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    We like a clear bottle so that we can see how much ifs left. 250ml is great for at home but 100ml is better if traveling. A sealed cap would be good...either sealed with a plastic wrapper or onew of those peel off jobs inside that you find on ketchup bottles. And a pump dispenser is ideal as none gets spilt or wasted etc x

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    Do you have a preferred bottle sizing ?

    100-125ml, I know bigger bottles give more value but the bottle has to be small enough to fit in a drawer to me. My absolute favourite is the short/fat bottles sliquid use, like this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22112 since they fit into drawers, they've got a wide enough base not to fall over easilly and they're comfortable to grip during use.

    Any bottle colours you paticularly like?

    Clear so I can see how much lube is left with bright colour coded labels that allow you to see the flavour/variety (i.e. anal, warming etc) at a glance. Not a fan of opaque bottles at all, you never know when you're running low since you can't really tell by the weight of the bottle.

    What type of dispenser do you like to use? pump , spay , squeeze bottle...

    Pump for bigger bottles, squeeze bottle for smaller bottles. Flip top ones (like this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28056) are a lot easier to use one handed and don't tend to spill if knocked over so I like them best.

    Do you like your lubes to arrive sealed ?if so shrink wrapped maybe.. or just a cap or twist to open type of thing?

    YES. This is a major issue for me, I think all lubes need a seal. Preferably a cardboard disc in the neck of the bottle rather than fully shrink wrapped, seems less wasteful? Lubes like the current Lovehoney flavoured range confuse me so much, for one I don't know if they've been tampered with/been contaminated at any point and for another I don't know when they expire, since the general advice is once they are unsealed throw away after 12 months...but they aren't exactly sealed to start with! Seals are a must.

    Extra comments ......

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    Do you have a preferred bottle sizing?

    Prefer the 100ml - 200ml bottles, because I don't buy one lube in bulk, I like to try lots of different ones, so I'd probably get bored with one huge bottle of one type

    Any bottle colours you paticularly like?

    Clear is best so you can see how much lube is in there, however remember that clear doesn't have to mean colourless... I think something like a clear blue bottle or something would be quite different.

    Ooo like Lovebirds_x said above, differentt colours for different flavours/types - you could have a different (clear) coloured bottle for each type!

    What type of dispenser do you like to use? pump , spay , squeeze bottle...

    Pump bottle all the way is my favourite. I can cope with squeeze, but haven't gotten the last dregs of my squeeze bottles yet, so I suspect they'll be hard to use with a teeny bit left in the bottle. To me, it's just better if you can get the lube out without much effort, as when you actually have lube-y hands, you don't want fiddle getting that second squirt. To confirm, I like pump bottles and I like it where the pump top twists around so it is open/closed for safety

    Do you like your lubes to arrive sealed? If so shrink wrapped maybe... or just a cap or twist to open type of thing?

    Um, I'm not entirely sure what this question means, but yeah, I suppose it's good if a lube is sealed before the first use so you know it hasn't been fiddled with

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    Hi Leanne

    250ml seems best value for money

    Like a clear/semi transparent bottle but creamy coloured lube - liquid silk is my favourite

    Squeeze bottle is best: spray - hard to use once hands are covered, pump - hard to get last drops out

    Prefer them to arrive sealed with shrink wrapping so I know it's fresh and unused.

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    I like lubes to come in at least two different sizes; one smaller, say 100-250ml; and one larger maybe 350-500ml+

    The smaller sizes are handy for several reasons; first, for the most part I just don't use much; second, the smaller sizes are handy for when I need some but can't really afford a larger one and/or for tacking on an order to qualify for an offer; and third, if I've never tried a certain one before, I might not want to risk diving straight into a larger bottle.

    Then, a larger bottle being available is great once you've found one/some you like and will use a lot of. They tend to be better value.

    As for bottle colour, clear or otherwise translucent is preferable. I like being able to see the lube inside. Not only does it give an immediate impression of the product, it also allows me to monitor the quanitity and/or the condition of the lube over time. However, I know that light exposure often causes things to break down faster- perhaps that includes lubes? If so, then an opaque white or black bottle can be made appealing with minimal effort, especially if there's a translucent panel on one side that shows the liquid level inside. (I believe brown or yellow are technically best for light filtration, but although I like both those colours, a lot of people find them off-putting or in any case not sexy or too clinical/industrial.) Any colour could look good though, but you'd have to take more care with shade, intensity, and design.

