1. OH Points idea

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    I also noticed that the njoy wand recently went up in price, so I'm now going to save for that. At first I was saving for the Elise but I'm going to wait for that to to come up on offer. Though I could ship the Njoy wand from the US... I just have to make up my mind. I'm a little way from reaching the OH! point amount for either anyway.

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    I agree with M4S, if you return an item which you have used a OH Points gift code you could get the OH Points back as you do now and a refund of any cash you spent.

    They only item I really want now is 14000 points - I have 1310 - along way to go!

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    Hi Pixie_Murree, meant to say, great profile pic BTW :).

    Kind regards


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    Thank you M4S xx

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    I'm liking these ideas. The thing is that if you are a regular at LH you do end up buying the things you want and accumulate points. But, this means you have already bought most of the items you are really after and because the list is limited you can end up storing loads of points but with nothing to spend your points on. This almost hurts the regulars more than the not so regulars. I have bought quite a few things from LH in the past and will continue to do so in the future, but I dont ever have very much extra cash after bills etc so cant even dream of getting some of the luxury things or the more expensive items. I have already bought anything I want and can afford really and theres nothing on the Oh Points list that I need at the moment. But any way to kind of save up for things I REALLY want is a good idea. I'd be interested in either expanding the list, putting points towards items you might not be able to afford ordinarily or some kind of gift card system to buy with points. Then I could get some of those slightly pricier items still left on my wish lists!

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