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  1. A Request and a Question

    Joe and Aleks [sign in to see picture]
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    First off - the request: Me and my other half share this account, there would simply be no use for one of us to start a separate account, really. To the point - I would find it absolutely wonderful if you developed a "Couples" account. Every time I write a review I have to specify that I'm a woman. We're not a "Bisexual Female" or a "Straight Male" - we're a straight couple. I know I'm not the only one, too. I see other people having to mention that they are the OH when reviewing. I think it would also help you when it comes to gifts and suggestions and all that. All that said I'm not bashing at all - LoveHoney is the absolute best when it comes to customer service and sex toys retailers. Hell, I think it's one of the best online shopping sites out there period. Thank you so much guys - you provide us with great service and fun in the bedroom.

    Second - I have a question. I have already reviewed the KY Warming Liquid(5 oz) and recently it has been discontinued. However you guys started carrying the KY Warming Liquid(2.5 oz). I've been on a binge of writing reviews today and yesterday and I'd like to get all the reviews I can done. Should I review the 2.5oz product again since it was actually the size I have originally purchased or just leave it be?

    WandA [sign in to see picture]
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    I think people have asked about joint accounts before... No plans to introduce.

    Mine was intended to be a joint account for me and my partner after our initials, W and A. I think if you do use the forum though it's better to know who is actually talking!

    O, and Hello!

    Despina Rose [sign in to see picture]
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    Joe and Aleks, I think thats a good idea, but I suppose its better that people have their own accounts for secret wishlists and what not.

    I am gonna get my OH to write a review on his fleshlight and he's gonna say its him.

    I had a vibe and then a few months later it got discontinued. I reviewed it anyway (I hadnt done yet) as it gives people an idea of what it was like and they could find a similar one.

    Hope this helps,

    MM xx

    Lovehoney - Acey [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi Joe and Aleks, I can help you out with your second question. In this case, because the product is the same but just a different volume, it would still be useful for other users to have the review up on the product still being sold. I can't add the review to your account, but if you want to copy and paste the review from the 5 oz bottle, that would be fine. I'm making reviews live this morning after the weekend backlog, so it should be live later on if you submit it.

    Keep up the binge-writing!

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