1. Lovehoney's 10th Birthday Competition!

    Syd [sign in to see picture]
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    Hello LoveHoney.

    I was thinking of buying some outfits for my lovehoney so I typed "naughty schoolgirl outfits" into google and found you as one of the options.

    Liked the layout of the website and the products/reviews and so I...

    Made my first order. Great.

    Realised I had accidentally given my parents postcode when ordering (force of habit) with my house number and so some stranger was about to receive a lovely corsetti babydoll!

    Was planning to knock on this strangers house and try to explain how I had sent them a parcel by accident and could they ring me when it arrived.

    Then I rang your customer service expecting the same unhelpful crap you get with most other companies. BUT NO!

    I spoke to a lovely girl Amy. She changed the address details for me, even went down down to the warehouse to change the size of the item for me. And took the time to ring me back to confirm she had been able to do so.

    It's little touches like that, that keep you ahead of the competition.

    I did send an email thanking Amy for all her help.

    Give her a bonus.

    She was my first experience with Lhoney. Great service.

    fizzy [sign in to see picture]
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    the first thing i actually got from lovehoney was a tester i had a look at the site and joined the forums and a couple of weeks later i recived a cardboard box threw the post and i remeber my hubby saying what have you been buyng and i replied nothing he didn't believe me untill i opened the box and found the doc johnson bullet vibrator with wired controller inside the box and on the devlivery note it said something like please test and review and we got round to testing it stright away!

    happy birthday lovehoney!

    Blondii [sign in to see picture]
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    My first buy was more than just receiving my first rabbit Mr Big many years ago (which has led to a huge rabbit habit....) and my first anal toy; it was an introduction to a company with outstanding service and value. An easy to follow female friendly website, an enormous welcoming community where I've met some great people and made some wonderful friends.
    This in turn after seeing the many talented reviewers led me to running a successful photo review site using my experience as a photographer and writer which enabled me to focus on something else after living with huge health problems.
    As well as most importantly improving my sexlife for the both of us, leading to an even happier 30 year relationship which I didn't think was possible!
    Lovehoney you've seriously changed our life for the better. in so many ways!

    Thank you and Happy Birthday!X

    Hellkat [sign in to see picture]
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    Dear lovehoney gem,

    I know it originally said this had a 150 word limit and I know some people have gone over that

    I know you have stated you would still count Tturtles story but does that mean you will count everyone who has gone over the limit or shall we re- submit a new or shorter story ???

    TheKittyKat [sign in to see picture]
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    I'd been fed up paying lots of money for poor customer service and substandard products with a well-known high-street name, so went looking around online for an alternative. Found lots of dodgy-looking sites, where I was fearful that either my card details would be stolen, my items wouldn't turn up, or places that looked so tacky I was surprised anyone ever bought from them.

    The site that caught my eye was Lovehoney. They looked both personal and professional, and in the end I decided to give them a try... and I've never looked back. That first pacel arrived so quickly, gave us so much pleasure, and set a high standard for subsequent purchases that Lovehoney have always achieved.

    So thank you, Lovehoney, for not just the first, but all the happy experiences you’ve enabled us to have! Happy Birthday!

    silverdrop [sign in to see picture]
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    About five or six years ago, I saw Lovehoney highly recommended at the Money Savings Expert forums. I had purchased sex toys before, but never online. My first purchase was double egg with a wired controller, that I loved for being cheap and powerful. I used that thing for two or three years before it finally died, and then I returned to Lovehoney for replacement pleasure. Though I haven't always gotten along with all of the toys I've purchased, I've never had a complaint about Lovehoney's service. It's always been so easy to return anything I've had a problem with. Lovehoney is not only my favourite sex toy retailer, but my favourite online retailer of any sort. You're the best!

    Ms HKM [sign in to see picture]
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    My first experience with LH was when I was a teenager.... I ordered an all purple 'kit' from the catalogue! Yes, CATALOGUE, not the internet, and in it came a vibe with lots of sleeves, loveballs, remote egg, cockring and lube. I still have the cockring! Since then I've spent hundreds of pounds and my only regret is not finding the forums sooner (and gotten many many OH! points LOL).

    Happy Birthday LoveHoney

    Ms HKM XX

    ragrappy [sign in to see picture]
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    Me and my girlfriend decided to order some stuff from Lovehoney one day to expand our boundaries and try some new stuff... the rest, as they say, is history!


    [suspended user]

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    Happy Birthday Lovehoney!

    The best site ever for sex toys and sex lovers.

    Great place to meet people and talk about the toys we love so much.

    I wish you the next 10 year will be better :-)


    king long dong [sign in to see picture]
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    ok so heres my story this is embarrassing, im actually wondering why im posting it lol

    i joined lovehoney after hearing my sister, her friend and my mum talking about it, i was curious my sister told me about the forums and said i should give it ago, i made a profile and started snooping, found the bum thread (yes im a bum man lol) and added a few people, i went to ask my sister about loading pics and told the three ladies i had made a profile and already got friends on there and one had the most amazing arse well obviously i told them why wouldnt i, and they all burst out laughing my mum spat her drink everywhere and i was stood there none the wiser so i said " i guess you know her then" this makes everything a million times worse they are practically rolling around on the floor in stitches ...... turms out it was my damn sister


    Jess_cd [sign in to see picture]
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    Mine's going to be pretty simple....

