1. Moral Dilemma about Returning Something!

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    Thanks Alicia,

    I'm wondering whether to keep two and return two. Would mean keeping a £23 item I don't want but I wouldn't feel so bad.

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    I have just returned a Luxuary Vibrator for no other reason than it doesn't fit with me. Dont worry about doing the same, their policy is there for a reason so use it

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    If u feel uneasy 'bout returning something, contact Lh by phone or via live chat. I once accidentally ordered 2 of an item when I only wanted and stupidly failed to notice this on both the printed order & the confirmatory e-mail! I contacted Lh and they were fine with me returning 1 of the items even tho' it was my own stupid fault! Kudos to Lh!


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    Any company is wise to value happy customers who return again and again. I would never shop anywhere but Lovehoney because of their excellent customer service, and I know I've spent more money with them because of knowing I can return it if I don't get on with something new.

    Go ahead and return all of the items you're unhappy with. If it makes you feel better, then pledge to spend the money on more Lovehoney items. Win - win!

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    I've just put my form in to return two items and swap another. But i have also just placed a £50 order and don't shop anywhere else for my sex related items so........

    Whilst I hate returning, its what draws me to LH x

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    I ordered today 2 babydolls. I am really looking forward trying them, but as I have a bit less usual sizing, so I may have to return it. But if I have to,then I would try something else. The return policy here is briliant, makes you feel secure that you can choose that will suit you.

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    LuciousLips wrote:

    I have sent more than one thing back and the process is easy and works well.

    All online ventures include the cost of returns in the operating model,they have to.

    Distance selling regulations are madatory for UK web based operations..

    "Consumers have a cooling-off period of seven working days in which to cancel the contract, starting from when the goods are received, without having to give a reason. If no details of the cooling-off period have been given by the supplier to the consumer, it is extended to three months." BusinessLink.gov.uk

    So, the fact that LoveHoney give a one year return period, really is going above and beyond the legal requirements.

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    I've returned a fleshlight, rude boy and a £40 plug before all in one go. I'd bought them over six months and didn't really get on with any of them. I do feel a bit bad that I'm effectivly throwing away a perfectly usable toy, but really if it isn't going to get used there isn't any reason to not return it. However, I do draw the line price wise. I bought the cocomini in the sale, and, while I can't use it how I want to because of sharp edges, I'm not goin to return it. Not worth £15 to send it back. If I don't get on with the Hera I might return it however.

    It does sometimes feel a little ruthless, but they have got the polilicy knowing it will be used. They also probably realise it's going to be the higher priced toys being returned.

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    I have three toys that I would like to return, but I'm worried about my OH! points. I'm saving up for something expensive and was wondering if your OH! points go down or get taken away if you return something. I will of course be buying more things from LH but I feel guilty about returning items that I don't get on with. Mega guilt trip right now because LH do such wonderfully good service!

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    I haven't returned anything, I've had something replaced as the one I was sent had weird marks on it and I didn't want to use it. So it was their fault really, they asked me to dispose of it so I did, but my Oh points were taken off unfortunately :(

    But it might be different if you actually send the item back.

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    If you return the item for a refund then your Oh! points will be deducted, yeah.

    HappilyExperimenting [sign in to see picture]
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    If you return the item for a refund then your Oh! points will be deducted, yeah.

    Ah well, I thought they might be but I'll be spending the returns money on other better LH products anyway - I have my eye on something atm!

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    Hi Guys,

    The returns policy is there to be used so don't feel guilty about it! We want you all to be happy with your items so if you have any problems, please let us know and we'll be happy to help :-)

    Oh! Points are received for each item that you buy from us so if you return if for a refund, you will lose the points I'm afraid. Any items that are returned for a replacement will keep the points and if you exchange an item, the points should be amended accordingly for you.

    If you are concerned that you have returned an item and your Oh! Points balance isn't quite right please let us know and we'll get it sorted!

    Louise :-)

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    Can I ask what the procedure is if I need to return and item and request a different product? Can I do both at the same time or do I need to return the faulty item first and then order the new product separately?

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    Ok, this topic is waay old, but I have now been thinking about returning the Kandi Kegel balls (that do almost nothing for me, are too inconvenient to use and for this purpose I used them rarely, but still I did use them). And I feel soo terribly guilty about that.

