1. Offers - what do you like?!

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    Hi Kim, I really like the % off messages. It means you can buy whatever you like and get a discount. It almost always encourages me to buy even when I shouldn't.

    Also like the flirty knickers 3 for £10, it means they can be everyday sexy undies.

    The 3 for £10 flavoured lube was a good offer too. I do think a 3 for £15 on a range of lubes would be possible while still making your margin in profit.

    I would like to see both plus size and regular size items on offer at the same time. So if deal of the day is a babydoll, anyone can take advantage of the offer regardless of their size (plus size or regular).

    Personally I would like to see more bondage stuff on deal of the day, and more quality (expensive) stuff on offer.

    I hope this helps.

    YoungEssexCouple [sign in to see picture]
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    Generally we purchase stuff on impulse, so when we see a freebie on that we want we generally find a way to fill our cart. Haven't seen many lately though

    GHreview [sign in to see picture]
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    My boyfriend would love to see more male toys in the deal of the day. I know they are sometimes male toys and that you try to cater to as many people as possible but perhaps one day a week you could have a male and female toy on the deal of the day so people had an option. If it was the same day every week I know my boyfriend would check in.

    captainmeow [sign in to see picture]
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    Have to admit - I'm slightly gutted that the 2 for £20 is now 2 for £25! I would also love to see more gift bundles :)

    Throbinhood [sign in to see picture]
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    Id like to see free delivery as an offer as well, as being a man we sometimes dont spend the £30 every time

    Sex Squid [sign in to see picture]
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    I always liked the 2 for £30 offer on dildos. But I'd really like to see a similar offer on more expensive toys, e.g. 2 for £50, or higher even.

    Same goes for butt plugs, the 2 for £15 was good but would like to see a '2 for' deal on pricier plugs.

    Lovehoney - What Went Down [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks for everyones comments so far!

    Sum Sub [sign in to see picture]
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    I'd say 95% of the offers that are on and that come may way just don't pique my interest. Multibuys especially so. As the owner of over 300 toys and pieces of kit, the offers geared at newbies just don't get me.
    What I'm after is a bargain on big ticket items, I wait all year for the Xmas day forum sale and make my one and only purchase then. It kinda works really since I'm skint most of the time anyway, from my pizza habit.

    sir.nick [sign in to see picture]
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    Deal this weekend was great - 20 off 50, but I was busy so couldn't make it. Perhaps as a deal of the week ^^

    littlemisssub [sign in to see picture]
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    I really like the 3 for £10 deals, as well as the 2 for £25. However, I remember that there was an inbetween price - I think there was a 3 for £15 or £20 that was perfect!

    I'd also like to send my gratitude for student discount applying on the total price, rather than full price items only. So many companies only count student discount on full price, non-offer items - so usually the actual discount is only (literally) pennies! More discount means more toys...and more fun

    Gigglesandjiggles [sign in to see picture]
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    I was gutted I couldn't get the sliquid lube offer this weekend because if wouldn't work with the £20 off; don't get me wrong it was a fantastic deal but lube is one of those things I always need but have to actively think about adding on an order now the min for free postage has gone up.

    As others have said flash deals on higher end products would be amazing, most of the things I want now are much more expensive than those I bought in the beginning.

    Lil_Red_Kinkyboots [sign in to see picture]
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    I would prefer the higher end too and bondage deals. I did take advantage of the 2 for £20 last time though. 😊

    NatandTom [sign in to see picture]
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    Loved the offer for 25% off when buying 2 Sliquid products, really useful when it's time to stock up on my most-used lubricant!

    I'd like a 3 for £10 on all Lovehoney branded lubricants every once in a while too, the flavoured one was good but I had so much stocked up at the time I didn't get round to using it. I run out of anal, silicone and water-based all the time though, so an offer to get all three at the same time would be ideal.

    I like the majority of email offers that I get, in particular a percentage off the order as this encourages me to buy and spend more, but the offers of lingerie sucker me in 75% of the time. I liked the free thong with unwrap me babydoll launch offer, so maybe this could be recreated with other lines?

