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  1. CENSORSHIP and the Forum


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    Ha! I was hoping that title would catch your attention! : ))

    Joking apart, I wanted to get people's opinion (and importantly the Moderators' opinion) on posts that 'cross the line' and might cause offence to others.

    You might be aware that the moderators recently felt they had to shut down a thread. The problem (as I understand it) was that the debate was at times too 'heated' and occasionally was 'inflammatory', ie it was likely to upset people. I hold my hand up ('OK Teach, it woz me wot dunnit')!

    I guess it makes sense that we don't want the situation to arise where members start finding the Forum an unpleasant place to hang-out. And so the Forum, rightly, needs Moderators to keep things reasonably 'nice'....... (serious sex kinks and uninhibited sex-chat, an exception of course!!)

    However, shutting a thread down has to be a 'last resort', done only when things have really gone too far. It should never be an automatic response, just because someone has complained about something. Clearly the Moderators share this belief, otherwise shutting down a thread wouldn't be as rare an event as it is.

    But why should it be only a last resort?..... Why shouldn't the Forum be thoroughly 'policed' ? Well, maybe, there's several reasons.

    Controversial discussions, like the one on 'cock-teasing', can be really interesting. They give members an opportunity to examine their attitudes and to reflect on their experiences........ and let's face it, controversy, by it's nature, is bound to upset somebody sometime.

    The second reason why Moderators are right to go easy on censorship, is that Forum members in fact tend to 'self-regulate' posts. Several times I've 'crossed the line' and written something that caused offence, and IMMEDIATELY I've been jumped on by another member. It's great really, because I'm learning to be a little more careful about what I write before I hit the POST THIS button.

    However, if censorship comes from a Moderator, maybe people can start to become too anxious about what they write..... and if that happens, the Forum will lose the vitality that it gets from people thinking like 'free spirits'.

    The other form of built-in safeguard against members getting offended, is that they obviously have a choice to.....just move on to a different thread, if they find the subject is not to their taste.

    But it would be interesting to know what everybody thinks about this. Issues for debate might be 1) the right of members NOT to read something offensive, versus the right of others to 'free speech'. 2) The purpose of the Forum, and whether controversial subjects really fit-in with that purpose. 3) What sort of things might upset YOU in the Forum? 4) Is writing provocative things to 'stir-up' debate OK?..... or if not, when does it 'cross the line'?

    Please...... share your thoughts....

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