1. New Returns Policy FYI

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    Tbh I'm really sad. The returns policy is what made Lovehoney different from other competitors.

    I'll definitely be spending less. Don't feel confident at all about buying lingerie I can't return etc. 🙁

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    Hi there, regarding the policy below, is it only replacements and not refunds that are available? Cause I'm thinking like what if the replacement is not suitable, or there are no similar options, or maybe even the replacement turn out to be dissappointing after agreeing to give it a try.

    3. The Sex Toy Happiness Guarantee

    Lovehoney account holders also qualify for our Sex Toy Happiness Guarantee. If you're not completely happy with a sex toy you have bought from Lovehoney, let us know why within 30 days of receiving it and you can return it for free and we'll replace it with one that we think will work for you. This applies to all sex toys only. Lingerie, lubricants and essentials, bondage items or gifts and games are excluded.

    Hope to hear from you.


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    Good spot Gummy Bears. We are very picky about our choice of toys, for all sorts of reasons (smells, colour etc.) I certainly wouldn't want a sex toy that I did not choose as a replacement (which is why the subscriptions are not for me).

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    KinkyMinxMoo wrote:


    Talia wrote:


    Thirdly, you, as well, are going to try on the lingerie over your knickers! And then, if it fits, wash the item before wearing it. Because the residues from the production process - excess dye, eventual insecticide treatment, heaven knows what else - are risky enough, even without possible human "contamination" (I suppose they are more dangerous, actually).



    Again you are right in that I too would be trying on the lingerie but as I understood, if it was to be returned there was no chance of it being worn by someone else (talking only about intimate clothing here), ....

    If you look again you will see that this it not what I said. I said that you would be trying on lingerie OVER YOUR KNICKERS - i. e. there is a layer of clothing between you and the tried-on item, just like with jeans! And then the next person can do the same thing...

    Of course, Lovehoney could also adopt the policy I've seen on a competitor's web site: No return of knickers once unpacked (which sounds fine in theory, but in practice it means you can't return a bra/knickers set either if it was packaged in one bag). Which will mean that while you are safe from trying on knickers that have been tried before, you have considerably increased your risk of spending money for nothing, because you won't be able to return knickers that don't fit either.

    As for the bustiers/chemises with G-string attached to them: I always cut the minimum of ties necessary. Meaning, if there's ties to both straps, one probably has to go. However, yesterday I had the G-string dangling from one strap and the stockings from the other...

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    Re: Toys which was my concern, I'd overlooked the "3. The Sex Toy Happiness Guarantee" which ia obviously still very useful.
    I'm sure if a toy isn't "working for you", the customer service team would be open to suggestions from yourself for a replacement rather than them just picking something for you?

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    I've only just see the changes to the returns policy.

    The lovehoney customer care team, have always used their no quibble 365 return policy as their USP which has obviously helped to win new loyal customersand build the successful business.

    I have spent some serious cash with LH as a L3 perks customer, buying expensive toys, knowing I have the peace of mind and it did seperate LH from the competion and was worth paying a premium for. I have used their returns policy, and most of those times, I did end up going for replacements rather than refunds anyway, so LH still got my money. I also have some expensive toys that got pushed to back of the cupboard that was tried and didn't work for us,or even un-opned/never been out of box ones, that I just never got round to returning, anywayeven within the 365 days.

    So it doesn't sound too bad, however when spending £200 plus on a single item and only offered an exchange (if paying for subscription) rather then a credit note, its no as an attractive proposition, especailly for an impulse purchase of unrated new products, and even more so for an online retailer, compared to some of its competitors, that have physical shops, that one can go in to and see, sometimes feel the products on display, prior to committing, and who offer 45 day exchange or store credit note policy.

    It seems now LH haveacquired a market share and customer base they no longer feel he need to offer a USP, back to shopping around me thinks.

