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    I think (as someone new to the site) the anonymity factor must encourage people to sign up and try to contribute - I know it did with me and I would class myself as someone who still feels very wary about all the net stuff.

    A good idea all round and as you get used to the site I expect it not to be as big an issue - but in deciding to join in, it was a big factor.

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    ShaftMaster wrote:

    Blueeyes82 wrote:

    i don't show who i am on lh but if you follow my none-vanilla blog............

    Don't worry, no-one I know.

    phew :p

    Honeytongue [sign in to see picture]
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    Anonimity on here is important to me. I do have some friends here who know me, but I need to be able to choose who. A colleague showed me something from this site at the pub on Friday. I was glad to know that he couldn't accidentally discover I am on here through my posts and reviews.

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    Have to say I like it. I am a very private person, but as no one knows who I am on here it gives me the freedon to post as I like. I don't like people knowing or discussing our sex lives with us, but when we are just X and Y, it doesn't bother me.

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