1. Returned dildos resold?

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    Hey robJoylove, you're right, we should state it a bit more clearly! We absolutely don't resell anything that's been used, opened, or even just looks a bit shabby. It it comes back utterly pristine and obviously unopened, it's up to Andrea as to whether it goes back into stock.

    Packaging's needed, in the case where it's clearly a fault, so we can hit the manufacturer over the head about it, giving them details such as batch and shipment numbers.

    Cleaning's needed for Andrea and her team, who have to inspect everything that comes back, as you've seen in the video. We'll be making a new returns video, in our shiny (somewhat) new warehouse, so I'll make sure Andrea mentions what happens!


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    I just remembered a thread from last summer:


    Personally, I trust LH and I'm sure they'd never send used items to any customer.

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    If LH need to return a faulty item back to a supplier,t hey will need as much as the original package as they can get. If you don't have it, not to worry. But legally, they can't resell used sex toys, for 1, their insurance wouldn't cover it.

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