1. How to review products purchased

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    Hi, I know there is probably a post somewhere already covering this topic but how do you review a product you have purchased? Sorry if I'm being a bit dumb but I can't see anything obvious that give you a link to review products or is it not that simple. Any help would be good

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    If you go to the page of the item that you want to review and scroll down to the existing reviews there will be a link above it that says something along the lines of ‘write your own review’ press that and fill in the boxes, press next once finished to preview and then confirm it. A moderator will then check it and it should go live within 24 hours :)

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    If you look at the reviews for the product you are looking at, it gives you the opportunity to write your own review. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, I didn't guess it would be that easy. I was looking through what was in my invoice to see if I did it from there. So I take it then you can review any product even if you haven't bought it?

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    I dunno if they are cross checked to your purchases.

    People chosen to test items on LH’s behalf tend to start reviews by saying they are testing it for them.

    I regularaly review items we have purchased to help other customers and LH out.

    I really recommend LH as the company has great ethics, a large stock, the forums to discuss stuff and great customer services but if an item I’m reviewing doesn’t do what it says on the tin I voice this in the review, try to balance your reviews if you can, you’re helping other people out and LH can see the info to review/ revise their stock based on your feedback.

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