1. Secret Gifting

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    Ok, so as most of you know, myself and my husband are still quite new to the LH world, especially the forums. Am I right in thinking that gifting an item in secret was at one time an option on LH, I’m assuming this as that’s normally what a ‘wishlist’ would be for. But I’m guessing its now been removed for whatever reason? I’m curious as there are a couple of members I would have loved to send a secret gift too without them knowing but I’m guessing that’s no longer an option, right?

    KentCouple1990 [sign in to see picture]
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    I do love this idea! A bit like secret Santa. Should be something here where can send gifts but have a limit. I recon it would be pretty popular! 😃

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    It's a shame it is away, I used to like reading how happy people got when receiving secret gifts. Was a good heart felt moment.

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    Yeah, it was a thing and though I never actually took part in it, I can see why it may have appealed.

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