in a similar situation last year where sex was off the cards due medical issues, and then when i could have sex my stamina was next to zero. I always made sure my wife was happy with lots of foreplay. At thr end of lsst year i ordered our first toys a bullet and a rabbit. This has given us a whole new world of pleasure.

    So here's my tips... i love her to play infront of me.. i show my appreciation by very slowly playing myself. Then i join in by using toys on her. After she has had multiple orgasms or just had enough i will have sex with her. As she has already had so many orgasms she is super sensitive so i don't need to last long and as i have been slowly playing and edging it makes my own orgasm more intense. Works for us.

    Best of luck finding your groove.

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    Hi + welcome, unfortunately I do not have any experience or advice for this particular issue but hopefully someone who has will be along soon-ish (it is work hours so may be a little later); also have you tried the search bar at the top of the forum as there may be threads already that have some advice.

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    HI K&c30's - We spend a lot of time playing before penetration now, but it was more how do I find my old self again. I suppose I am the frustarted one as I enjoy the pentertaion immensely!

    I will keep plodding on lol

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    Hi & Welcome to the forums. As said, loads of foreplay, you can also practice with a masterbator like. Fleshlight or Tenga Zen. I think when sex becomes the norm you will probably re-find your mojo. I don’t really prescribe to cock rings and desensitising stuff. Have you tried comdoms?

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    Hi Woodyitis, first time out here in chat room land myself and yes, I know exactly what you mean.

    Personally I find a small shot of whisky (or your favoured spirit) prior to kick off helps slow down proceedings in the mindset.

    Continue to do everything foreplaywise and more for the missus and during this encourage her to play (lick, suck etc.) a bit more with your tackle in order to desensitise the old chap so that when you do enter her the pleasurable friction does not tip you over the edge too quickly.

    I've also found varying the angles upon entry and breathing deeply also help focus the mindset & control to last longer. Try raising yourself higher up so that you put more pressure on her clitoris and you have a slow shallow insertion before getting into your normal groove.

    I personally enjoy positioning the missus across the bed widthways kissing her eyelids, chest, tummy and working your way down so that she can also nuzzle your bits without too much focus around the gland head helps and you can also recoil at any moment to control the depth if you are feeling close to the edge.

    Hope this helps you buddy - let us know how you get on. Be creative & have fun!

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