    Squeeze bottles are often too easy to accidentally get more than you wanted and sprayers are only feasible with certain types of lube, so I'd say pump tops are better in general. Or just screw top tubs for extra thick ones- although not as convenient, they're more practical.

    As for a seal, yes, it is nice to be more sure that nothing has been tampered with or potentially contaminated. It also helps to ensure that the container doesn't leak in transit. I think a full shrink wrap is a bit much and harder to remove, but if they were biodegradeable wraps or seals I could get on board with it. A twist-to-break seal on pump-action bottles and a peel-off tab for flip-top squeeze bottles and twist-top tubs is fine.

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    I prefer pump bottles the squeezy ones I've had have been too hard to squeeze and the lube too thick to come out of the top

    i agree 150ml is a good size no less than 100ml not too fussed about bottle colour as long as it's unisex not obviously a bottle of lube and see through enough you can see how much you've got left

    if it had to be sealed or shrink wrapped then just the dispensing part only with a twist lock on pumps to avoid accidental spills as trying to peel off the shrink wrap from my bottle of wicked was a fair bit of effort couldn't get it off in one go. Having been using a thinner lube for a long time if it was on the liquidy side that would be nice

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    I like the smaller sizes, around 100ml, so that I can try something to see if I like it. It's also handy for travelling or keeping in a drawer.

    I prefer clear bottles to see how much is left in the bottle, although maybe transparent but coloured would be a nice change.

    I definitly prefer pump dispensers. I pretty much wont buy anything that isnt a pump dispenser now because I like them so much.

    Just a small seal for hygiene and safety during transit is fine. I don't like to see lots of wasted packaging, especially for small items.

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    Again transparent enough to see what's left
    pump bottle as squeeze is awkward to control with slippery hand. Sealed for confidence on arrival that it's new not been tested pumped.
    As for the bottle size 150 ml to 200ml at home away or a cheep tied till more money smaller small size 20ml trying new first time.
    small sample viriaty pack could be realy good.
    and have suggestion for actual larger bottle design if your interested in that sort of thing??

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    I'd prefer smaller bottles (100 - 150 ml) if they were the same price as the big ones. I bought the big Sliquid one because it was much cheaer and it seems to last forever - to the point where I worry about preservation.

    Pump bottles (or possibly squeeze tubes if the stuff is thick enough) as I have a problem getting the correct amount out of a squeeze bottle. Colour doesn't matter, but see-through would be nice so I don't have to guess the amount left.

    Sealed would be preferable, though I don't remember if my bottles were or not.

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    Not sure if after design idea??
    but i think everyone would agree when hands are wet it can be a night mare to grip anything.
    so I think I have away to help this.
    when designing bottle shape it's self could you make bottle with finger sized bump ridges in the middle of of the bottle? ? slightly textured to stop it slipping. I love pumps there my favourite but.. even them you push pump down on top if holding ,it slipps through hand . by having finger grip style bumps in middle this would help so much.

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    Size 250ml for value, would go bigger if better value, and decant into 250ml one i've emptied. Plus travel size.

    some kind of seal on bottle,

    Bottle colour not important, as long as I can see how much is in the bottle I like Kitsikiki's idea of a colour that will protect contents from light, with a clear panel to see fill level, as some lubes do say protect from sun light.

    I like the pump dispenser, but the one on doc Johnsons natural anal does'nt work as it's too thick to move down the container as you use it so doesn't pump for long.

    A bottle that is shorter but wide would suit me, as the usual 250ml ones I get have to be laid down to store, which means depressing the pump to lock it at the end of play, so you loose one pumps worth. Also it would be more stable in use, and be able to use it one handed.

    While we are talking lube, a dispenser syringe that would work with the thick butter type anal lubes, I did get hold of one that was designed for use with prescribed pile ointment. but don't know where I would ever get one to replace it. It makes using that type of lube so much easier. Also it would be nice to have the water based lube syringes in a pack of assorted colours so you can't mix up which one has been used for anal.

    And why Is there only one pusher in the pack of 3 applicators, being able to pre load all 3 would make things much easier.

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    Pump bottle
    Clear bottle
    Sealed 👍

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    How about a "home & away" set?

    I have Liquid Silk in the 250ml and 50ml sizes - keep the big one by my bed and take the little one away.

