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    i have been a user on the forums for a very long time now and when i first started using the forums and untill say the last 4 to 6 months they used to be pretty much modrated by staff with rules being pointed out and generaly keeping the forums clean and tidy.

    but of late i have noticed this doesnt seem to be happening and it also used to be pretty clear who you could contact if you had any issues with the forums ect ect but now this also doesnt seem very clear, atleast not to myself.

    i know the LH team is very busy but i also feel there forums still need a bit of a helping hand with keeping it a welcoming and friendly place for all not just newbies but older memembers as well, to keep the the posts clean and tidy and to keep the rules being followed.

    i know there is the option to report posts but i think atleast for myself personaly with so much of a lack of the rules being inforced it doesnt really seem to me that anyone is really looking after the forums much at the moment.

    i know there isnt many questions posted in this thread, its more of a thread to let you know how im feeling and what i would like to say but to unsure who i could contact about this.


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