1. Why would you recommend Lovehoney?

    Laveila [sign in to see picture]
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    I would for the best customer service ever! they made me smile twice today! And sorted both my problems so fast, thank you!

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    Mr Monster [sign in to see picture]
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    Laveila - I've been following your saga of missing orders. I'm so glad you're smiling again. Lovehoney are the best!

    Laveila [sign in to see picture]
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    Mr Monster: if i get it twice, I will just have to refuse to take one, the only issue may be because I have replacement going on as well for my Zini, as after 5-6 hours on charge, the buttons dont react at all when pressed, only reacts when its plugged in, which is faulty. As I am international, I will have replacement sent without me paying the expensive postage to send it back. I am sooo very happy about LH. made my day, together with the fact I will be working with close friend in the same company and in the same department!

    lovehorny david [sign in to see picture]
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    i just brilliant 10out of 10

    chimera [sign in to see picture]
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    In your opinion, what is it that stands out about Lovehoney's service?

    The amazing returns policy, it's far better than anything you'd expect. So much more encouraging than 'return in seven days, in its box, untouched' that I can only presume is for people that like wasting delivery costs to look at a box and decide it's the wrong colour. Lovehoney is exceptionally customer friendly. LH is also exceptionally quick - both in answering questions with their fabulous customer service and their delivery service which always arrives days before it's estimated!

    Why would you recommend Lovehoney?

    It's a friendly environment to shop for personal items that makes the customer feel at ease, rather than encouraging them to feel 'perverted' like many other similar websites. Their easy to use website and clear sections, subsections and sorting options also make it very easy to navigate to items you would like. They have an amazing selection of items, and always seem to add to it. I also love their selection of lingerie and the range of sizes they cater for. And best of all? They give you so many details - from product descriptions to facts and figures, something I find lacking in other websites. The option for free delivery is also a plus!

    What would you say to reassure someone who's never bought from Lovehoney before?

    The thing that always stands out about Lovehoney, for me, is the trust I have in them. If something went wrong with a delivery, or the product wasn't right, or I wanted to change my order or get more information on a product, then I'd absolutely trust them to look after my shopping experience without making me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. Lovehoney are such a professional company, but one with such a heart behind them that it's always a pleasure to shop with them. They're not a faceless monster coorperation (despite being large and incredibly popular) but feel more like an incredibly well stocked corner shop where you've been friends with the shopkeeper for many years.

    Strange Days [sign in to see picture]
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    The Service is excellent - quick delivery & quick responses to questions or problems.

    The 12 months no quibble return policy is a clear & simple way to give confidence to buyers. If you don't like it, simply send it back..!

    I have had problems with products - and these were resolved as soon as LH could. I have also returned items I decided I didn't like - and got refunded.

    I would reccomend LH - no, I DO recommend LH - to others...!

    sweetlove666 [sign in to see picture]
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    fast delivery that is free

    there's always clear descriptions of products and also the photos are always realistic

    very good customer service. they will help you with anyhting, no matter how little

    S&M sexy times [sign in to see picture]
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    Fantastic variety of products, excellent customer service the staff are very polite & very very helpful. The web site is extremely helpful with alot of product videos & pictures, the 1year free returns shows LH's commitment to customer care.

    hotpussy [sign in to see picture]
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    What stands out about Lovehoney's service?

    12 month quibble free returns. You can't say fairer than that! Super quick delivery and completely annonymous packaging. No misuse of email address and no unwanted emails or post. Honest reviews written by genuine customers, and any other questions about products or advice given by LH staff very quickly. Other websites make contacting the company difficult. LH answer queries almost as quickly as if you had gone into a store to ask. If you contact LH, the response is almost instant. I also love the Oh points scheme where you recieve points with every purchase, which you can build up to redeem against LH products. Just brilliant! In a nut shell, you exceed customer expectation. You go the extra mile to make your customers happy.

    Why recommend LH?

