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    A small chatroom option on top of the page may be really good. I alot of people have a lot of fleeting questions or concerns that can be easily answered. I think this may help in decluttering the forum itself. Something like a minimum of 50posts or so would be ideal to take part. Also, a very firm rules page and an option to screenshot possible abuse with it.

    I'd love the option of sending Instant messages or private messages (only for those befriended perhaps). It would be so much reliable than the chat feature- I have yet to use chat btw because it's so buggy. I've tried a couple of times but have given up.

    As for the loyalty points I think they only put in products that there are more stock of but I agree it would be nice sitewise.

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    I love LH and I wouldn't use anywhere else. Not sure if this is relevent, but I'd love to see more for the LH mobile site, since I don't usually get a chance to go on my computer and I usually do a lot of my searches and browsing on the mobile site. I don't think you can use OH! points with the mobile site, or use the forum either.

    I do love the colours and the layout though, and the forum is a great addition, I don't often find really friendly active forums on an online shopping site, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong places :D

    Overall, I think LH is awesome and you should keep doing what you're doing!

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    Blueeyes82 wrote:

    I'd like to point out too that the corsets, for plus sizes are really size perfect. As a KK, I have to purchase corsets that are leveling on a 24-26. My body would fit into a 22 but I am sure there are a lot of women like me that find it difficult to find that perfect corset!

    The only way I can do this is to go into a specialized shop, once I had done that, I could purchase a corset cheaper on amazon. So my suggestion would be to stock a higher size range in the plus sized products (yes i know it's a pander to me).

    I know it's the manufacturer that takes the plus sized model pictures but they really aren't plus sized, yes they maybe a lil bigger but they are not doing the lingerie any justice, maybe a wider range of plus sized ladies (?).

    + 1

    I agree, I'm a larger lady myself and I'm a little apprehensive about buying nice, pretty, frilly things from your plus size range because I don't trust my size in your stock (if that makes any sense?).

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