1. Friends Requests Pending advice

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    I know the friend requests are pointless now, but it still makes me smile when I see i've had someone send a request ... I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED...

    HAHA oh dear... back to work... sssh ;)

    Ron Burgundy [sign in to see picture]
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    Well its only fair that I share the love as sthubbins did earlier. I await your reply sir.

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    MissChar wrote:

    Sorry i didnt mean the problem had come up several times, I meant the query about it on the forums comes up often :) as far as I know it hasn't been sorted, as I said its probably low priority. Mines been like that for months x

    This is pretty much bang on I'm afraid.

    This issue has been raised with our tech team but because we no longer have the chat facility, the friend requests is a relatively low priority for fixing.

    It is annoying though as I get the same thing every time I log in too! Humpf!


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    I know this is more about pending request it's the closest thing om finding. I do get a silly billy smile when I log in and see *like a lamb to the slaughter* I'll await the banter replies. Hehe

    Minkish Minx [sign in to see picture]
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    It's a shame that the PM feature was removed, although I can totally see how it could have been misused. :c

    For now, friend requests make me so curiously happy. I likes to feel loved (even though I don't have that many friends just yet!). ♥

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    Opps, I just checked my friends list and I have loads of friends requests.

    I think that be added everyone's request but as I'm always logged in I don't get the notifications.

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