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    Lovehoney Community Photo Gallery


    So after getting acquainted with the forum thanks to the Welcome Thread and then the Review System, you may wish to share some images with the rest of the community.

    Well, the good news is you certainly can! 

    Before you get snapping and uploading, please read the Lovehoney Photo Rules.

    How to upload images to your account

    You will find the link you need right here: Upload a Photo, you will also notice that the rules are repeated here too.

    We are unable to accept an image that is over 1MB in size, so make sure the image is smaller. You can go ahead and edit an image with any free editing software, like Picasa.

    Caption your image however you feel fits, most type the name of the item.

    Please note that your image will show as pending until potentially approved by a moderator. All images uploaded via this link are subject to moderator checks.

    How to view The Lovehoney Community Gallery

    Ok so you have uploaded a picture, or maybe you haven't your choice;). So now you want to see what everyone else is uploading!

    We have just the place... The Lovehoney Community Gallery.

    Want to pay another member a compliment due to their pic? Or ask what they are wearing, from Lovehoney(obvs)?

    Then head over to The Uploaded Picture Thread.

    Useful Links:

    How to take the best sexy photos Uploaded Picture Thread

    Photo Upload Forums FAQs

    Image Rules Notice Photo Rules

    Having troubles uploading?

    Contact our Customer care team: Contact us Or let us know in The Glitches Thread.

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