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  1. The great big Lingerie Questionnaire!

    NuttyBoy [sign in to see picture]
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    Q1. D

    Q2. C

    Q3. C and G

    Q4. C

    Q5. D

    Q6. A

    Q7. B

    Q8. D

    Q9. A

    Q10. C

    matnem [sign in to see picture]
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    1. Mostly D, C looks interesting

    2. Wife: Everyday (but currently breast feeding and NOONE makes sexy breast feeding bras). Me: I wear nice stuff every day, but sexy boxers are reserved for date nights)

    3a. A (where is the 3 piece sets though Leanne!)

    3b. Don't like any, but H is OK I guess.

    4. wife: B, Me, C (Both: SETS SETS SETS - its gotta match!)

    5. C (we both have already done these sets - great fun!)

    6. Me: A, Wife: B (on her) both: D (on me)

    7. Love the burlesque, but we both salsa (closest to C I guess)

    8. C (although breast feeding boobs are epic!)

    9. Dita Von Teese!! (E)

    10. How do you get to level 10? We have a lot of lovely freebies!

    HornyHousewife90 [sign in to see picture]
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    1) B
    2) C
    3) Me: D Hubby: H
    4) C
    5) C
    6) A
    7) B
    8) A
    9) Hubby: A, Me: E
    10) C

    Purring-Pussy [sign in to see picture]
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    i don't quite fit most lingerie anymore, my weight is spiraling out of control.

    If any lingeie comes in over a size 24, I'll be happy to review.

    Baz1 [sign in to see picture]
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    1 B

    2 B

    3/1 E

    3/2 E

    4 A/B

    5 A/C/B

    6 A

    7 B1 /D

    8 A/D

    9 D

    10 D

    Tony McA [sign in to see picture]
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    Mrs. McA here;

    C/D, also B on occasion.
    A, I used to be D but I'm building my lingerie wardrobe
    A, that color is gorgeous, but I like D's stockings
    H, not a fan of the banana hammock
    A, usually, D if I am wearing underwear
    B, though I have done all of these kinds of shoots before
    B for sexy, D for comfort
    B, I'm a burlesque performer
    A/C, I like my tits most, husband is an ass man
    B, love a man who can wear color
    H, sometimes I like to be over the top too

    Dr Gray [sign in to see picture]
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    Lingerie Q and A answers :)

    Q1- D

    Q2- B

    Q3- D/H

    Q4- B

    Q5- D

    Q6- B

    Q7- A

    Q8- C

    Q9- D/G

    Q10- C

    Novicebdsm [sign in to see picture]
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    1. C

    2. C

    3. D & H

    4. C

    5. C

    6. B

    7. D

    8. B

    9. A & E

    10. C

    stuck with picking one from each section on some it was a tough choice.

    Steen16 [sign in to see picture]
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    1. C
    2. A
    3. B and E
    4. C
    5. A
    6. A
    7. C
    8. D
    9. A and H
    10. C

    Sianie_Lou [sign in to see picture]
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    1) D
    2) B (I struggle finding sexy underwear in my size)
    3) C/H
    4) C
    5) A
    6) A
    7) B
    8) A
    9) A/H
    10) C

    Pinky2105 [sign in to see picture]
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    1) D

    2) A

    3) A,H

    4) B

    5) A

    6) A

    7) A

    8) A

    9) C, H

    10) C

    Funky boots [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi there!

    1 - d

    2 - c

    3- a & h

    4- c

    5 -a, b c, d!!! (Am doing my first next month!)

    6 - a

    7- b

    8- c

    9 - a and e, though I generally opt for skinny geek (Jarvis cocker, etc)

    10:C!!! I really would love to!

    maryellen [sign in to see picture]
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    1 = C

    2 = C

    3 = A & H

    4 = C

    5 = A

    6 = B

    7 = B

    8 = D

    9 = A & E

    10 = C

    Being a plus size person it is sometimes difficult to find lingerie that fits well all over

    dem1 [sign in to see picture]
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    C - I would love to wear more often but no idea what or when, clueless :(

    A 3. H

    A - Comando! Love the breeze.


