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    Hi Lovehoney and all the lovely people on the forums x

    I was just wondering, am I the only person who is really annoyed that all the newer product videos for vibrating toys do not play the sound of the toy when its on?

    I unfortunately don't live alone and being able to assess whether a toy is going to keep my play sessions discreet is important to me. I don't want to just have the reviews to help me (even though they are amazing) as some people may judge a toy to be quieter or louder depending on their living arrangements. I want to hear it for myself. My other option is to take a risk and then have the hassle of returning it when it's too loud.

    When I first started my collection of naughty toys some years ago, what drew me towards lovehoney rather than other places like B or AS were the product videos. They told me everything that I wanted to know about a toy, which included how loud it was.

    Why oh why have u changed it lovehoney??



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    Hiya Connie, there's another thread about the new product videos where a few folk prefer to hear the volume. I'd rather hear the sound of toys aswell tbh, it's very helpful in making decisions on purchases.

    In the other thread I recall Leanne saying that they're looking into new ways to show volume 👍💗xx

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