1. A question about delivery of crops

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    A few months ago our much loved most used crop snapped in two. After a suitable mourning period we ordered a replacement.
    It arrived today.

    Actually at first I thought I'd ordered the wrong one, since the box that was delivered was a standard size, and was expecting to find a short handled crop.

    Fortunately I was wrong, the expecting standard handle crop was bent over almoat double in the box. It's not something I'm especially pleased about since the crop now isn't straight, having been in the box for 24-36 hours in its contorted state. I'm also a little worried that this unnecessary strain on the shaft will cause it to break sooner than the last one.

    My question is this, is this standard procedure for packing crops ready for delivery? And now that the 365 day no quibble returns policy is dead where do.i stand if it breaks because of this unnecessary strain it has been placed under? TLDR - my crop is bent 😭

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    I think I'd have chat with customer services if you're unsure. That way it'll either be replaced with a properly packaged one, or they'll put your mind at ease about the one you've got. And if it does break soon(er) then you'll have a record on your account that you contacted them concerning this. This may help you get a replacement at a later date.

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    Hey Sub,

    Please do contact Customer care as this is not standard practice, we have cut to size boxes for this type of item. 

    They will be able to feed this back to warehouse management and resolve the bent crop issue for you.

    I am sorry it has arrived in this way, but customer care is best to contact. 

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    Thanks Leanne.

    I've been chatting to customer care who ,as usual, were very helpful.

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    Hey Sum Sum
    I ordered and received a crop last month. Luckily I did not have the same issue as you. Instead the box it and in was absolutely massive ! Which wasn't a problem as I was in for the delivery ( would not have fitted in my safe place) although initaly I thought I had been sent the wrong thing as it was twice the length of the crop and as wide as a shoe box. Box did come in handy though lol.


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