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  1. Forum nazis

    PurringTiger [sign in to see picture]
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    I do agree that when you see someone has already posted the links to the rules and four posts later someone does it again, that this is completely unnecessary and avoidable. That's just laziness on the latter persons part for skimming through a post wiithout checking first though. It would be nice if they took the time to check first if they are going to post them.

    A gentle nudge to look at the rules is fine though imo as some people don't know forum ettiquette and it's still very easy to break them without realising even when you've been here a long time. Heck I did it a few weeks ago without realising - I thought I'd posted a link to a manufacturers page about a new toy and had posted to a competitors site by mistake. So it's easily done and that's by someone who's been here a fair while.

    Taylor77 [sign in to see picture]
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    With Ron on this one, it appears to be a competition, who can post 'please read.... the rules' first. In general all forums are the same, don't go out of your way to offend people or post personal information. Do we need teacher pets (if they are still referred to as them 20 years on) to remind people how to behave, or is it a deluded attempt to get a job in Bath. Treat people as adults and in general they will act accordingly, those who act like children, suspend them for their childish acts.

    Rant over and thank you Ron, this has been bothering me and Mrs TD for a while, perhaps lovehoney could produce an automated mail that sends the rules via email to anyone who registers a login.

    DavidB1986 [sign in to see picture]
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    I disagree with the 'Teachers Pet' comment, or the insinuation that people do this as some sort of lame attempt to curry favour with LH. It's absolute bollocks. One of the reasons I continue to post here, is because it's one of the only forums that really knows how to look after itself, and every member makes valid contributions and helps keep it a safe, fun and pleasant place to post. If welcoming newbies and making sure they've read the rules and FAQ is such a bad thing, then I fear there are bigger problems to worry about. Or is it not just easier to ignore? All that's happened here today is a fair few posters who do this might start thinking twice about posting, knowing 'irritates' people so much.

    Wildcherry [sign in to see picture]
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    I see both sides of the coin here but i have to agree with Jess, theres nothing wrong with a helpful link to the rules but when people ignore that its already been posted it can be a bit spammy. Also what Jess has mention about just posting the rules when people have asked for advice, its just comes across as a little insensitive (even i its not intended) and if it was me as a newbie i think id be worried id posted something in-approriate with just a lone link to the rules.

    I really disagree with the teachers pet and leg up in LH, i mean really? but im not getting into that.. What i do agree with and think is an excellent idea is Lovehoney sending an auto-email to whoever signs up containing forum rules or (even more complicated) a link you have to read and tick before being allowed into the forums when registering (its what ive had to click when signing myself up to most forums).

    I hope this kind of thing doesnt frighten people from posting like Davids said, if anything its just a helpful reminder not an attack.. even if the thread title is er interesting i dont think people are "forum nazis" for doing it just maybe a little over eager/helpful.

    Taylor77 [sign in to see picture]
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    Appologies David if I upset you, the influnece of wine perhaps, I generally ignore the newbie threads, like the majority of forums, yet if something good can come out of these discussions, then it can only improve the forum. Have to agree with Wildcherry, the 'forum nazis' title was most likey meant as tabloid header for attention grabbing, yet if a number of people, even a small number; feel it can be rather off putting, then that fact should not be ignored.

    Ron Burgundy [sign in to see picture]
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    My use of the words forum nazi was not attention grabbing nor was it meant to offend. I made that clear from the outset.

    If any one has seen the soup nazi episode of Seinfeld then it would be clear where im coming from. For those that haven't, here's a brief explanation. The soup nazi is a guy who owns a deli and sells the best soup in town. But he is obsessed with rules and will only serve those who adhere to his rules. His customers want the soup, so they also obsess over the rules. The whole episode revolves around this.

    Given that my thread was about rules and what I saw as some peoples obsession with them, I thought soup nazi would be a humorous title. Hope I didn't piss anyone off.

    LilMissFrustrated [sign in to see picture]
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    I've never read the rules so I cant really tell others to do so. Im such a rebel! :-)

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