1. Ghosts of Christmas past… And future!

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    Lovehoney Ghost of Christmas Past

    Tried anal play and anal sex for the first time and loved it, we're now avid converts.

    Lovehoney Ghost of Christmas Yet to come

    Hope to expand our range of toys, both for anal and other things to use as a couple and explore more and improve our anal sex.

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    I wish every one here a happy new year.

    Christmas past: this year we have moved to a new a house and with all the stress of this and other family issues its meant as far as being sexy is concerned we have drifted apart. For month's we all lived downstairs in the living room. The only sexy highlight was the occasional quicky in the bathroom.

    Christmas yet to come.

    We are nearly finished our bedrooms now just need doors and our sex life a jump start i have purchased the tracy Cox g spot vibe in the hope to try even out mine and my partner's difference in drive and a more exciting year.

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    Lovehoney ghost of Christmas past

    My and my OH moved in together this year. Let’s just say we have had some fun in every room in the house In many different positions. The highlight was Christmas Day (at our house) with all the family downstairs ( parents, siblings, grandparents) we snuck off for a quick session and even left the door open... the thrill of getting caught was immense!

    Lovehoney ghost of Christmas yet to come

    This year my OH voiced that he liked the idea of anal and we have tried it a couple of times. I’m hoping 2018 will bring new toys so we can experiment further to get me comfortable with the idea. Also I told my partner I have a bit of a thing for BDSM so here’s hoping we can try some new things out using toys from Lovehoney (of course)

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    Lovehoney Ghost of Christmas Past...

    A year of sexual liberation and discovery, from testing for Lovehoney to testing myself.
    The community and products have helped me explore gender, too... It's been unforgettable !

    The Lovehoney Ghost of Christmas Yet to come...

    New toys, more boys, no more being coy !
    More literotica (and those guides LH stock, too !).
    Play outside/in public more.
    Torture him with chastity devices.
    Monthly sexual/romantic challenges, too.

    Bring on 2018, right ? :D

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    Oh well, I have just made my first purchase and find I can enter your competition, I'm not much good at these thimg but here goes:-

    Lovehoney Ghost of Christmas Past.

    Over the last few month I haven't been able to put the willies up anyone. (the Ghost reference). It seems at a certain age you need some fantasy to harden things off. I guess it's you.

    Lovehoney Ghost Christmas Yet to Come.

    The order for toys and lingerie will start a new phase in our life, it arrives on 6th Jan, and I promise to review everything. When she gets comfortable in private, I want to go public.

    My first day on here, and I need friends. I will reply to you because I need you to tell me what all the abbreviations are and terminology, I don't know what half of you are saying. You can also give me some pointers. Ha Ha.

    Happy New Year Everyone. (Can't believe it, new years eve and all alone) lol.

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    Ghost of Christmas Past...Sexy highlight of 2017

    There are many sexy highlights and adventures we’ve experienced during our incredible sexual journey through 2017.

    These have surpassed all our expectations through our using a variety of new sex aids, accessories and lingerie items to enhance our love of sex, our mutual satisfaction and the fulfillment of each others' sexual needs and desires.

    But THE sexiest highlight of 2017 for me was my wife taking on the fantasy role as Dominatrix. She looked every part of my fantasy dressed in her Exposed Lust Studded Wet Look Open Cup Crotchless Body, Peekaboos Premium Cross Pattern Nipple Pasties, black stockings and black, thigh high PVC stiletto boots and peaked cap!

    My mind is still reeling from the image she created!

    Lovehoney Ghost of Christmas Yet to come...Naughty New Year Resolutions for 2018…

    At the very top of my “2018 To Do List” is pegging.

    My wife loves anal sex very much and I’d like to share her experience of being penetrated anally by her.

    The vision of her wearing a harness complete with dildo I’d find so sexy and such a huge turn on.

    Now I’d like her to return the compliment and giving her complete control of my being penetrated anally.

    I’ve already purchased the Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit with 7 Inch G-Spot Dildo, but I’d also love to see her wearing the exceptionally sexy Sportsheets Chantilly Lace Heavy Duty Corset-Back Unisex Strap-On Harness.

    I’m looking forward to my first pegging session sometime in 2018.

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    Lovehoney Ghost of Christmas Past:

    My partner discovered that she was gender-fluid and was brave enough to communicate this to me, a lesbian... With lots of love, gentleness and trust, we started exploring sex with her in the role of a male- something new to both of us! Knowing that she felt safe to show me those parts of herself, and being able to fulfill fantasies she never thought she would get the chance to explore (with the help of a packer and feeldoe) was my sexy highlight of 2017! The connection was intense and our love was strengthened through it!

