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  1. Over-budget: keep, return, ... test? Please advise.

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    I've purchase a few items from LH in the past, mostly deal of the day so we can experiment, but this Christmas I decided to go for my most expensive order yet and along with some lingerie I bought a fleshlight for £33. I chose to do this on the spur of the moment because I had heard positive reviews about it but never really consider getting one at full price, I thought if I am going to try these toy I may as well go for a good one.

    However, on Christmas day I also ordered the tenga flip for £40; I understand this will probably last longer and be easier to maintain but, now I wonder whether two 'luxury' toys of this type is unreasonable extravagant as with other items these orders now aggregate to more that the initial prices I had never considered. I am a slave to bargains but, seeing as the only obvious advantage the FL has without more purchases seems to be when improvising hands free play, I do not know whether it is sensible to keep it.

    I would like to experience this insert and I can afford to keep every things, as I've been saving with a view to upgrading my computer or camera, but in all decisions I am ridiculously insecure and because of I consider the third option.

    The policy as I read it, 'if you don't get on with it like you thought', seems to support this as a choice however, seeing as this is an expensive (abet discontinued) toy and (I hope) LH don't reuse open returns I don't know if I'm morally comfortable doing that to them.

    So any opinions, experiences or advise gratefully welcomed
    and thanks for reading.

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    Sorry about the typos, I'using a virtual keyboard.

    Also if anyone could tell me where returns, wrong size, can be put together in other oders box that would be helpful; I'd feel a bit conspicuous taking 3 long boxes to be posted at once.

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    In my quest to find my perfect rabbit.... I have returned a rabbit after using it.

    As long as it is returned in the original packaging and in pristine condition you will get a refund.

    Also it is ok to return several items in one box. Follow the instructions on the web site for how to do returns.

    I hope this helps. xx

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    Thanks LiMissFrustrated,

    I'm amazed that anyone replied so quickly (and that people can understand my typing). Its good to know I was correct on the policy.

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    I agree that it is only extravagant if you feel like it is. I own several luxury toys and I dont feel extravagant about it, but then I worked extra hours to be able to afford some, like the Zook, as I really wanted it. And I am till managing to gain more extra money on my account. So it would hugely depend on your point of view and your personal situation.

    You can return the toy in 365 days for any reason, so even getting on better with one toy than the other is a good reason! I did return few toys like this and one was luxury toy. I did feel bit awfull the first time, but then I reliased that this actually means I will continue to buy at LH as I know that they have really great return policy! So do not feel embarassed if you do that.

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    I have not returned anything yet, but to be honest LH returns policy and there people are so nice and easy to deal with I would not worry about it. If you feel more comfortable with one toy than another don't just keep the toy for the sake of it. That would be wasting money and in this climate everyone is doing as much as possible to save a it of cash. I know i certainly am with two babies.
    Try them and if you don't like one as much as you thought you would return it. Who knows you may love them both.

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    Thank you everyone who's posted, I'm glad to have some advise and encouraged that people didn't think my question was too silly.

    You all seem to agree that LH generous policy would be supportive of us testing with no problems. Laveila makes a good point too: the consieration, service and returns scheme are why I would look to LH first, so it makes sense that they're there to be used. I don't mind your rambling at all Avrielle_Aniko and I agree with what you and mumof2 say about knowing your own budget.

    I think we will probably be trying them out now, so thanks for bolstering my confidence. I glad people seem so friendly here.

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