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    I have been looking for something to stretch my foreskin which is a little tight. Would you consider looking at stocking these?


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    Now your stocking the Perfect Fit Zoro, could you get the larger size in? It’s called Armour Knight! I notice you always seem to miss the big stuff at first, any reason?



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    I want to help LH become the go to place for VR headsets and devices and information.

    I see that LoveHoney stocks two VR headsets yet neither of them are listed as supported devices on most VR porn websites.

    Could you please look into stocking good quaility headsets for smartphones that are clearly listed on Pornhub or other VR porn sites compatible headset list. I will try and provide a complete list.

    Also perhaps we could learn more about the headsets you offer?

    First Headset I found on LH site is the Cyber Pro Vibrating Male Masturbator and VR Headset


    It has the following information on the page which really is not helpful in making a desision to buy or not. also the two reviews are not helpful either and I will explain why also.

    From LH description of the above Headset kit

    Product Description Ready to give your private browsing sessions a bit of an upgrade? Log on to the NSFW site of your choice and lose yourself in the ultimate virtual reality experience, courtesy of this vibrating masturbator and VR headset from Cyber Pro. Ease your way into the soft and pliable entrance and give in to the irresistible ribbing tensing around your tool with each thrust, using the hole at the base of the case to control the internal suction. Want to take your trouser play to the next level? Just power up the included bullet vibe. The Cyber Pro is compatible with most current Android and iPhone models, and all major VR providers, meaning your favourite porn stars are just a mouse click away. And with a 360° range and adjustable focal and pupil distance, you'll feel like you're the star of your favourite skin flick. Waterproof and easy to clean, the case has an ergonomic design for ease of grip, so you needn't worry about broken windows when you're going full throttle! Key Features: Virtual reality headset with vibrating male masturbator Compatible with all major adult VR content providers 360 virtual reality experience for better-than-life experiences Stroker features hole for included optional bullet vibrator Stroker is waterproof, with a secure lid for storage.

    First there is no name listed in the description for the headset, or if the headset comes with a scanable QR code needed for most VR Apps like Google carboard or free VR viewer ETC.

    Going by the pictures I made out the name of the headset yet it is not listed in any of the VR content sites I have found just like the headset I currentley own.

    Sure it may be compatible yet if it is not listed I would not purchase it because of my experiance with my first headset.

    Not having a listed set will cause hours and hours of wasted time trying to find the right listed headset that makes these videos look normal yet once you find one that works this does not mean you will get as good as an experiance as you would by purchasing a headset that is listed on these sites and also maximizes the potential from your phone.

    The description also does not include what the field of view you will have with the headset, My current headset claims 120 deg field of view.

    The listing does claim 360 VR experiance yet all headsets can do this but what matters is a field of view. the lower the number the less realistic it is.

    To keep each post as short as possible and readable I will make a few post so please delay your response for a while until I noted this is my last post.

    I will make a post with the list of compatible headsets listed on VR content providers sites.

    I will also make a post about the second headset LH has in hopes of learning more.


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    SenseMax VR Headset from LH

    Unhelpful details as follows Product Description It's showtime! Welcome to the erotic theatre. No longer limited to your imagination, SenseMax brings fantasy to reality with the interactive VR headset. Use in conjunction with the SenseMax app and accessories for an intense immersive solo experience. Experience the interactive synced content through the SenseMax App. The lightweight design of the headset and comfortable straps allow you to focus on the job in hand. As the app contains adult content, it can only be downloaded from the website. Download the app (Android & iOS version) directly from the SenseMax website, www.sensemax.net/app. For Android users, the app can also be downloaded from Aptoide, which is a trusted 3rd party Android App store. Key Features: Lightweight comfortable headset allows for full erotic immersion Connect to the app for synced adult content Immerse yourself in a complete interactive experience with the sense Ecosystem, including SenseMax Smart Watch and SenseMax Masturbator Adjustable lens for long or short sighted view Again the detailed technical specs are missing does this headset have antiblue light tech built in for saftey? what is the field of view. Most importanlty this headset is not listed on any VR content site as a compatible device. Yet I am sure I can make it work with a lot of effort but would it be batter than what I own now ? I am doubtful since it is not a listed supported device. Next post will be a long list of compatible devices. which one is best I wouldnt know. but I would like to know and I would be happy to buy the best.


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    Latex vacuum beds.
    Darlex sleep sacks


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    List of headsets on most VR porn content sites like PornHub etc.

