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  1. New Returns Policy FYI

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    AmyA wrote:

    Yes I absolutely see that point too, which is why I think credit/points as you suggest would be a much better solution. It's actually very rare that I can't get a toy to work for me one way or another. 😕

    I've wondered all of those things myself Amy A. I'm a bit fussy about the toys I buy and I understand where you're coming from. I've been searching for a rabbit for quite some time, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find the "one" yet as all of them don't offer me a good fit as far as the clitoral ears should work. Last week the Happy Rabbit was on offer (I haven't checked if still is today) and despite all the good reviews, I resisted and didn't buy it exactly because of the new Returns Policy. If I paid a price of 34.00 and returned it, I don't think I'd be able to find another rabbit at the same price. So I think the idea of credits or points would be a much better option as at least we could take our time until we found another product to meet our requirements.

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    I'm just wondering if the Happiness promise is still available on some items (maybe older stock?), as I've just been browsing wands and the black Classic wand description states that if you're not happy LH will issue a refund.

    I'm wavering between this and the Desire re-chargeable, but I think I'd plump for this over the Desire because of the guarantee.

    The reviews are great on both, so any advice on whether this is actually a guarantee or an oversight please?

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    VR wrote:

    The reviews are great on both, so any advice on whether this is actually a guarantee or an oversight please?

    Darn, we thought we got them all. Sorry, this was an oversight! 

    This has now been amended. Apologies for any confusion caused. 

    The new policy is in place for all items purchased with Lovehoney from the 18th January 2018. 

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    I just wanted to chim in here folks... I purchased a vibrator that unfortunately was faulty. It was also discontinued and purchased on sale with offer code. I was not even sure what my options were under the new policy but the wonderful folks on chat with Customer Care helped me locate a suitable replacement toy that had similar features to the one I could not replace due to no longer being in stock.

    Thank you Lovehoney for providing a replacement toy... i am excited to try it out.

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