1. What Do You Want To See Annabelle Do On Video

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    No, not like that

    Our videographer, Lee, is looking at LIVE video and wondered what sort of things people might like to see on a live stream with Annabelle?

    A sex toy surgery where you ask questions about toys - perhaps you want to see two side-by-side and we can show them? A test to see if Annabelle can present a video in one take? Bushtucker trial?

    If you have any ideas, post 'em here!

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    Something like Ashen's 10 reviews in 10 minutes video would be fun!


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    Similar to AM's suggestion I'd like to see a bunch of similar items put side by side and have a quick review on them and their differences. Perhaps like having top rated rabbits together as well as realistic vibes, glass toys etc.

    I remember a recent thread asking about the rabbit sizes and how they don't always seem clear in sizing. A video will really help.

    On another note. It would be great to have an interactive service that shows the toys in detail as well as point out the sizing in a picture format rather than reading them in the information bit. A sort of pyramid/spider diagram may help to narrow a choice down into what is suitable too. Just as idea. =P

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    i dont really use them, theyre a bit too formal for me with the news reader voice haha :P

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    Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

    Oooh! Interesting!

    I'd love to see comparisons between similar toys. Like showing each difference between the Fleshlights side by side, or the Happy Rabbits together. As well as showing slightly less similar products together in comparisons, like TENGA vs Fleshlight or Jessica Rabbits vs Oh! Rabbits

    Lessseee. What else. Perhaps she could do pieces on lingerie with a model or two showing them and Annabelle doing some sort of catwalk commentating.

    Lubes. Maybe comparing lubricant consistancies by doing 'lube racing', showing which one is the runniest and thickest by pouring them down some card?

    If Hella has some time away from the desk and such, perhaps she could team up with Annabelle for some bondage pieces, like, for instance, showing the weilding of floggers and whips? *Evil grin*

    Ok, those ideas are probably really dumb. But they are just popping in my head as I'm typing here. Heh!

    yesssss! real people wearing them so we can see different body shapes! its really difficult with a picture to see what theyre actually like

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    AA's suggestions sound great! Lube racing would be hilarious - maybe have a couple of chanels and a couple of bullet vibes racing along the lube!

    The lingerie modelling / catwalk would be very useful for us blokes (not just for the obvious reasons of sexy ladies in lingerie) but it would be great to show, for example different height and size models wearing the same lingerie - so you have an idea of what a one size fits all looks like on someone 5'10 size 8 and on someone 5'0 size 12 (for example).

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    I;d like to see her put on a hat, and dance gangnam style! :)

    Failing that, I would like a more detailed explanation of some of the toys, and they are supposed to work. For example, the difference betwene a but tplug, and an anal dildo. Why you would use one over the other. How they physically work. Possibly, it would be a bit boring and a bit nerdy and jst mabey too "school science lesson" for LH.... but for clueless people like myself, it would really help.

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