    Very easy to use website. Complete privacy. Forums (or direct link to LH staff) to get advise or just have fun with other LH members. A wide range of products-easily found by catagory. Everything you need is right here. From beginners toys to essentials, from dress up to bondage. Something for solo play, for couples, for beginners, to experts. There's something to suit everyones needs and plenty to give you ideas too! As well as that, the customer service is second to none and you are safe in the knowledge that your personal info is safe, and that when your goodies arrive, no-one will be any the wiser about what's in the box, or where it's come from, and if you're not happy, there's a no quibble returns policy. You can't beat that!

    How would you re-assure a new person to LH?

    I was scared about just how discreet LH would be when sending out my items. I was nervous the day the postman came with my package, but I was relieved to see, that as promised, it was sent in a plain brown box with nothing more than my name and address on. It had arrived within 24 hours and was well packed and the items were in mint condition. All the products were as described and I have had no problems with them. I have joined the LH forums and have had great fun expressing my opinions and playing games. LH is not like some other adult sites that make you feel seedy and dirty for wanting to spice up your sex life and try something new. If you look on the forums there are people less adventurous as you, the same as you and more adventerous and experienced as you. You just feel like part of a community. You can trust LH to be welcoming, discreet and friendly. How many other adult sites can you say that about?

    Brown eyed girl [sign in to see picture]
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    Love honey is great got helpful staff good service fast delivery good exciting toye etc fast delivey also i look forward to deal of the day and if have questions u can chat on the site i wud recommend love honey to anyone

    Brown eyed girl [sign in to see picture]
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    I wud strongly recommend love honey as they deliver fast good quality vibes etc helpful staff always answer questions on live chat u can return goods if need be and can email them and fast reply I've bought quite a lot of products and will buy more

    middledrawer [sign in to see picture]
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    Great selection, very fast (and discreet) delivery and great products. The videos and customer reviews are a great way of selecting the best toys.

    kinkycop [sign in to see picture]
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    Fast and special delivery!

    The website is very is easy to understand and user friendy. the toys can in a brown parcel which is the best thing! :D

    And you have wishlists so I could buy some luck member a toy etc! a good forum full of real people! :D

    Blueeyes82 [sign in to see picture]
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    Fast delivery, discreet packaging, very helpful staff who can resolve any issues that may occur with products (will replace within 24hrs of reporting a product fault or refund). Staff are very helpful, the community forum is brilliant, the site is easy to get around, the deals are the best around and on a personal and final note..........very easy to become addicted to LH lol

    lover222 [sign in to see picture]
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    first class service and excellent quality

    mrsorgasmatron [sign in to see picture]
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    I would recommend it for the variety of products it offers, for the great service, the speedy delivery and the one-off community forum.

    S4zz [sign in to see picture]
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    I love the facts that 1) you don't have to give card details, you can pay by PayPal; 2) free delivery; 3) my delivery came really promptly, and with no branding on the packaging; 4) it 'feels' a reputable site. Also there is genuine advice about improving your sex life on here, plus these forums :)

    smirnoff09 [sign in to see picture]
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    1.Ease of website to use

    2.Great Customer service, where else can you return items upto a year after you bought them

    3 speed of delivery even free delivary is quick

    4. Range of items

    5.friendly people and great forums

    6.Honest reviews

    7.Lots of hints and tips


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    So many reasons and I've encouraged a few friends to shop here.
    First and foremost the customer service is the best around. If only all companies had such amazing, friendly, informative advice on hand 24/7

    The forums, theirs sooo many lovely friendly people here, the staff are very much involved also which makes us feel special as customers

    Then there's the awesome offers, seriously if I was rich I'd be making huge purchases on a daily basis. Lol!

    Then there's the returns policy, this is excellent especially for this type of retailer.

    The chance to test products is fantastic, it makes you feel so special if you're lucky enough to be chosen.

    I could probably and may even write a blog about my fav company Lovehoney <3:-) xxx

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