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  1. In the spirit of Halloween...

    Lovehoney - Leanne [sign in to see picture]
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    Hello all, 

    It is not long now and it will be Halloween, my favourite time of year.

    It seems to be a fav for our PR team too! Read on to find out more...

    Lovehoney is looking for your sexiest Halloween stories. 

    Things that go bump in the night,  getting jiggy with a ghost, being kooky with a spooky...we want to hear your tales of the unexpected.

    Please share your stories below and let us know if you are happy to be named, pictured and talk to us about sharing your encounter.

    We will provide Lovehoney vouchers for any volunteers whose stories appear in the media.

    wwwoooooohhhhh (insert scary noises here)


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    We were staying in a nice hotel in Amsterdam and were quite comfortable chilling in the room and looking forward to getting sexy! I was in my sexiest red underwear, all glammed up with everything else on show just relaxing on top of the bed.

    Suddenly, we heard the noise of a key turning in the door and the door indiscreetly blasted open - what the hell was going on?! All sorts began to spring to mind on this cold January night.

    Was it a burglary and we were going to get robbed?, who had the bloody key to our room in the first place?! Maybe we were going to be attacked!? Not best to be 'undressed' to the nine's at this point!! I couldn't believe it and hubby was like "What the fook?" in his usual dolcit tones.

    Unfortunately, no baseball bat was to hand (which is just as well really). I had a vibrator as a weapon, but I was embarrassed enough at being scantily clad and absolutely terrified of what was happening! What or 'who' was behind that door, let alone turning the key?

    Immediately after the clicking of the lock (which all happened in literally a split second), the door flung open as if police were opening it when raiding an apartment! Much to my 'shocked as hell' dismay, it was the hotel janitor (an old man, I would add) saying there had been a water leak reported in the room down below and he needed to check our room!! What a bloody cheek I was thinking as I quickly grabbed the duvet to cover my dignity.

    I replied 'What the f*** are you doing!!!??' at the top of my voice, waking the rooms up next door and perhaps the whole corridor. Not quite your average 'boogy-man', but certainly felt like it at the time!

    I'd never felt this scared in my life for a long time, it could've been anything happening. In the end we were just shaken up and of course, it was alright for hubby as it's not unusual for a guy just to be in his boxers. Unlike myself, sporting the sexiest red underwear ever! 

    Not only did we get a shock in the night (to say the least), I can imagine it was the most thrilling encounter this old guy had had in a while. To his credit, he did look so shocked, embarrassed that he'd intruded in on us (claiming he didn't know there was anyone residing in the room...mmmm???) and was extremely apologetic.

    I did feel quite sorry for him actually, I think he was more spooked than us to be fair!!! He said "You have free breakfast in the morning and again, so sorry." We both said it was okay, but hubby replied "You should've just knocked first though".

    "I'm sorry I swore and shouted at you, I was just shocked" I said to the janitor.

    So as for things that go bump in the night, yes you have your poltergeists, demons and leatherfaces. But this was truly just as scary an encounter for us. I told myself "C'mon, no-ones gonna blink an eye at you in your undies, it's Amsterdam for God sakes!" and this got me through the embarrassment and calmed me down at the time.

    I must say, walking down to reception the next day was quite a delicate experience!! It still sends shivers down my spine thinking about it now, but 'hey ho' at least I wasn't possessed by a strange entity.

    I just wanted to share this true story with you and hope you enjoyed reading it.  

    I would appreciate just my forum name and picture to be used if published with Lovehoney. But if I am lucky enough to be chosen, email me and we can discuss this further.

    Many thanks Leanne and all you guys on here. x

    Look forward to hearing everyone's spooky tales! 🎃🎃🎃

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    This happened on my wedding night. So nowhere near Halloween but it was spooky. Me and my wife were ‘busy’ and enjoying ourselves. I was on top and close to cumming when my wife suddenly stopped thrusting her hips to meet me and held me tight looking over my shoulder. I stopped thinking I’d hurt her and asked what was wrong. She said nothing and shook her head. I dislodged myself and rolled over. Nothing seemed up.

    i pulled her close and asked what wrong she said ' nothing I thought I saw someone. Like a good husband I got out of bed and checked the room. There was nothing there. We returned to previous activities. 

    Later in the night I was woken by a knocking sound. I sat up and listened and heard it again. It was coming from the bath room. I headed over and threw the door open ready to confront whoever was there but it was empty. I left the bathroom and was almost back in my bed when I heard the knocking again but it was closer. It was in the bedroom on the outside wall. I moved to the window and peered out. The lighting lit up the gardens and car park well and there were no trees near the hotel. I returned to bed a little freaked but as I passed then end of the bed I passed through an extremely cold spot. All my hairs stood up on end. I climbed back into bed with my wife and she snuggled up to me.

    The next day on the way to Barbados she told me the person she though she had seen was a women dressed in an old maids costume carrying a warming pan. I give a cuddle and told her she was tired and told her nothing of my experiences.