    Samsung Gear VR

    Zeiss VR One

    Cardboard v1.0

    Cardboard v2.0

    Samsung Gear VR innovator Edition

    Pop! Cardboard 3.0

    Alcatel VR Viewer V1

    Alian Cardboard v1.1

    Ant VR

    Aura VR v2

    Baofeng Small Mojing

    Baofeng Mojing

    Baofeng Mojing 4

    BMW-Mini Cardboard

    BoboVR Z3

    BoboVR Z4



    Cobra VR


    Defairy VRSH020

    Destex 2016 v3

    DOMO nHance VRC57D-scope Pro VR


    Durovis Dive 7

    Fibrum Pro

    Fiit VR

    Freefly VR

    IAC Giant EVA headset


    Homido Mini

    Immerse VR Heaset

    IncrediSonic M700 VUE Series VR Glasses



    Merge VR

    Noon VR

    OnePlus Cardboard v1.1

    OWL VR

    Planet VR Box

    Powis viewR

    Refugio3D Refugio 3D L-Version

    Ritech Riem 2

    Ritech Riem 3 Vr headset

    Snail VR


    StarLight VR

    Sunnypeak VRG-10200

    Sunnypeak VRG-11100

    Sunnypeak VRG-10700

    Sunnypeak VRG-11200

    Sunnypeak VRG-11600

    Teefan VRA TF-VRA88004

    Teefan TF-VRA88002

    Teefan TF-VRA88001

    Teefan TF-VRA88003

    TT 3D Viewer

    Unicorn VR

    Unofficial Cardboard 2.0 Plus


    Viewbox From Evomade

    VR Box

    VR Box 2

    VR Kix

    Wearality SKY 0.1

    As you can see the list is extensive yet none of the headsets LH offers are listed

    Neither is the headset I own which has forced me to choose the second to the last headset VRKix listed as the one I use, even though I own a ETVR 4.0 headset.

    The Listed VR Kix settings works for my Headset yet leaves me with the feeling it would be better much better if my headset was on this list and if it was a good match for my iphone 7

    It would be easy If I knew which headset was the best yet it is immpossible to sift through all the product description Hype when companies like LH do not provide accurate detailed tech specs about the items they are selling.

    Lack of information with these types of headsets can be dangerous to the user, as not all headsets are created equal.

    One import thing is blue light blocking lenses without them the user can cause harm to their eyes.

    I have went out of the way to make this post and list each headset beacuse when using my headset and experimenting with the different listed headsets will cause the resolution that is availble go up or down depending on the headset chosen.

    If you pick the wrong headset your video resolution may max out at 420 or other low resolution as the max, but using a different listed device can raise the resolution availible up to 4K in some circumstances.

    Thanks for reading this I hope it helps some with selection of VR equipment on your site.

    I am sure everyone has had this same type of confusion with VR many give up because of poor image quaility, double vison, blocky pictures etc when it all comes down to selecting the right headset and choosing the correct setting fo that headset.

    With my experiments with settings I have had a glimpse of quality VR yet I know it can be much much better with the right headset and settings.

    OK last post for now thanks again.


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    BTW here is a link that shows QR codes for many not all VR headsets


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    Could we look into getting more fetish collars with names on them? Such as “slut” “princess” “brat” etc Iv seen a few on some websites and I’m sure LH did have these previously

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    Hey Leanne, how about:
    Pirate of the bung hole.
    It is a butt plug, but I don't know who puts it out. I had one before, but it was stolen with some of my other toys

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    we are looking for a swing that can be installed in bed or have a structure that can be assembled and disassembled. Our doors are too weak to support our weight.

    you would make us the happiest couple in the world


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    Could I request Fun Factory toy bags. Love that the Fun Factory range is expanding on Lovehoney, so would love the storage bags for my increasing collection. They come in 3 sizes.

    Thankies x

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    More of the icicles range of glass toys please 😁

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    DeliciousPB&J wrote:

    More UK Toys to be available in AU ie. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22510

    & https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32248


    These are EU / UK mains powered unfortunately, it's actually illegal for us to sell something on the Australian Site that does not come with an Australian Plug. So we won't be getting these unless the suppliers make an AU version, sorry :(

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    I'd be interested to see Lovehoney stock something along the lines of the NoFrillDo which is currently on indiegogo (has reached its funding goal):


    "NoFrillDo is a low cost silicone sex toy project from Funkit Toys. By reducing waste material, mold time, design complexity, and difficulty of creation, NoFrillDo is a safe, 100% platinum silicone dildo at an affordable price, for increased financial accessibility of body-safe toys."

    The idea of affordable bodysafe non-anatomical toys appeals greatly, I think they're cute and the simplicity is rad too. I think the maker does wholesale orders...? :D

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    Hi. Any plans to release tapered double ended dildos in silicone?

    ubergam3r [sign in to see picture]
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    Some more light pink and light pastel colour lingerie please.

    *sexybabe* [sign in to see picture]
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    Loving the new lingerie in different colours! The blue and green stuff is so lush.

    I really like this but it’s only available in plus size, are there any plans for this to be available in a smaller size?


    You have a similar item which is a mini dress, which is v pretty too, but I’d love the body to be available!

    myrkari [sign in to see picture]
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    Oops ignore me I wasn't looking hard enough, lol

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