    I have actually already filled in a return form for a pair of knickers that were just too small - should probably right a review on them, so that people would know they would fit smaller bums only, lol :) But basically, it is unused item that can resold.

    In the case of the Kandi balls, though, I would return them because I don't like them. And the worst part is I have probably returned a better pair of balls at the time (didn't open them, though, they remained sealed, so I suppose they could have been sold :)) and it makes me feel even worse. And I have actually discovered that I like much more the Vibe Therapy balls I have just bought - bigger, better sensations, easier to use, better colour, lol. And I feel terribly guilty even for thinking of returning the balls.

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    I have returned a few things to lovehoney over the years. Every single time I feel incredibly guilty! However that policy is the main reason why I will no longer shop elsewhere. (I used to...no more though!) Between having the ultimate confidence in knowing I can return an item, and the consistantly fast deliveries I am now not only a loyal customer but I have recommended lovehoney to three others (Who have purchased from here too)

    So, I believe Lovehoney have their policy set for this very reason. They are 100% about the customers and in the long run it makes them money (Returning customers who are extremely happy and confident to shop here, who are purchasing items they would otherwise not "risk" if they didnt have a fantastic returns policy, and those customers recommending the site to friends...)

    Not to mention the fact that customers are allowed and encouraged (Through rewards) to post honest and personal reviews of items (negative reviews don't get deleted, I have made one or two and they dont get edited or deleted) All of these things make you trust and have confidence to shop here, and to get involved deeper as a customer.

    I am actually addicted to this place now! Checking the deals every day, the forums, volunteering for testing (Wouldnt of had the confidence before!) and enjoying writing reviews and recommending things to friends. I purchase something at least once a month or two and it is all because of the honest friendly and fantastic customer focused company behind the products. So I believe in the long run they may lose a small amount of money in returns but off the back of that they gain loyal regular customers. win win

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    I am already a loyal customer to LH, recommended it to a bunch of people (some of them not even that close to me - you can imagine how addicted I am), and even convinced a friend of mine to buy something from here (two of the things I ordered were for her - she was happy and she said next time she would open her own account here and shop - don't see it coming any time soon, though, as she is moneyless at the moment, but I bet if she has money to buy and wants to buy sex products LH will be the place).

    Of course, I will be an even happier customer if I exchange the Kandi balls for another product (I have actually set my eyes on several basques and corsets, I will probably not buy otherwise, due to their price - or at least I would think twice before buying them, lol).

    For about less than 2 years, I have now calculated that I spent ridiculous amount of money for sex-related stuff according to my understanding - and will probably keep buying every now and then, although, at the moment my sex life is on hold, lol. Still - the new balls I have now will be probably used often ;)

    Well, I'll think about it a little, will not return them just yet.

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    Feeling the guilt about returning to but as others have said its part of their policy and I'll probably just buy more stuff anyway.

    Thinking bout returning a couple more things that are great but just don't suit me and have been sitting in my room unused. Actually one item is unopened probably an impulse buy due to the fact i think im actually addicted to shopping here so definitely a happy customer :)

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    I bought a few things out of interest a few months ago (some vibe theraphy kegal balls and a Magic tightening stick amoung other things) and I just dont get on with the balls at all. I originally thought It was because I was new to them and maybe not using them right and eventually gave uo because they were just far too uncomfortable to the point of painful to use. I had a gyno appointment earlier this week and the doctor commented that I have a narrower then normal vaginal canal and seriously strong pelvic floor muscels, so now I'm stuck wondering about sending both things back (the tightening stick hasnt been used) I feel really guilty because I've had a couple of problems with faulty toys and had to send them back. In fairness I'd send then back get a refund and buy something else that I've had my eye on for a while but I cant help feeling guilty about it.

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    I've been a customer at LH for a long time now, and I only previously brought stuff after a LONG (and I mean very long) consideration period, reading and re-reading reviews, and then buying. However, the last few purchases I've made I've taken a few risks and yes, some have gone back, but I've kept some too.

    Ultimately, I'm still here as a customer because I know I can return something if I dislike it, and to be honest, the money I get refunded will almost definitely be spent on something different that I wanted for the same purpose anyway.

    I did feel bad sending things back, as if it was my 'fault', not the toys that it wasn't working for me, but the returns policy is there to be used. And I'm sure they make more money from returning happy customers than what they give back in refunds :)

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