1. Has anyone ever laughed you into bed... 😂=🛏️??

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    Hmmm. I've been told that I'm funny and have a good sense of humour. However, the one person I dont laugh with often is my oh. He dosent have an awfully good sense of humour and I often wonder if this affects mine when I'm with him ?

    Most of my previous partners have had a wicked sense of humour.....but I ended up with someone who hasn't. Food for thought .......xx

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    I have to agree with the majority (so far) in this instance. I think a compatible sense of humour can certainly make someone more attractive and/or comfortable to be around and let loose with, both of which can be conducive to sex, but it's not necessarily direct.

    Shared laughter (and smiling, etc.) is a surefire oxytocin boost a.k.a. 'the bonding hormone' (and incidentally, also released in orgasm). This, in my opinion, makes it a more scientifically solid 'aphrodiasiac', at least compared to the usual vaguely defined, pseudo-sciency, and very much down to taste cliches like oysters. And mind you, in this case I don't necessarily mean it actively puts you in the mood so much as it makes you more likely to feel affectionate.

    I have never personally been laughed into bed (at least not by anyone I wasn't already in a relationship with). This is purely speculation without practice, but I think if I were to go cruising for casual sex, I would be much more likely to cop off with someone who made me laugh (in a good way). But again, I think it would be more a connection thing, rather than it actually physically arousing me.

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    Lucy.Locket wrote:

    I have definitely been laughed into bed. I am attracted to physical aspects of a man but what I'm really drawn to is a sense of humour. If I find someone funny I tend to gravitate towards them and the more time I spend with them I more become comfortable with them.

    I met a guy on a night out once, he had me laughing within minutes which made me want to stay in the pub and talk to him even longer. We ended up having really passionate sex that night and ended up seeing each other for a few months. I bumped into him the other week and he got me laughing again straight away, whether it was the memories or the humour I don't know but there was definitely 'fanny gallops' happening. 😀

    I'm with you on that Lucy. I used to know a guy and the first thing I thought about him was that he was so funny and such a good laugh. He was seeing a friend of mine at the time so nothing happened. But then they broke up because her mum wasn't keen on him and she was a bit of mum's princess. He invited me out to talk about his heartroken and straight away, we were so relaxed and he made me so chilled that I couldn't help but feel really horny and we had the most amazing sex. He had also the most sexy voice and I was done. Just now thinking about him, I wish I could still be single to have a laugh and good shag with him.

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