1. Super Awesome Review Competition!

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    (posting again as copy & paste went a little odd) 

    Winners are:

    LIL_KNOWN69, with their entry: 

    "Full name: Tony junior

    Alias: Mr Dominant, Mr Dom
    Alter Egos: The Amazing Tongue, LIL_KNOWN69, The vagina whisperer
    Place of birth: London
    First appearance: The Fantastic Adventures of Mr Dominant #1 (9th October 2005) 
    Alignment: Good

    Gender: Male
    Race: Nymph
    Height 6'6 // 198 cm
    Weight 593 lb // 269 kg
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: Black

    Occupation: Dominatrix; formerly IT Manager
    Base: Somewhere Secret, London


    As the son of Two mythical creatures, Mr Dominant has the strength, endurance and Tongue to bring Sexual Happiness to all. He is known to use plenty of sex toys to aid his crime fighting and personal life, which gives him a great ability to write reviews. His flesh gives off an aroma which makes ladies swoon at his very existence and his eyes will tame even the wildest animals in the land.

    Mr dominant possesses the “sexualforce”, which enables him to tap into the mystical and Ancient life force of the sexual ancients and enhance all of his abilities. With his trusty and large Dildo of doom, he is able to conquer even the mightiest of enemies with a single throw and spurt a stream of justice.  

    It has also been written that Mr Dom can make someone submit by simply humming his theme tune between their legs, and once he has done the ritual of the dancing tongue you will never escape the mind-bending orgasms that entail. some have even lost their own sanity to the powers and have been enslaved for centuries."

    Winning entry no2: From Colonel Lube....

    "It was a dark and stormy night. Yes, I know all nights are dark, but this one was proper dark. Dark on steroids if you will. As for the storm, we are talking wind, rain, thunder, lightning. The full biblical array of imagery. So to recap. Dark (very) and stormy (big time baby). Now back to the suburbs, for this is where we are. A normal, middle-class suburb. Trees whipping back and forth. The wind howling through, but if you listen close, real close you can hear an additional howl. From the open window of Mrs Lorna Freed, we can hear a new noise, a high pitched noise. It is a little scary. As we move closer you can also detect a slight buzz in the background and the noise gets louder, we can make out words now. Some of them rude, and proper rude, not the bland rude words like damn and bugger. Proper rude like fuck. Well not LIKE fuck but actually fuck. She is screaming fuck and sometimes just screaming. If we sneak a look through the window she is lying there on the bed naked, a black, Lovehoney magic wand working over her pussy rhythmically. She is writhing and your expert eye knows an orgasm is near. Just as it approaches there is a flash of light and a loud crack. Then all is silent as if the storm is taking a rest from all that crashing and banging. The buzzing has stopped too. As has Lorna's writhing. That last crash killed the power. Her wand is useless unless she needs a mediocre hammer to bash a nail in. 

    Way off in the snowy wastes of the north, just off the A1 near Chester-le-street. A small man sits up suddenly in bed. he is wearing a black, skin tight t-shirt with a bold, capital T embroidered to it. He also has on a pair of leather shorts, skin tight. "Damn" he says (because unlike potty mouth Lorna he doesn't use proper swear words) "Lorna can't cum as she has a power cut".  He leaps out of bed and bursts through his front door and flies of into the night, before returning home ten seconds later to lock the door, as he lives in a high crime area. He is then off again. 

    Back in the suburbs, Lorna lies back and throws her wand to the floor and sighs. Then her bedroom door burst open and a black clad figure appears in her eye-line. Lorna does not scream, for she is a brave, empowered woman. She is also a black belt in karate and frankly, this black clad figure is a little scrawny. She raises her eyebrows at him as if to silently say 'what the hell do you want'. She then, un-silently says "what the hell do you want?"

    The black clad adopts a hero style pose (you know the one, legs wide, hands on hips, chin jutting out, very cliche, very cheesy). And says "Relax Lorna Freed of suburb town. Your lack of power will not stop your orgasms. For I am Tongue-Man and my mighty tongue will bring you to climax again and again"

    For the second time, Lorna raises her eyebrows. She pauses for a second and then points at Tongue-Man then back down between her legs. Barely has she moved her finger and tongue-man appears between her legs, tongue lapping like a soft fleshy jackhammer.