    Ive several experiences but this was the most spooky.

    you can name me, useca picture and share the story if you wish.

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    Halloween 2015 was a night to remember, my partner and I were invited to a neighbour’s party which was based on horror movies. We knew straight away we wanted to be characters from “” film series so we both carried on with our work days leading up to the event and was buying things online to get our costumes ready. The night was upon us and I went upstairs and got changed first, with a rather creepy looking mask and suit I waited downstairs as my partner was getting ready. She walked down the stairs in a flowing almost see through dress with a doll mask and bows locking pigtails in her hair. We both couldn’t see each other’s expressions due to the masks but my jaw dropped. She looked gorgeous.

    As we were standing at the door and getting our coats on she turned to me and said “It’s sexy seeing you wear a mask, I feel quite intimidated”. I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her neck. I removed my tie and bound her hands together, I kissed her on the forehead and unzipped my trousers. All of a sudden, our loft hatch opened and the door almost flew off the hinges. We both stood in shock just looking up the stairs. Without a word between us my partner gave me her wrists again to untie her. Sweat was beading down her forehead and she was shaken up. I walked up the stairs and didn’t see or hear anything more, it felt cold like a winters morning and I put the loft door back to its usual position.

    We put our coats on and got in the car, both still a little shaken up and unsure as to what had happened. All of a sudden, we both just burst into laughter and spoke about how freaky it was and how frustrating that we had to end our steamy session so early. We got to the party and all night I watched my partner from the side of the room being social. 

    The room was getting hotter as the minutes ticked by and I could see my girl from across the room, flustered and ready to go. She looked over at me and without a word her lips said “Lets go now”. We got in the car and like rampant newlyweds I kissed her, we drove home as quick as possible and I pulled her inside, I kissed her against the wall again as she kicked off her shoes and she unbuckled my belt. She leaded me up the stairs and I looked up at her but I noticed the loft was open again. She stopped and looked up and stepped back towards me. I went up first and checked the hatch, nothing to be found and I put it back in place. we ran into the bedroom and closed the door, I threw her to the bed and stripped her off. suddenly the lights went out and the loft hatch swung open again. We both ran out of bed and turned the lights back on, still unaware of what had happened we decided if it was a ghost it wanted to watch, so we managed to laugh it off and put on a good show for whatever spirits were in attendance.

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    Just a gentle reminder that just because we have said about sharing stories we don't also mean disregard the forum rules, especially the one about overly and unnecessary descriptive graphic content - we got rid of the fantasy thread many moons ago.


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    Sorry Leanne, if mine was too graphic. True story, found out later the door hinge was lose and had knocked a wire upstairs which shorted out the lighting!

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    Not a sexy story but may give you a chuckle.A few Halloweens back it was a windy night and we put out our recycling bin. We live on what is considered a posh estate next door to an elderly church going couple who spend there nights singing at the piano and having the vicar around.The bin blew over and left a trail of our recycling from our garden to the neighbours. We went out to collect it up but our neighbours had beat us to it. In their garden was our packaging from a rampant rabbit and an order catalog( not love honey stuff at this point, before we switched ). There would of been more Also but never found it all.

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    Last year I was invited to a party at friend's place. It's a lovely old house (common in Sweden) with creaky wooden floors and velvet wine red curtains covering the long windows. A marble statue of a praying angel took up one corner in the living room. He also has a large collection of crystals, black roses and a salt lamp. Not a single light was on, not even in the bathroom. Instead, candles were placed everywhere and everything was showered in flickering candlelight. The sweet, earthy smell of frankincense incense filled the room.

    We had a wonderful time chatting and having a few drinks while listening to music, mostly gothic and doom. The guests started leaving one by one until it was only our host, another friend and me left. It was around 3 am. I went to get a refill and when I came back I found them on the leather couch, making out. I was very pleasantly shocked as I thought one of them was straight, but I went on and took a seat in a chair so I could enjoy the show. There's something extremely arousing about two men making out.

    Soon one of them invited me to kiss the other, and I happily obliged. I sat between them, taking turns kissing them and it wasn't long util all three of us were making out together. I couldn't believe my luck, I've always wanted to have a threesome with two guys! I gently took them by the hand and led them to the bedroom. One thing led to another - I'll spare you the graphic details, but I'll just say we were butt-naked.

    Suddenly, there was an immense THUMP! so strong that we felt the vibrations. Then... complete silence again. We all froze and I could feel us holding our breaths. What could that be? It was definitely not something my friend's cats had pushed over, it was way too heavy. Then all three of us simultaneously jumped out of the bed and I reached for the duvet - the guys didn't bother covering themselves. We tip-toed (remember, old wooden floor) to the living room only to see a huge black mass right inside the door. My friend who lived there was brave enough to approach it and turn on the light.

    Turns out that the last person who left hadn't closed the door, and one of the other people that were at the party earlier had decided to come back. Not sure what he was up to after he left, but now he was blind drunk. He had tripped over the shoes by the door and just stayed where he fell. We helped him up, took him to the couch and talked with him - thankfully he wasn't hurt.