    Lovehoney Ghost of Christmas Yet to come:

    We often talk about running out of things to try! Luckily that doesn’t seem to have happened yet. I haven’t yet fulfilled my desire to use a sex-swing… Maybe 2018 will be my lucky year! My main resolution is to have more sex, and be a bit less of a pillow princess- Trouble is that my girl often starts the fun and I’m too exhausted to return the favour afterwards, so I’ll have to start initiating a bit more!

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    Lovehoney Ghost of Christmas Past – Sexy Highlight of 2017

    In 2017, I discovered anal play was fun and decided to start a toy collection.

    Lovehoney Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come - Naughty New Year Resolutions for 2018

    In 2018, I want to grow my collection and venture into BDSM.

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    My Lovehoney Ghost of Christmas Past - The year me and my partner bought our first home, giving us time alone and the privacy to experiment!

    My Naughty New Year Resolutions for 2018 - More time alone with my OH to experiment and to introduce more toys (Just purchased our first one which is on the way to us!)

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    Throughout 2017 I have tried several different masturbators but my favourite has to be my sense max masturbator and experience virtually reality porn as the interactive element created a whole new world to masturbation.

    For 2018 it would be the need to be further dominated in the bedroom but I want to experience urethra sounding again and stop thinking of the fear involved and just relax and enjoy the pleasure that can arrive from it.

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    LoveHoney Ghost of Christmas Past

    I finally started getting interested in researching where to buy sex toys (which has made for some fun window shopping) and also read some smutty fanfiction, which has piqued interest in some kinks and fantasies (which ones, I'd prefer not to say). I've also started following Slutty Girl Problems online and they've been a treasure trove of information about one's love life.

    LoveHoney Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

    Hopefully find a partner I can feel comfortable having sex with for the first time, cross a few toys off my wishlist (on here and other places), start indulging in some pretty lingerie more often.

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    Christmas Past
    We had a baby this year and having sex in the latter stages of her pregnancy was so hot. We had to try new positions and it was amazing and incredible sexy.

    Christmas Future
    We're awaiting a box tricks being delivered from OH this week. It will be our first time using crotchless knickers and vibrating cockrings. I can't wait!

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    Happy new year

    Thank you for all your entries so far. This competition will close tomorrow so get those last minute posts done  yes

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    Lovehoneys ghost of Christmas past.

    We both found out we have been hiding a Dom / sub side & have started to venture out into a d&s relationship. Have done lots of research and a lot of talking about what we want from it. Our home has been sold & with currently no where to go, found that sex has 100% kept us less stressed & supporting of each other & to be honest it's never been so good.

    Lovehoneys ghost of Christmas yet to come.

    We have signed up to a years orgasms!! Yay!! So we are both super excited for this. I plan to be in full submission before the end of next year and I plan on carrying on my weightless journey to feel more confident in myself. Maybe I'll even treat myself to something more revealing. Being on 2018!

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    Lovehoney ghost of Christmas past.

    Well what a year. I joined lovehoney and discovered the forums full of lovely people with so much to share. It really opened my eyes to the possibilities of trying new things. I've bought many new toys from butt plugs to wands and lots of naughty bedroom wear. Definitely put a spark back into to bedroom.

    Lovehoney ghost of Christmas yet to come.
    Well we have spoke alot about us being watched having sex. But without anyone touching us or swapping. And decided this year we are going to fulfill this fantasy. Not 100% sure how he. But thanks to lovehoney and fantastic forums we have picked up some amazing tips.

    Hope you all have a fantastic and healthy 2018
    Tazzy xxx

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    i think many many people have gone over the character limit on these :/

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    Sub it was per question and I actually typed my in word and checked prior to posting LOL

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    Lovehoneys ghost of past Christmas.
    We have brought many toys over the past year and become part of a Dom and sub relationship which has been a real new experience for us..

    Lovehoneys ghost of Christmas yet to come.
    I'm currently saving for a sex machine ! I've wanted one of those for a very very long time. May even take a little look at a local ( ish) couple club.

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    My last-minute contribution:

    In 2017 I embraced my submissive desires. I now have a Sir who owns and loves me, and I have found joy in being a vessel for his sadism.

    In 2018 I hope my Dominant will challenge me further, particularly with impact play. Also I want to learn to deepthroat for him.

    (140 characters is so tricky to keep to!!)

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    Sum Sub wrote:

    i think many many people have gone over the character limit on these :/

    This was so hard ! 😅

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