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    I did a simple search and couldn't see anything like this so thought I'd start a post to make a suggestion.

    Sometimes when buying toys it can be more useful to see the lower rated reviews than loads of generic positive ones. Even though you can arange reviews by rating it can be a bit of a pain to work your way to the back of a list. 

    This came up in a recent order placed were we are sending things back again we went back to the reviews. We've now noticed that she prefers clitoral stimulation and her g spot seems higher than most other people. While run back through pages of fairly generic reviews find that someone else had the same problem. But I hadn't clicked through the 5 pages or so to see the lower rated reviews. (I was buying from a phone at lunch break at work so not a lot of time or ease to do)

    Another part of the order she found the girth a bit too much,  she was double guessing herself to see if she was weird and checked the reviews. Again buried after many pages we found a few other people had similiar issues. 

    If we could click on the ratings to only get those reviews like some other online stores, it would be easier to skim the reasons people didn't like an item and see if theyre comparable. This could save us time and lovehoney money in us not having to return an item which I've felt a bit guilty about the amount recently (we've had issues with lengerie and her petite figure aswell) I get not everyone needs to do this, previous partners i had less issues shopping. 

    The final point is you could also then click through someone similiars other reviews and find things that are more suitable.


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    I have thought myself it would be good if you could choose to sort by rating high to low or low to high, because some products have hundreds of reviews and it can be a bit time consuming to get all the way to the lower ratings. I have been sorting reviews by most helpful with the last few products I've looked into, and have found this generally gives a more mixed bag.

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    There’s a post called the great big suggestions thread for things like this and it has been mentioned on there a few times that people would like this feature :)

    Here’s the link: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/inside-lovehoney/1430452-the-great-big-suggestions-thread-part-2/

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    I also find this incredibly time consuming and do wonder why it's not been fixed already.

    My top tip workaround for getting to the negative reviews at the bottom of the stack is to manually enter the page number into the review address. It requires a little bit of guesswork but you generally get 5 reviews to a page so you can ballpark it and then refine after you see where you've landed.

    The Classic Wand with its 1440 reviews is a great example. If you click on the 'see all reviews' link you can then type in your own number in place of the '1' and get to the end without having to click through all 280-odd pages.



    Hope you find this useful. 🙂

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    Thanks for the suggestion, as linked we do have a thread dedicated for this so we can collate all the site suggestions. 

    Please use this thread for any suggestions you do have. 

    Thanks for the tip Ian, I will now close this thread to stop duplication. 

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