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  1. LGBT - What do you want? Feedback Required.

    sobeit42 [sign in to see picture]
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    Im a gay guy, all guys could benefit from simple cock rings. I agree that for gay men you have a mix of tops who would benefit from strokers and bottoms who would benefit from prostate vibrators/massagers and realistic dildos. I am versatile and love my realistic dildo and my strokers equally (and my bf loves using them on me too).

    I know its obvious but I have been in so many sex shops that only had strokers with a vagina on (its annoying). But lovehoney are better than that.

    A suggestion is a small/training butt plug, its not only the natural bottoms (who will love the average to larger dildos) who can benefit from prostate play as it can be fun to teach tops too.

    Equally starter bondage/kink items would be great, I love silk/cotton rope for basic bondage. and a guide for example basic knots guide, I think my bundle has the theme of exploring each other whether its encouraging tops to prostate play, exploring bondage, or teaching bottoms to enjoy strokers. If the bundle can afford a wand vibrator or something with multiple applications for stimulating penis, prostate and nipples that would be the dream.

    some romantic flavoured lubricants would be great and something to inspire couples (the karma sutra perhaps) in my opinion couples should explore intimate and rough sex in equal measure but thats probably just me.

    There are loads of items in my wish lists that would be perfect for gay couples but most of those would be matter of taste so keep it simple but fun?

    SparklingKink [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm a bi ftm guy dating another bi ftm guy, but since neither of us have transitioned yet a fxf bundle would suit our parts best. I think both of us would appreciate a glass dildo and a good quality strap on in such a set, with a few dildos that fit the strap on. That's just what I think we'd like in it though.

    BlondeMumma [sign in to see picture]
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    Enjoyable Bundle -
    Hand Chuffs
    Mini bullet
    Cock ring
    Anal beads
    Nipple clams
    Massage oils
    Double ended dildo
    Butt plug

    Just some of my favourite for relationships with the ladies and gents ;)

    rainbowgirlc [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi Lovehoney!

    I think a same sex bundle would be brilliant, my girlfriend and I would invest in one for sure!

    In my dream bundle I would include:

    - A strapless strap-on - something that we can both enjoy at the same time.

    - Orgasm gel

    - Some kegel balls, or remote control love egg

    - Nipple clamps

    - Hand cuffs

    - Maybe some kind of bullet or vibe

    Hope that helped!!

    C xxxxxxx

    *sexybabe* [sign in to see picture]
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    Omg I was only looking at your couples sex bundles the other day and I was thinking, where are the bundles for LGBT couples? Me and my gf would be hugely interested in testing this out if it comes to fruition! So the items we would like in our ideal bundle would be:

    1) Double ended strapless strap on such as Vibrating Double Ended Strap On Dildo, or the Fetish Fantasy Double Delight Strap-On Double Dildo Set

    2) Rabbit vibrator or g-spot & clitoral stimulator such as Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator, or the G-Kiss Fluttering Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrator

    3) Some sort of clitoris stimulant/balm or / orgasm gel. Swoon Drive Me Balmy Arousal Balm, or the cherry Pinups Bombshell Orgasm Balm you do is perfect 👌🏼

    4) A beginners butt plug or prober, such as the Cupid's Itty Bitty Beginner's Butt Plug or Lovehoney BASICS Beaded Anal Prober with Finger Loop

    5) Flavoured lube - Durex Play Saucy Strawberry Lubricant 👄

    Will you post on here if this sort of item becomes available??

    Thanks - excited now!! X

    happycat [sign in to see picture]
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    Alicia4Ever wrote:

    Not an easy thing to cater for due to the sheer diversity within the LGBT community.

    A couple with 1, or especially both being trans, just gets ultra complex, if I'm anything to go by; so i'm not going to comment there.

    Lovehoney - Leanne wrote:

    Thank you all for the feedback

    I know who to come to if we do decide to launch this and need reviewers

    Yes you see the feedback started as LGBT, but then became same sex, so its a bit difficult to answer, when thinking of trans couples. Which may Identify as same sex, but depending on transition may have different parts. Therefore want different kit. I think you would need many different bundles to even start to cover all the bases. One wrong colour or item would sabatage the entire bundle, if people are disphoric. Also trans people may be Bi or with other trans. So here is a suggestion:

    Trans FTM with trans MTF, strap on, nipple clamps, vibrator (non gendered), lube, maybe mix of bondage ( fluffy and non fluffy types), blind fold.

    For trans FTM with M partner, as above maybe leave out fluffy stuff and be careful with colours?)