    The LS pump tends to dispense a little bit too much, but as it says it's a skin conditioner, too, I just use it for massage. The little bottle is a bit stiff to squeeze so I end up squeezing so hard too much comes out.

    I'd prefer see-through bottles, but maybe in different colours? I also much prefer a pump, especially a bigger one that allows one-handed operation. Ridges, bumps or a little strip of something grippy would be great on non-pump bottles.

    I'd also like to see the non-pumps have a lid big and flat enough to keep it upside down so the lube is always there straight away - that might help with the over-squeeze/dispense problem, too.

    A removeable printed cellophane wrapper for hygiene confidence would also mean that no one seeing the bottle would know immediately what it was - but the use-by date printed on the bottom so it's not removed with the rest of the packaging.

    I started using LS as I was having problems with bladder infections developing after trying organics. LS has stopped them in their tracks and I'm tending to put that down to the "bacteria static" thing it says it has going for it. Wonder if someone would be able to develop something like this, but more organic? Probably not possible, and I'm totally happy with LS, but I know a lot of people choose organics - I'm just wondering how many people have problems like cystitis that aren't helped by using them.

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    Do you have a preferred bottle sizing ?

    A duo offer including at home size 150-200ml and travel 50-100 would be perfect.

    Any bottle colours you paticularly like?

    Not fussed on bottle colours, however clear to know how much is left would be a bonus.

    What type of dispenser do you like to use? pump , spay , squeeze bottle...

    Prefer squeeze bottles or pump. Spray bottles are more beneficial for relaxants.

    Do you like your lubes to arrive sealed ?if so shrink wrapped maybe.. or just a cap or twist to open type of thing?

    Not shrink wrapped, not economical, nightmare to open. Perhaps a seal under cap like medicine bottles and milk have!

    Extra comments ......

    Possibly more a question........ I sometimes find the bottles slippery, has anyone found a lubricant that doesn't have this issue? Perhaps a lube grip to allow more control? (sorry if silly idea)

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    Oh, and a lockable pump so people can lay larger bottles down or travel with them without fear of leaks.

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    We generally use the Liquid Silk lubricant, mainly because we like the bottle etc, so this one becomes fairly easy :)

    Bottle Size:

    250ml is good as you don't run out, or have to restock too often, but can also be a tad large for storing in a drawer. However when it is out, it does mean that it is a sturdy bottle.

    We also have kept some smaller pump bottles (I think about 100ml) which are good for travel etc.


    In terms of colour, the ones we have are generally plain ol' clear bottles, but a tint of colour wouldn't be a bad thing. We like translucent at least so that you can easily see how much you have left, but there is no reason that there couldn't be a colour tint to the bottle.


    Without a doubt we prefer pump bottles. Sit it on the bedside table and you can grab more lube easily with one hand and without getting the bottle covered in lube.


    I think a seal is a must for a lube - if only to give the customer confidence that it hasn't been tampered with, so yes some sort of tamper-evident seal (whether that be shrink wrap or something else) would be good.

    Other Comments:

    As our prefernce is to 'pump' style bottles there are a couple of other points that seem relevant:

    Bottle size / style

    The 'bigger' bottles generally have an advantage as they are more stable when you are pressing down on the pump and can therefore be left 'free standing' and used one-handed whereas the smaller pump bottles tend to need to be held with one hand, whilst pumping the lube out with the other.

    If Lovehoney were going to do smaller bottles (circa 100-150ml) - (although the larger could also follow the same styling) - then perhaps a cone-shaped bottle (wide base, narrow neck) would work well to maintain the stability for one handed operation, whilst allowing for a more compact, lower volume bottle overall.

    Pump Cap

    With the pump bottles it is good to be able to 'lcok' the pump off in some way.

    Some bottles achieve this with a press-down-and-twist-to-lock type (of which the Liquid Silk is one). We are not a fan of these as you effectively waste one pump of lube any time you need to seal the bottle.

    The smaller bottles we have are Durex lube bottles and these have a much simpler twist-to-lock style cap. This works well with no waste, but is really only suited to that style of bottle; they have a short 'spout' so are unlikely to be 'unlocked' accidently during travel, but this short spout also means that the bottle cannot be used single handedly.

    the final type we have experience with is a simply lid that fits on over the pump so that it can't be pressed. Again this works well with no waste, but as the lid has to fit over the pump they again tend to have short spouts (or no spout and just a nozzle) which again means no to single-handed operation.