    Also, the 2 for £15 Knickers and 3/4 Flirty Knickers for £10/£12 is a great offer. I made use of both of those recently. The flirty bra 2 for £20 is a fab offer too, I'd definitely use it again if it's still around when a new colour comes out :)

    MK7 [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm just a big fan of getting money off only. Free gifts are nice but I don't necesarily always want them or they're something I already have.

    I'd be a lot happier if more things gave out free 2 packs of condoms or 50ml bottles of lube. If more toys came with free condoms and lube that'd be lovely.


    [suspended user]

    suspended user
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    I like the save X if you spend X or the % off deals. The majority of the time you are offering a free product with purchase I already own that toy so they are not relevant to me.

    I think if you include a gift with purchase offer it is nice to get a free storage bag, lingerie bag, lube, toy cleaner or something you need multiples of with purchase.

    I realize you cant leave offer codes hanging out there for too long but I was pretty frustrated with last weekends get money off when you spend money because it was only good over a weekend we were really busy and I didn't have time to really shop and determine what I wanted until late on Sunday and when I hit the cart the offer had expried for me in the US... My fault really, but just mentioning I would have liked to have had a Monday to really shop vs. just a weekend.

    I really miss / desire on page to view the current offers on the actual website. It seems the tab is gone with 50 shades and to me that should be clickable all the time if possible.

    I realize we get OH points on all orders, but has lovehoney considering having a higher level earnings / discount for loyal / larger spending customer to be able to earn more rewards or even free shipping on all orders once we spend a certain amount in a year?

    The Real Mr Grey [sign in to see picture]
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    I think free lube is a good idea, but perhaps when offering a free gift you could offer two or three so the buyer can choose which one.

    The emails are fine although sometimes they do seem very similar.

    Any money off offer is good in my opinion but the idea of perhaps two high quality for £50 would be great (a lot of the two for £25 offers are items that most of us probably already have already).

    On the whole you do a great job and one which we all love.

    JM88 [sign in to see picture]
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    I agree with sumsub in regards to the offers mainly being suitable to newer customers. I would like to see more offers (money off) on the more expensive items.

    Another great thing could be if oh points value varied depending on the basket price. For example if you place a £20 order and get £2 off, the same amount of oh points on a £50 order could be worth £5 off.

    Throbinhood [sign in to see picture]
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    Yes ways of getting more OH points would be good idea

    Irie [sign in to see picture]
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    I like the idea of building your own bundles, either selecting from a specific group of products or wider group such as spend £50 and get any item up to £10, any item up to £20 and any item up to £30.

    Maybe some form of categories for offers and emails you receive - anal isn't something my wife and I partake in so offers on anal toys are just deleted from my inbox. If I could update marketing preferences by product category in my account, I'd get fewer emails that don't apply.

    I'd love to see more around trying new, be it promotions on a brand or a category of product but at different levels. I've seen it done with the fsog stuff or when lh lingerie expands.

    Also agree with a previous comment around sizing, particularly with lingerie - I see some lovely items on offer or dotd, but their plus size equivalents aren't.

    DavidB1986 [sign in to see picture]
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    I personally would love it if there was a short perioid where you could earn double points on a purchase - whether it was on an individual product or if you spent a certain amount. This would encourage me to not only buy, but to spend more so I can get more points so I can get even more stuff!

    But also, aside from the offers (like the 3 for £xx), what would love to see is more toys that are neither gender specific, 93
    More toys that could cater to the LGBT market. You have hundreds upon hundreds of masturbators, but almost all of them are orifice specific or marketed towards heterosexual/cis males. I know there are loads of other toys out there, and I think it would be great for Lovehoney to diversify and attract a new client base, especially as most gay-orientated stores stock hundreds and hundreds of TPE/Rubber toys - I want to shop somewhere where I know I can get body safe silicone/glass/metal which you do so well.

    It would also be nice to see fresh new products in the deal of the day, and it would be great if there was some bigger luxury items in there instead of the same old vibrators and dildos - again, appeal to all your customers. Whilst it's great to attract newbies, you also have a core market of repeat buyers - and when we are all amassing big collections, most of these
    Deals won't appeal to us. We can make everybody happy.

    Just my thoughts.

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