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    I had to supress a chuckle today at work whilst in a meeting with my manager.

    He was showing me a list of websites that use SLI Services and LoveHoney appeared on there. He, obviously, overlooked it but it was just on the screen staring at me and made me smile.

    I just felt i had to share. My manager started clicking some websites to find out what they were, that could of been a fantastic shock for him.


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    That would have made me smile to :)

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    My oh was at a buisness meeting last week. He connected his laptop up to the projector screen and switched on the laptop to show everyone something. Of course if opened on Lovehoneys page because it was the last thing he has been using before he put it on standby. Everyone just kinda looked at him.

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    I clear my history/catch/cookies/personal info/passwords etc etc everyday. No search fields left, no history, no old links no nothing. Don't want anything extra showing on the work computer.

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