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    Gonna stick my own view in....I for one loved the longer returns as I suffer from anxiety and hate going out ....so having the back up of a month or 3 before feeling ok to pop down post office was marvellous for me....so in my mind it’s not a good change...but I guess all businesses change their policies once in a while....I personally don’t like it....there I’ve said it ...

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    Hot Pants wrote:

    Gonna stick my own view in....I for one loved the longer returns as I suffer from anxiety and hate going out ....so having the back up of a month or 3 before feeling ok to pop down post office was marvellous for me....so in my mind it’s not a good change...but I guess all businesses change their policies once in a while....I personally don’t like it....there I’ve said it ...

    I no longer drive and live in a rural area, so I'm anxious about the 30 days, too.

    I know I'd be too embarrassed to ask my neighbour to post returns to LH for me, so I'm going to have to think a bit more carefully and not impulse buy when I have a few quid spare.

    I'd like to thank LH for the years they've offered the unconditional 365 returns, though. I would never have bought some great toys without this. Or met the lovely people here.

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    Well that's made my mind up re returning two items bought before the policy was changed.
    Can't say I'm surprised it was too good to be true (returns policy) so now I'm far more likely to purchase far less from now on, I wonder how much it will effect general sales from now on?

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    I can understand the new policy and sadly I can see how some may have taken advantage of the former one. Which is a shame as they’ve potentially ruined it for those of us who are more honest, but hey-go.

    I think Jezebella had a good idea -

    “Perhaps gussets need to be covered with sticky plastic like when you try on swim wear? And you can only return if the plastic is in tact?“

    That would potentially take away some concern. However, that also goes against my personal desire to reduce plastic!! Maybe there’s another material which can be used.

    I tend to wash items before wearing, whether they’re brand new or not, as they’ll have been handled and I like to soften them with my lovely fabric softener, so I’m not too concerned ☺️

    I’ll still be using LH regularly as I love their products, website and Customer Service, I’ll just ensure I test or try on new products quicker in case there is a need to return.

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    The biggest single issue for me personally is the thought of not being able to return something that was bought as a gift in advance of an occasion, ie Valentines day, bought in an after Xmas sale.

    The time frame doesn't allow this to be possible, I used my birthday discount (thanks, Lovehoney) to buy a couple of things that under normal circumstances I couldn't afford to buy (particularly as Xmas tends to swallow up more of our disposable income than usual) to buy Mrs. TD something special in advance of a special time for us.

    LH has been an amazing place to buy from and has been brilliant to us, so we will continue to shop here, in the full knowledge of this policy change. I will suggest however that LH have the option to have a tick box that this is a gift, with a limit of say three months grace for specific items, to mitigate this, you only need to look at Black Friday sales and the number of people buying things for their OH's as Christmas presents. There is a disconnect between purchase dates and motive to buy to the returns limits.

    I'd also imagine some items will also be covered by the Sale of goods act, which will ensure that reasonable usage from items/being of merchantable quality will still apply. 

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    I think my spending habits will have to change now, just as they did when the threshold for free delivery went up. Fewer impulse buys, and I'll be even more reliant on detailed reviews. I've recommended Lovehoney to several friends solely on the strength of the returns policy. I never abused it, but it was always a comfort if you were buying a more expensive item (especially a new kind of toy or dual sized lingerie) that you could return it if wasn't right for you. I'm disappointed that's no longer the case.

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    I have never returned anything despite buying quite a lot over the last 10 years. I guess I have always felt that if the description was right I only really have myself to blame if something doesn't actually work out. However, the reassurance has always been in the back of my mind especially for some of the more expensive items so I'm sure it will change my buying habits.

    I'm sure the system has been used honestly and responsibly by the vast majority of customers. However, my guess is that a small minority of customers have abused it to the point where it has had to be reined in.

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    Gyrator53 wrote:

    ...However, my guess is that a small minority of customers have abused it to the point where it has had to be reined in.

    Oh yes, they have. A few years ago I was shouted down here in the forum when I suggested that keeping an item unused in a drawer for several months and then returning it because "now I need the money" was not a good thing to do...

