1. Secret Squirrel TESTERS 🐿 (People with a Penis)

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    Hey y'all

    I'm looking for some willing volunteers to test and review a 'secret tester' item for me.

    Please be aware, there are some specific instructions we need you to follow for this item. These will follow in an email once you have been selected as a tester. 

    What I need:

    - You must be a person with a penis

    - Ideally, you're someone who has tried standard strokers before, but usually finds them too short to stimulate your full erect length. (eg your erection is longer than 6 inches). 

    - You need to be comfortable telling us the size of your full erect penis (length and girth). This will be sent to us via email, kept private and only used internally. 

    What you need to know: 

    - This tester is realistic and features a lifelike vagina.

    - This toy may contain latex.

    - This toy is only compatible with water-based lubricant.

    If this sounds like you, and your comfortable with the above, please pop your interest below and if I think you're right for the job, I'll email you shortly. 

    Please remember, standard secret tester rules apply: 

    - You must have reviewed for Lovehoney before and have published reviews on your account.

    - These items are SECRET - Do not post anytnig about them anywhere (social media, the forum) until you see we are selling the item (If we sell it)

    - You must have an up to date address in your account. We send items to the default address in your account and won't check this with you, so ensure it's correct before volunteering to test. 

    - Ensure you can test and submit your review in the required timeframe. If there is a chance this isn't possible, please do not volunteer to test. Also make sure you have all the required body parts/access to the required body parts to test the toy in question. 

    Everything else you need to know is here.


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