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    Dear LH

    I have just had a message saying I need to pay postage for an item I sent to the rabbit amnesty before I can get my 500 points. I thought it was Freepost to be honest? So I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me.

    Also, the email said I sent 4 items, but I know that's not true. I sent 2 items, 1 of which I already received the points for, and then a few days I sent the 2nd one, but it was definitley just 1.

    Please can someone help.


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    i thought i had to pay postage thats why i had put off posting my amnesty items back as i am a but broke !

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    I think I had to pay postage, if I am remembering right. I must admit, it did put me off a little because paying the postage negated the amount I earned in points. However, when I look at it a different way, you are recycling products at no extra cost to you (As you get the postage back essentially, in points.) I was looking at it wrong, like I was going to 'earn' something from it, but in reality, my attitude meant I was expecting lovehoney to 'pay' for me to recycle. I am just glad they offer the service, for free, as such. So yeh, the amnesty is fab for folks who are green and want to recycle correctly, but you are not really going to earn extra from it unless you send a ton of toys back in the same box, I guess.

    Sorry you found out after the fact though. That could be a little crappy when you are skint or something. :(

    As for the 4 items/2 items thing, that looks like an error and I guess only LH can help you with this one! hehe xx Hope you get it sorted quick xx

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    Just had a look on the Rabbit Amnesty FAQ's page and it says that a standard postage fee will be incurred.


    No idea about the confusion of number of items though.

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    Thanks guys! Yeah I sent my 2 items separately because the only small box I had was a shoebox with pictures and writing all over it. So I sent them in padded envelopes I could squeeze through the post box. It's a shame because I still have a whole load of stamps I got free from my ex-employer due to this Royal Mail monitoring thing we (mostly I) carried out as part of my day to day work. I might as well have just kept them or thrown them in the bin. :-( The main reason I did it at all was thinking I could dispose of items I wasn't sure I wanted to keep and then I wouldn't have to find places to hide them before parents come to help me move home!

    The only reason I can think of that it might be 4 is that I sent a couple of things to the Amnesty MONTHS back but I know I got the points for those, as well as the one I sent first.

    Ok yeah, I thought I was getting something for nothing. Terrible attitude but a genuine misunderstanding on my part.

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    As far as I'm aware you do have the pay postage to send items to Rabbit Amnesty. I didn't pay last time because I was returning something to Lovehoney anyway and asked if I could pop a couple of vibrators for recycling in the same box and they said yes. I'm not sure if that's still the case though, maybe they've stopped doing that now?

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    I will see what LH says if they read this post before trying the live chat or responding to the email.

    Really don't want to have to worry about this right now with uni and moving. :(

    But if it comes to it I'd rather just lose the points than have to worry about paying extra.

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    Hey Cat Lady

    Sorry for the slow reply - I've been away on my holibobs! However I'm back now and in (almost) back in full swing, so to speak.

    When it comes to Rabbit Amnesty,we do ask that you cover the delivery charge, however we don't ask that you use any special delivery or tracked services. Please feel free to use the most basic postal service to get your product/s to us.

    By covering the cost of postage it means Lovehoney can afford to offer this service over a sustained amount of time, and have products disposed of responsibly while enabling us to make the maximum contibution to the World Land Trust. As all of our other postage is free, we feel this is a fair request to do your bit for the environment - and as an added bonus we give you points too!

    You can find out more about Rabbit Amnesty here.

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