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    lovingnewtoys wrote:

    It was a nice idea in theory but can understand why people not so keen.

    Anyway, putting the thread back on topic, I would personally like to thank all the members who have been following and supporting me in my current and ongoing 'battle' with the menopause.

    Your comments and hugs have meant the world to me, and still do.

    Thank you xxxx

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    Lovehoney - Leanne wrote:

    mysteron wrote:

    Perhaps more competiions could be a way forward which allows the participation by all, something alonmg the lines of that game we previously had when someone placed 3 obscure statements and everyone had to pick the one that is true. While it lasted it was really fun and you learned a lot about the individuals as well as we are quite a diverse bunch on here.

    Sadly, that upset a couple of members too :(

    The suggestion thread is still running, feel free to pop some ideas on there:


    i did enjoy this game, gave us the chance to find things out that wouldnt have expected but was good to hear the stories of the true fact that was given out.

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