    Not all trans FTM are happy about strap on type stuff (so one bundle without)

    For FTM whatever partner who is happy with strap on, the body harness with cock ring (page 34159) could go well with the Tantus Realdoe Slim Double Dildo 6" (page 24623), because the colour is realistic and I suspect would give good sensation, and keep stuff in place and look guy like?. So maybe make a transguy bundle sort of thing for all occasions?, and usual lube.

    I'mWithHer [sign in to see picture]
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    Generally speaking definitely unrealistic dildos, we seem to have your collection covered though so that may be worth looking in to that in general.

    Light bondage gear, candles, restraints that sort of thing.

    My wife isn't in to penetration at all so double ended dildos won't really speak to us but will to many others. Massage stuff will always go down well with us.

    We've also become fans of the LHM underwear as we're not girly girls so they speak to our taste.

    Hope that helps!

    SparklingKink [sign in to see picture]
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    Sadly I don't think a bundle for trans people would work well, due the massive variation in what different trans people are sexually comfortable with dividing up an already small market. Specific toys aimed at trans people could work, but I think you'll struggle to find at least 6 items enough trans people would all want to make a profit from. Maybe LoveHoney could look into the individual toys aimed at trans people idea more though?

    A note on strapless strap ons: I sadly think many same sex (female) couples would wind up disappointed in them. They sound like a holy grail, a wonderful device to pleasure you both simultaneously. However they are notoriously hard to keep on, even for kegel masters, and often the 'strap on' part is found to be uncomfortable for many users. A double ended dildo with a strap (like this one > ) would probably please more couples.

    Rydeguy [sign in to see picture]
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    For me I would want some sort of non-bulb penis pump

    realistic masturbator with male anal opening, mouth opening, possibly with a nice size cock on it

    wands to try out some electro-stimulation

    really nice lubricant between silicone and water that's good for all purposes

    maybe a vr porn set

    male herbal supplements for erections

    possibly a sex doll

    horny underwear

    light bondage

    kittencub [sign in to see picture]
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    kittencub wrote:

    Lubes, dildo, a nice silicon one, the higher end of the market, rabbit, feathers, handcuffs again higher end, underwear, state size. Anal beads small medium large, kegal eggs. Vibrating eggs. I'd love this.this for females

    Oh please make strap on optional, I wouldn't buy a strap on, thanks. Also double ended dildo optional no interested in that either.

    *sexybabe* [sign in to see picture]
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    I'd forgotten about this post! Still super interested in this as is my gf. My male OH isn't really interested in toys but he's happy for me and her to have fun! I'm a lucky girl.

    A double ended strapless strap on or a strap-on kit I'd say is essential, perhaps a choice of one or the other. My gf had a strap on kit with a few dildos but I don't, I have a strapless dildo. We share both of course but would love a set each!

    Shouganai [sign in to see picture]
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    My mother always said all good stories have a an intriguing start, a scary twist, and a wonderful, happy ending- I think applying that logic to a same-sex couples set would make for a dang fine time. :D

    Intriguing start: Nipple pumps (with mini-tubes of heating and/or cooling tingly gels), toys with multiple textures (such as the fluff/leather paddle), or something to do with sensory play (you could do a poll asking what people are most interested in trying ?).

    Scary twist: A couple's set of vibrating toys; the other person gets to control their partner toy via remote (but I suppose that would make the set astronomically expensive), an unusual shaped toy (see BadDragon for inspiration ? I can't imagine a soul who wouldn't want one just because they're so dang prettt and unique), or something more adventurous than BDSM collars/cuffs: admittedly LoveHoney has found a good market for them and stocks really cute designs, but they're a bit weak- I adored the two products you have that secure the individual's wrists near their waist (one product had velcro releases which sort of killed the point for us, and the other wasn't adjustable enough for me being barely 5ft and my partner being over 1ft taller than me. :') ). I think it would be great to see something bolder and creative that makes couples want to explore more and more.

    Wonderful, happy ending: Messy, refreshing fun like fruit flavoured body paints in different colours (who doesn't want to make sexy art on a nice white sheet ? Now THATS Instagramable, ahaa). Some clean up supplies are always appreciated regardless of gender (but what about special scents that are only available in these sets ? I once bought a limited edition bullet from another store because it came with raspberry and white chocolate flavoured lube- no regrets). Finally, a lovely finishing touch would be a storage case, but different from your classic black ones ? (They're lovely of course, but you could make these ones special with baby blue and pink, or silver and gold trims/logo ?).

    Personally, I think double-ended toys are great fun, and I've used these with male and female partners (however, this is just my preference- there are many individuals that this just wouldn't appeal to). As someone else said above- inflatable toys are definitely a winner all 'round (but quality is key there- and you don't need a lot of size to get a great sensation either).

    Just food for thought, hope it helped a little. (I'm surprised you don't do more mini-sets with themes like pet play, or age play kits). x

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