    A - Lace/Mesh


    A - Boobs/Chest

    A 9. F

    C - Not yet but would love to!

    *sexybabe* [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi everyone! Here are my answers:

    1) A
    2) A
    3) Part 1: A love the colour and fabric! Or B
    Part 2: H for the men's undies
    4) C primarily, though I like the occasional string!
    5) B 😍
    6) B then A are my faves
    7) B
    8) A and C. I'm slim but with big boobies and butt!
    9) Part 1: C
    Part 2: F then E depends what mood I'm in! I like punk rock but also rockabilly glam
    10) C - would love to!

    AlyBlue [sign in to see picture]
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    1. B & D

    2. A (unless it's shark week)

    3. D H

    4. A b c

    5. B & D

    6. A

    7. B

    8. C

    9. D E

    10. c (definitely!)

    Heidi920 [sign in to see picture]
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    1. C

    2. A

    3. A / H

    4. B

    5. D

    6. A / D

    7. B

    8. C

    9. A / E

    10. C

    Love a good questionaire!

    NoRealIdea [sign in to see picture]
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    1. D
    2. B
    3. B + H
    4. C
    5. B + D
    6. A
    7. B
    8. D
    9. D + E
    10. C

    Funguy70 [sign in to see picture]
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    1. C

    2. B

    3. A+H

    4. C

    5. B

    6. A

    7. B

    8. C

    9. D+F


    Shouganai [sign in to see picture]
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    1.: C + D. Pale blue feels so innocent; especially on a pale and cool skin tone, conversely black against my skin seems powerful; I suppose that's hard to explain but everyone knows black and white to be a classic combo. :')

    2.: C. It's surprisingly hard to find flattering fits when you're tiny but filled out.

    3.1.: C + D. Like most people I have "problem areas" I'd like to conceal; I'm a transmale so being able to hide my chest while still being allowed to feel cute and flirty is really a blessing !
    Option D is ideal for showing off my toned, filled out areas.

    3.2.: F + H. There's something "cheeky" about underwear like this; it's so teasing and cute, seeing my partner in something similar makes me want to pinch his peachy bum. :')
    Traditional style boxers won't go out of fashion, they're practical and leave enough to the imagination to have sex appeal. (I do admire the attention to detail though, the lace makes them seem "special occasion"-y in a subtle manner).

    4.: C + D. Cute comfort reigns; combining these two gives you similar styles to longline or yoga styles. As someone who plays outdoors a lot, it's essential to have something thicker than plain cotton or skimpy lace.

    5.: All of them ! :') Though, when I smile I look like an excited child in a candy store, so maybe I'd suit none of them, ahaa. My tiny 5ft 90lbs body can't do much for sensuality or maturity, but give me bright or pastel colours and I rock it. :p

    6.: A. Lace and mesh are just beautiful; lace for its classical intricacies and timeless femininity which can cover problem areas as much as draw attention to certain assets depending on the design, mesh on the other hand has better breathability and seems more practical to wear if you play sports or just generally have an active lifestyle- I adore how mesh can be so adaptable to your look; are you channeling that brooding St.Trinians student, or are you layering pieces for the athletic yet sweet girl-next-door vibe ? They're both essential materials in any closet.

    7.: A. Ballet. It's more than just a style of dancing; and please don't get me wrong when I call it an art form, I'm not putting other styles down of course, but ballet has such a rich history and strong character about it. When you think of ballet, you don't just think of movements or the performance, you think of all the tiny pieces of it: the daintiness, the ethereal or dramatic vibes from the individual dancers/characters.

    8.: B + C. Legs and bum, because I've got "thicc" thighs as ready to wrap 'round my man's waist as they are to crush a skull like a dang Viking warrior. :') And with said legs come my well endowed and trained booty.

    9.: C + D, and E + G. All of these people give off subtle classic, gothic, demure vibes which I adore. Give me a rugged gentleman dressed smartly, or a woman that looks like she's about to murder someone, and I'm a very happy peanut. Aesthetic on point.

    10.: C. I could ramble for days; my attention to detail annoyed my tutors in college, but "shouganai", right ? :') I love exploring new things, and being able to write about them to thouroughly inform others sounds like fun !

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