    Apparently all three of us were not willing to give up that easy, so we went back to the bedroom and resumed having fun... only to shortly find out that none of us had condoms. I guess we weren't meant to have a threesome after all...

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    So me and hubby had been together a few months. Still both living at home with parents so trying to find somewhere to get jiggy could be tricky, we had alot of outdoors and car sex. So 1 Saturday night before Halloween we had gone for a nice meal and decided to stop off at a well known forest, both feeling excited and horny we parked up and decided to for a walk in the woods as it wasn't to cold and I was wearing a dress to easy access. We walked quite far in knowing no-one would be around as it was gone 9.30pm. We found a nice big tree that had fallen down. As we was getting busy I heard a crack like someone stepping on a branch on the ground. I told hubby to stop but he just said don't worry it was probably just an animal, so we carried on a few minutes had past and hubby was close to finishing when this spokey looking man dressed in old suit bower hat carrying a Lantern was fast approaching us. We quickly covered up and ran to cover behind a bush. Confused and scared we watched on as he lead a group of people with torches right past us and stopped right by the bush we was binding behind. Only to give a 15 minute speech to the group about the ghost hunt they were on 😂. We waited for them to go an made our way back to the car. But passed other groups and lots of people dressed up as witches and ghosts. Trust me to pick the night they went on a well known ghost hunt.

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    Let’s just say that fake vampire teeth near your vagina is a bad...BAD idea 😂😂😂

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    Hope I'm not a buzzkill, haha. Spooky and sexy tend not to run hand in hand for me, or at least when spooky comes into play sexy goes out the window. If a scary movie starts playing on the TV you can bet we'll be stopping to turn it over, else I'll get nightmares. I never understood how people got freaky during horror movies. In fact, probably the most disconcerting thing thats happened to me during is being walked in on by my brother or having to stare into the disappointed eyes of my boyfriend's cat.

    Hope you guys have more interesting stories to tell than me :)

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    So in my first year at University on a Halloween night, I met a very attractive pirate who would introduce me to a whole new kinky world. I was dressed as a very unsexy werewolf and we caught eyes across the bar but then didn't manage to speak because it was so crowded. We met again two bars later and he ended up giving me his pirates' hat in exchange for a date. Let's just say we skipped the date and that night I had my first ever kinky experience and I'd never go back to vanilla sex again. I can still remember the amazing feeling of knowing that I wasn't alone in my tastes. 

    (I'm happy to be named, and talk about my encounter even more  )

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    Many years ago , one of my coworkers invited me and a guest to an adult costume party the weekend before Halloween ( so parents could attend ). He had been doing it for years and he finally thought I was OK and invited me . My extremely chesty blond girlfriend and I went . She dressed like a country western dancer with a poofy , pleated short short skirt and a low cut top like a Oktoberfest bar maid might wear . I went as a damaged biker , chaps and she did makeup so I looked as I had a broken nose . We rode my motorcycle over and in traffic we noticed several people with kids stare at us . At the party the range of costumes were across the board , many women sexy as heck . All the standard games while everybody drank , snacked and danced . My favorite game was where couples were split into two. teams and lined up . Then each team got a length of rope . The race was to see which team could pass the rope from the top of first persons clothing and out the bottom , the bottom to top and so fourth . The kicker is the rope is quite short , so as you go the players have to bend and scrunch together . With plenty of drinks on board and many sexy younger people tying themselves up and there may have been some clothing out of place . Laughing our arses off , oh and it was male / female . So it was almost like a non sex orgy with some clothes on . Everybody was pretty worked up by the time we left . We went straight home and had one hell of a love making session . Best party ever for me . 

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    A couple of decades ago, my then partner went to a Halloween party dressed as The Crow. I stayed at home, I wasn't much of a party goer.

    Fast forward to the following morning. I heard a groan and some rustling outside. I figured my partner had fallen in the hedge drunk. I went out to investigate with members of the household. We looked around and joked about how funny it would be if a crow flew out of the bush. It didn't. But as we walked back into the house, we saw a garden bird fly past.

    I went upstairs and there was my partner, showered and in bed. A little too drunk to communicate how they got home.

    By noon, they had recovered enough to perform - or at least attempt to. As they put their arms around me I noticed... a feather on the pillow.

    Not black but tawny speckled brown.


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    Hi Leanne,

    I was just wondering when and where the results for this competition will be printed?

    Also, (as you stated) the winning entry will appear in the media, with regards to media do you mean the 'Lovehoney Blog' page? 

    Thank you for your time. x

    🎃 🕸

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    Sorry, Emerald, I think there has been some confusion. This is not a competition. 

    Our PR team will have been in contact with people if they wish to pursue this media request. 

    When we say media, we mean out there in the big media world, not just Lovehoney. 


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    Thanks Leanne,

    Silly me!, lol. 😮 😊

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