1. Some helpful tips for Lingerie Reviews!

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    Sorry, qouted wrong post. Was for the one above 😬

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    In lingerie reviews I would like to see the size of the person who is writing.... if a 'perfect 10' writes the review, and says the style looked beautiful on her...as a 'perfect 20' I'd be pretty sure that garment wouldn't look so good on me! (unless I could see a pic of a larger lady wearing it)

    Can I say here that the plus size lingerie looks lovely...but the model in most of the pics is a size 18 - that is great and she looks fabulous...but maybe a few pics of a bit larger model to give us 'Rubinesque' girls an idea of how we would look in the garment. I have no waist... I wonder would the corset type stuff give me a waist - would it be strong enough to hold me in? So I look for that info in a review - I'd love the illsion of a waist smaller than my hips!!! But really - are those corsets strong enough to do that> lol. Also the bra performance....do your boobies stay in the cups or do they fall out when you bend over? I'd love to see that info as I'd like to wear the stuff under my day clothes when we go out too - not just in the bedroom.

    Notes on quality and how the garment launders is also a good point to write about - how many pairs of panties have I got that the waist stitching snaps when I pull them down - yeah a good thing to happen if Mr SPider is ripping them off in passion...but not when I'm just going for a pee or undressing!

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    I've bought quite a lot of lingerie since discovering Love Honey, i actually think its addictive, the confidence it gives you, i love.
    As well as the pros, flatters your tummy, boasts your boobs or makes your bum look gorgeously peachy (my favourite) I also like to read about the fit, what size the buyer is and what size they recommend, and of course how empowered/ sexy it made them feel!! :)

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    Dougie&babes wrote:

    You think that's really an appropriate thing to say to a stranger on a message board?

    The item is worn on the website by a model, you can see full well how it looks before you buy.

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