1. The Great big suggestions thread .......PART 2

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    My lady asks if you can make available more plus size wet look lingerie. You have some wonderful items only in smaller sizes. Also a lot of the plus size items are open bust, which are of no help whatsoever for a lady with very heavy 38GG breasts. She recently bought a wet look body (actually a few scraps of fabric held together with tiny metal rings) which she loves, but it has been discontinued. Perhaps you don't get so much demand from larger ladies who want to show off?

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    I have one which might be of use, then again. A "preview post" button. So you can see your post before it's posted and fix any mistakes or html things

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    I would like the jewelled butt plugs to be available in different colours, and also with a heart shaped jewel.

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    BrattyFox wrote:

    I would like the jewelled butt plugs to be available in different colours, and also with a heart shaped jewel.

    You're best posting it on a different thread dedicated to requesting different types of products. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/inside-lovehoney/1451404-pander-to-me-products-only/
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    Male and female matching thongs that also come in curvy sizes. The LH male power red shiny thong is very sexy. Would look great on a woman. PLEASE CAN YOU MAKE IT LOVEHONEY I am sure it would sell. Thank you

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    My suggestion is that it be really helpful to know if someone has replied to one of my posts, or commented on a thread I have started or I have contributed too. Maybe the idea is a bit to Facebooky, but remembering where I have posted and following it all up takes time, and a notification would be really helpful.

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    Leanne, Have you heard of Überlube? I/we have tested and reviewed many lubes on lovehoney. All lubes have pros and cons. The biggest con for us generally is if and when we find a good one, LH have discontinued it. We’ve been using uberlube for a while now and it’s ace. Would love to see it on here. Let me know if/when you do stock it because I’d love to review it.

    matnem [sign in to see picture]
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    Cant edit posts on iPhone. Previous post moved to ‘pander me’ thread.

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    I’ve been using the site for a while now and there are a couple of changes I’d really appreciate.

    1. There are a number of seemingly similar products in a range, which I really struggle to differentiate between. The Womanizer range being one example - it can be challenging to understand the difference between a Scarlet and the £99.99 version at more than twice the price. Other examples are available.

    Amazon tend to do a little comparison table (for non sex toy products!) which really helps to distinguish between similar offerings. Presumably this was implemented because it increases conversions / helps to upsell. Would it be possible to do something similar? 

    2. Offers. I promise we’d buy more if there was a neat list of offer codes on the site. Or just shared on the forum by a mod rather than users? Or possibly used to encourage more items in the basket (you are £x away from £y off your shop!)

    3. Forum features - I clocked MsR mentioning that it would be useful to be notified when a user responds to a post. Completely agree! It’s be loads easier to engage.

    4. Wish lists - Perhaps slightly marketingy but if LH notified me of price drops on items in my wishlists I would be more likely to buy them. Could be an optional feature?

    5. Product suggestions - As we write reviews / scores / browse the site, could LH generate customised recommendations? We are looking at a whole range of toys but it never feels like the sites content pushes products that we would like vs generic toys. I’d hope presenting us with more relevant suggestions would result in more sales (users customers who liked X also loved Y).

    I haven’t looked through the fairly substantial (!) number of comments on this thread so please treat any duplicates as a vote for that user’s idea.

    Hope the above are useful in any event :)

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    The wife is at work on a night shift and I'm horny, what shall I do?!

    tik-tok [sign in to see picture]
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    I know at least some of these have been mentioned before, but I haven't seen them on the site yet, so I'd like to +1 them :)

    1) Being able to sort reviews by rating low to high (or by looking only at reviews with a particular star rating) would be really useful, just to see what the reviewers' concerns are.

    2) I wish it were possible to narrow a search for toys by power source. A series of checkboxes for "battery-powered", "rechargeable", "non-electronic" and "plug-in" toys would be perfect.

    3) Could there be separate options for different levels of non-realistic dildos, both in the dildo finder and in the site's dildo section? Some people don't mind realism as long as it's not fleshtone, others prefer their dildos less defined but not fully abstracted, and some want a totally abstract dildo.

    4) You can't currently narrow a search by material in the dildo category, except by choosing a material category (glass, metal or silicone). This makes it impossible to look for, say, silicone harness dildos without having to go through either all the silicone dildos or all the harness dildos checking whether they're both harness-compatible and silicone. Material search options are available for other kinds of toys, why not for dildos?

    5) A veggie-friendly checkbox in the bondage and lubricant categories would be really helpful for vegetarians/vegans or those with veggie partners.

    Does anybody know if any of these already in the works? *looks hopefully at LH employees*

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    I have no idea if this is the right place as this thread seems really inactive but I'd love if you could sort strap on harnesses by size or even plus and straight size. I've found some far too small for me previously

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    Can we have a monthly Forum Raffle where 5 or so random winners can bag themselves some points? 🙂

    Entry requirements: simply post at least one new forum post in a month (maybe exclude Inside Lovehoney as that's mainly tester threads).

    On the 1st of every month (or closest workday) 5 winners are picked randomly, and announced on the forum.

    Prize: small (£5 each in points)

    Benefits: increase user participation, reward active engagement, generate postive buzz. Minimal cost.


    Married Girl [sign in to see picture]
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    What a brilliant idea Ian Chimp! X 

    WillC [sign in to see picture]
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    Excellent idea! 👍

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