    An ideal pump would be able to be locked off without any waste, but also have a decent 'spout' (like the Liquid Silk) so that the bottle can be used single-handed when unlocked.

    Appologies if it is more info than you wanted, but its one of those things where we have already spent a while looking for an ideal lube / bottle / dispenser combo so could easily tell you what went into our decision making process. :)

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    Factors affecting lube choice in order of importance for us...

    Vegan, and Cruelty Free, we always look for the leaping bunny symbol to know animal testing not involved.

    Water based.

    Pump dispenser.

    Size, 200ml maybe. We tend to buy 250ml as it works out better value for money, but the 250ml sizes bottles (think Maximus or Liquid Silk here), are infuriatingly...just...too tall to close the bedside Malm drawer once opened. Maybe if the bottle was 50ml smaller it'd fit?

    Bottle colour - not important, as long as it's clear in part, so we can see how much left. Wording on bottle is more important, like with the Maximus lube, it's a positive that it doesn't have ANAL LUBE written on it.

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    We like the 100ml bottles. Easy to store and great to pop in a bag when travelling.

    Prefer to be able to see how much is left so not really worried about the colour of the bottle so much.

    Also I don't like to see raunchy images or too much details of what it's for all over the bottle as it's not so easy to disguise that it's a sex product.
    I used a black permanent marker on the old style Lovehoney sex toy cleaner bottle to remove the word "sex" in case it was spotted in the cleaning cupboard. Much to my OH's amusement. Lol :)

    Definitely prefer pumps.

    I like to know it's not been opened or used so would prefer some sort of removable safety seal to break to open.

    Also we usually prefer the taste and smell of flavoured lube so tend to buy more of it than just plain water based.


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    I have bought (though not yet tried) most of the lubes you sell and are healthy enough for me to buy. Ingredients are very important to me (less is better), and I only use water based as that simplifies my life with silicone toys. Organic is a big bonus, but not a must. I would love to find THE ONE lube that is good for anything (any toys and/or accidental swallowing - aka licking - too both for her and him), one to fit all needs so to speak. Alas, I am not entirely happy with any I tried so far (including most LH and Tracey Cox branded ones). We only use lube for toys, don't need it for sex. So tasteless and odourless is preferable (although edible enough for accidental use), clear (transparent) also, and stickiness is a quality I hate. Reapplying is uncomfortable, but I can live with.

    About packaging, as you asked. 100 ml bottle is optimal as far as I'm concernced: travel friendly and plenty to use without lasting (once opened) for too long. Again, keep in mind we only use lube for toys, and not much of that either, we just don't need it. So smaller would be good, bigger I usually avoid buying. I prefer clear (transparent) bottles too for ease of knowing how much there is left. And quality control too (if there's a change in colouring over time for example). And clear is also what the (stupid) air regulation would require, so again, handy for travel.

    Definitely pump, but what I don't like about the TC ones is that for you to close the pump bottle, product comes out and that can be messy at times. Also the half of circle you need to rotate for it to close/open is not reassuring at all that it would securely withstand air travel staying closed. So pump yes, but also with a cap of some sort that keeps it securely closed if needs be. I don't think spray would work with a good thick enough lube, and also I generally dislike sprays as they are dispersive.

    A huge YES to bottles arriving sealed! I have difficulty trusting such items that arrive unsealed. Although I have not yet handled the new version bottles of the LH lubes, if they were transparent rather than white and had the pump part a little bit more protruding for comfortable vertical use, they would be ideal for me I think (at least packaging wise).

    Hope this helps. I must say I love giving feedback! :) I used to earn money from it too!

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    Do you have a preferred bottle sizing? - 150ml to 200ml, smaller options for travel

    Any bottle colours you paticularly like? - Clear to see product that's left

    What type of dispenser do you like to use? pump, spray, squeeze bottle ... - Tricky one. I prefer pumps, but they can add air to the lube, and compromise its life span. Flip tops like Sliquid are what I tend to use. Don't like screw tops, or tubes that need the life squeezing out of them to get anything out of!

    Do you like your lubes to arrive sealed ? If so, shrink wrapped maybe .. or just a cap or twist to open type of thing? - Seal across the opening, like on ketchup!

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