    My girlfriend found love honey when searching fo a new corset. She told me about it so I came a checked out the shop. I couldn't afford anything at the time but what appealed to me was the community here. Reviews of products as well as pictures of clothing on real people, not just the perfect models. Not only that but the forums of people seeking and giving advice as well as general good natured fun. It appealed to me as a place I could be myself. Somewhere I could be open without having to join a fetish community or something similar. I'm pleased to say I've now placed my first order and can't wait for it to arrive!!

    Pmpycpl [sign in to see picture]
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    Our first experience of LH was the valentines after our daughter was born.

    It had been a tough first year, my OH suffered with a bit of post natal, which wasn't helped by me working abroad alot.

    I ordered some lingerie and a toy (I have to confess, I told her the toy was a freebie as she was a bit unsure about them).

    Lets just say we have a fantasic and well deserved (for the both off us) night of passion (and giggles at the toy, it was a bit bigger than I expected ).

    LH now drains my wallet every valentines day!

    Happy birthday LH, you have made some of mine special

    sanda [sign in to see picture]
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    Torn as usual about what to buy for my Wife for our anniversary, I decided to be a little more daring than usual. Since the gift option for a 10th anniversary is tin, I bought her a small tin... with a bullet vibrator inside.

    And so I nervously awaited the moment of unwrapping. How would she react? Would she laugh, or throw it back at me in disgust, or more likely say "That's nice dear..." and put it at the back of the drawer never to be seen again. As it turns out, her thinking had been along the same lines, and as I unwrapped her present to me I was pleasantly surprised to a set of door jamb cuffs. She also confessed a desire to buy a collar and lead set!

    Since then we haven’t looked back.

    SassyCouple [sign in to see picture]
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    I am relatively new to LoveHoney, having just discovered it in time for Valentine's day this year, but my husband and I are already huge fans. We love all of the products and how quickly they are delivered. Thanks for letting us be part of this wonderful Birthday Celebration! =)

    gymnast_kerry [sign in to see picture]
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    My first experience with LH was just as they introduced their grab bag. I wasn't so sure what toy to get so this was an ideal choice. I ordered it straight away and was so surprised and excited when the post came the next day. No more than 24 hours later and I already had my new toys! I received 6 different toys that equalled more than 4 times what I paid for the grab bag. Every toy was amazing.

    Such a simple to use and great service, i've ordered from them many times since.

    Im hooked :)

    RedCheeks [sign in to see picture]
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    My first experience with Lovehoney was back when I was just 18 and still living at home. Having been agoraphobic for a few years and as a result unable to leave the house, I found it impossibe to keep relationships at the time but still had a raging sex drive to look after! Having ordered from smaller online Sex shops I was always worried sick about whether they'd have discreet packaging, that was until I discovered Lovehoney and their fantastic reputation among sex toy buyers.

    Excitedly I placed a sizeable order for six items in total, all so temptingly well priced compared to the sites that I had been using. A few short days later my order arrived discreet and well packaged. I was like a kid on christmas day with all my new goodies and knew I'd soon be back for more. Five years later and after many orders and uses of the wishlist service, I'm still very much a Lovehoney lover!

    Mimi<3 [sign in to see picture]
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    reccommended to you by a friend :)

    brought myselfs a new toy, my wishlist is growing and I cannot wait for payday :)

    shtym [sign in to see picture]
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    First experience with Love Honey was simply amazing. Awesome shopping experience with a no nonsense website. Very easy to browse and find what I was after, brill products for a very small chunk of the wallet. Placed an order during the day and "knock knock!! delivery for Mr. Ahem" the very next morning!!

    sweetlove666 [sign in to see picture]
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    first time i saw lovehoney as a company was in magazines like cosmo. i was underage then but as i got older and of age i started with a toy from Ann summers. it was horrid.

    when it came time for my second toy i decided on a clitoral pump, and looked around. Lovehoney seemed a really nicley laid out site, with easy to use interfaces and it was one of the cheaper ones with a smacking of quality.

    as with all orders i've had it arrived quickly, in descreet packaging and well wrapped.

    I wrote a review and joined the froums a few weeks later and have been here ever since

    Shocking to believe that was 2008!

    Lovehoney - Gemma [sign in to see picture]
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    Hellkat wrote:

    Dear lovehoney gem,

    I know it originally said this had a 150 word limit and I know some people have gone over that

    I know you have stated you would still count Tturtles story but does that mean you will count everyone who has gone over the limit or shall we re- submit a new or shorter story ???


    It was really just intended rough guide, so they would be manageable to read when it came to closing the competition on Friday. I'm happy to accept longer versions though, so no need to worry <3

    I don't think I could manage counting all the entries to check if they were inside the word limit anyway! ;)

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