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    I'm not going to stop shopping at Lovehoney, but I'm sure my spending will be dramatically reduced due to new policy. Last year I've bought a lot of things and just returned the ones that really didn't work for me at all, so I'm sad that I can no longer do that. All the cheaper products, that I was buying just to find out what worked for me, I kept and even bothered return, even though I never use that.

    I think the 30 days is a very short period of time for me. I'm a mum, work long hours and basically being very busy I don't have the time to test and make my mind up about something in such a short time-frame. I bought a babydoll and matching thong set from the Barely There range just after Christmas, because of the amazing price, and it's still in the package as I really didn't have the chance to try it on. But I bought because the product was on my wishlist and the price was too good to miss out. So that'll no longer be the case.

    Another thing I don't like is the replacement thing. Whilst I understand that it makes sense from the retailer point of view, I'm very fussy about the toys I buy and I don't want a suitable replacement, specially for toys more expensive it's not that easy. Someone mentioned the idea of a credit note and that, at least for me, would be a better choice as I could make my mind and find it something I really want and perhaps put more money towards it and get it later on.

    Today I've got a 25% off code via e-mail, but I'm not going to take advantadge of it as I don't feel too confident to get something whilst getting used to the changes.

    Again because of people mis-using the benefits of the old policy - which was unbeliavale amazing - all the loyal customers (including myself) have to pay the price.

    I'm gonna think really, really a lot before purchasing things from now on. I'm a bit sad, but I reckon I'll have to get used to, like everyone else.

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    I think the change is chucking the baby out with the bathwater. I feel sure they could couch the terms in a way that would reassure the vast majority of responsible customers while preventing the abuse that some have presumably given the policy and that has prompted the change.

    Perhaps setting some kind of limit on the number of returns a customer can make under the old rules before they came under the new rules could be arranged. Perhaps by limiting the number per year or the proportion of purchases returned would solve the problem without punishing the majority.

    Unfortunately I don't hold out much hope for a change. If there is one thing I dislike about LH it's the failure to take on board issues like this. The sign-in is a case in point (not the mention the paucity of the search-engine - an issue never resolve from years back). We all accepted that the log-in check was required to solve a security issue but the promises that it would be made easier have gone completely by the board. It has, in my experience, got significantly worse with extra new images added to the puzzles.

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    I'm sure LH have done the analysis and worked out the loss of business from change in policy versus the generous returns policy.

    I imagine the pile of toys was pretty big and getting too large to write off, even if people spent regularly.

    I do remember someone from LH mentioning on here about people taking advantage of the returns policy and getting a warning.

    I don't really know other retailers policies as i have always bought from LH

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    This thread just reminded me of the rabbit amnesty.

    Will we still be able to return vibrating toys to be safely recycled?

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    I think 30 days might be a bit short for trying out toys as well. Although I understand why you might want to do this, I'd worry that I'd return something that I haven't properly given a change - depending on the current situation with a partner it's not unreasonable to have only had sex a couple of times if you've got other things on!

    Even on my own, I've struggled to figure out how to make toys work for me in that timeframe. Recent example is the lelo sona - the head's too small, the vibrations are a little numbing, I find it quite hard to orgasm with, it's almost painful. For the first 6 weeks maybe. After which, I figured out it's AMAZING if you use it under water and don't let it touch, and needs to be paired with something powerful like the bodywand curved vibrator outside of water so that I don't take long enough to get irritated. It's not a cheap toy, and if I'd only had a month to decide and return it, I can only imagine I'd have written it off immediately as not working for me. Same for the bodywand that it's so great with - I had a bit of a learning curve with size angles and vibrations with that too! And now, they've got a solid position in the favourites list.

    I'm also terrible at returning things on time (I have bags of clothes that didn't fit me but I missed the 30day returns policy on) which is why I stopped buying clothes online. I know it's not quite the same since I've never bought anything half-expecting to return it from like I have with clothes, but hopefully the same thing won't happen here.

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