    Fast forward one hour. Yes, I know you dirty people wanted to see the action, but whilst no prude I am not some peeping tom either. so, get your finger off the pause button and fast forward one hour. The bed clothes are on the floor. Lorna is stretched out, sweating buckets (enough buckets to open a bucket shop) and breathing fast. At the end of the bed stands Tongue-man, adopting his hero pose, although it is somewhat diminished as his 8-inch tongue hangs down, glistening with juices that were very recently inside Lorna. She gasps and says "Thank you Tongue-man".

    And with that tongue man goes, the door slams behind him and a few minutes later he is back in a small, town near Chester-le-street. Sitting on his door step and regretting not bringing his front door key."

    Winning entry no3: KitsiKiki...

    Just waiting to hear if it is OK to share this one so keep a look out!

    I also picked 3 Runners up to receive oh points.




    I will share their entries (if OK), as soon as confirmed too :)

    Congratulatiosn & thank you all for your enteries, really great!

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    I've replied, I'm ok with you sharing mine haha. Congratulations to the winners! The first two were very funny :D

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    Runner up Smudge_'s entry:

    "When I turn my powers on I become Super Sexy Smudge_, I will make all the bad feelings go away ;)"


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    Congratulations to all the winners.

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    Congratulations to the winners. From what I am reading very well deserved.

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    Thank you so much to Leanne and the team, happy to be a part of this competition. And I'm glad you enjoyed my entry x

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    Congrats to all the winners ๐ŸŽ‰ Fab entries well deserved!

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    Well deserved winners!

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    fab winners, congrats to you all. love the drawings smudge โ˜บ๏ธ

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    Some fab enteries!

    Well deserved winners - congratulations. ๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŽ‰

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    Congratulations, some brilliant entries! xx

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    Well deserved winners! Fantastic entries

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    Was a great fun competition. Love the other winners.

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    Congratulations to all of the winners๐Ÿ‘

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    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š yes you can share mine too xx

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    Wow some amazing entries there, well deserved!

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    Winning entry no3: KitsiKiki...

    "Lock up your lovers, for I am the Carnal Chameleon!

    I am possessed of the power to fit into an uncanny range of lingerie sizes, make almost anything look good, and accessorise like a human cosplay convention.
    My powers were awakened after donning a peculiar corset found in the back of a dingy antique clothing shop. In search of something ugly to wear to an unusually themed birthday party, the mysterious old woman running the shop pointed me in the direction of the threadbare and oddly patterned corset. It appeared to have been thought up by an over enthusiastic amateur seamstress; the colour-scheme ill-advised, the design lopsided and bizarre. And it didn't look quite my size to boot. It was perfect!
    I took it behind the vintage changing screen to try it on. No sooner had I laced it up than I felt it shifting, contorting and contouring itself to my body. As I watched dumbfounded in the tarnished mirror, it transformed into an item not of garish sartorial suicide but one of daring and seduction. The colours that had clashed with my own not a moment earlier were now hues in harmony. I felt a strange power surging through me as I stepped out from behind the screen. 
    'You... How did you do that?' the old lady exclaimed. But before I could even shrug, she began to laugh. As her chuckles turned to cackles, she began to grow taller and her voice deeper. Had I not just seen the corset do the same, I would have been amazed at this transformation. She and the whole shop spun around in a whirl of confused colours. When they stopped, behold! Before me stood the god of chaos - none other than Loki himself.
    He then explained to me that his Corset of Chaos had chosen me as it's wielder. He had created the artefact and awaited its would-be wearer in a competition with the wine god, Bacchus, to see who could create the most confusion and hedonism in the human world. I had little choice but to answer the calling of chaos. I have been pushing the boundaries of bodyform and fashion ever since, fighting off the drunken minions of Bacchus and the uptight agents of more prudish gods; and all the while raging against the regime of conformity and criticism.
    Signature move: High-Waisted Hypno-Hip Hula
    Weapon of choice: the Tape Measure of Trickimetres
    Archnemesis: King of Cupsize
    Kryptonite: stubborn elastic
    [Alter-ego: KitsiKiki]"
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    Runner up Cutecountrygirl:

    "My partner sometimes likes to call me his sexy little tinkerbell because I am petite  and small compared to him (he is 6'4, I am 5'2) and that I am everything he could ever wish for. I totally don't agree with him as I have self confidence issues I am working through but when I dress up and see how he looks at me and loves me I feel good about myself almost like I do have magical powers."

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