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  1. Reviewing toys against direct competition


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    I think it is absolutely relevant to compare products when reviewing.
    A decent comprehensive review should cover the toy for its own merits and downfalls as well as compare to its competitors where the author has such knowledge. Not to do so would imo be letting your audience down

    Regardless of what I'm considering buying I will always use the compare these products functions on websites. And yeah how great would it be for LH to have a compare function?

    My review of the blewit focuses pretty much on the similarities and differences to fleshlight because frankly that's what people want to know.

    Vegastun [sign in to see picture]
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    Personally I don't have an issue with comparing products of similar nature against each other, I mean in the end aren't reviews there to assist a consumer to make a decision on the purchase they are making. Also from a manufacturers side of things, if it were my product, I would like to know which other brands I am being compared to and if required look at the product to improve my own. How many companies fold because and have no idea why they product sells less than the competitors. Consumer comparisons and feedback are crucial for any company.

    But as someone mentioned by Leanne I think, so long as you give a good explanation as to why one is better for you than the other, that way it allows the consumer to make a decision based on their needs.

    Stuburns [sign in to see picture]
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    Invariably when using 'in my opinion' it instinctively leads people to that toy. Now the femme fatale review has gone live can the numbers sold in comparison to the womaniser be compared just as a matter of insight to see if comparison does lead to a sway on an 'in my opinion' granted there will be a lull in womaniser sales because of competition but I shouldn't expect it to totally be outsold.

    Skitty [sign in to see picture]
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    I think the price is the main factor in it really though. If it had any 4 or 5 star review, not even mentioning the Womanizer, I would expect for people to want to try it because it's similar enough but at a much lower price.

    Reviews are all based on opinion, but so long as you explain your opinions well enough, people can extrapolate the information to whether things are likely to work for them.

    I definitely don't see it as a bad thing if people read my review and choose a Femme Fetale over a Womanizer based on my opinion, because they're just using my opinion on its power, noise levels, price, etc. and weighing it against their own criteria and what they think is important. Some people may read exactly the same review and based on all the information and opinions, decide a Womanizer is actually better for them.

    Stuburns [sign in to see picture]
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    Just to reiterate Skitty this is in no way a dig at your review. It is a very good review but it was brought up as an example and I thought it was an interesting thread to raise on a general reviewing front 😊


    [suspended user]

    suspended user
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    Stu, I'd like you to review your golf clubs as set toys ;)

    Stuburns [sign in to see picture]
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    Well there is a certain thrill that comes with hitting a great ball Sub.

    Thumper the Rabbit [sign in to see picture]
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    Personally I like to look at a product for it's own merits and then do a compare and contrast. Certain products may be an all around better experience but their competitors may have the edge on one particular feature, or may be a better value or bargain version.

    I think it handy to a small comparison as long as the entire reviewisnt a pros and cons list slating one toy and praising the other.

    Also when reviewing products from the same company it is very handy to know what differences are as you move through the price/quality continuum.

    Talia [sign in to see picture]
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    Frankly, if different clubs give different spin, and that is important for golfers - and not overly much depending on your form of the day when testing the clubs (incidentally, when I compare vibration strenght or noise level I generally have all products I'm comparing sitting on my desk while writing, ready for direct comparison) - then I would actually want you to say club A gives me more spin than club B! (If I was in any way interested in golf clubs...)

    Just like I happen to have a direct comparison between 3 types of hay bags - a cheap, crappy one (Krämer), an expensive better one (PADD) and a cheap one that's better than the expensive one (Decathlon) (better in this case in length of use before repair, or in the case of the two first ones, having to throw them away). I just haven't yet gotten around to writing the review, and I'm not sure whether I'll be allowed to name competitors as the three bags come from different shops.

    Doesn't the UK have magazines containing tests of various consumer goods? Germany has at least two, Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest. The articles end with a classification of the tested products - and the manufacturers of the products that come last have to live with the fact. Or produce something better. (The winners generally are very proud and put the test result asap on their packaging and in their ads...)

    Actually, I would love it if Lovehoney could make it easier to find comparative reviews (or maybe could actively encourage people to write them - Stuburns is probably not the only one who wonders whether it's a good idea) - I don't always have time to read all the reviews (it's not really practical with 100+) - because quite often I wonder "do I buy this or that? Which is stronger/rumblier/feels better?" (Happy Rabbit Natural or G-Spot? Happy Rabbit or Desire Rabbit? Vixskin or Tantus O2? etc etc) And judging from the threads in the Sex Toys Forum I'm not the only one...

    VR [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm fairly new to sex toys, and until I actually bought two toys I'd read comparative reviews on, I had no idea what the difference between "buzzy" and "rumbly" was.

    These buzz-words (sorry!) kept cropping up in reviews and I was intrigued to find out. Comparative reviews helped me decide which new toy I would buy to help my quest. Turns out I picked correctly - thanks to the reviews (and a lot of input here, thanks, All) - and am now the proud owner of both. Suits me great as I actually enjoy both types on their own merits, depending on my mood.

    I've also been waiting for a review to come out on the Femme, hoping that LH would have chosen a Womanizer owner in order to get a comparison. I own (and absolutely love, thanks mainly to a fab review left by Foxxy) the original Womanizer and was considering upgrading to the W500 when I could afford it. Then I saw the Femme. As someone on a budget, this was of great interest to me. After reading Skitty's review (thank you, Skitty - excellent review), I now have the pluses and minuses to mull over, when originally, it was simply a matter of price (though I would love if I wasn't paranoid I was gonna ruin my W by "over-wetting" it in use!).

    Reviews, comparative or not, *should* keep manufacturers on the ball. If they're the kind that want to improve, that is, rather than the fast-buck type. Word-of-mouth used to be a pretty local thing, but with social media etc., these days, word will spread fast. As a consumer, I welcome any improvements a forward-thinking company makes to its products on the strength of what basically boils down to as unpaid product developers.

    And as a reviewer, I hope mine positively help anyone reading. I haven't bought a huge amount of toys to review, so can't do many comparisons, but if I can I will. I also hope that my reviews take into account a product's own ups and downs, as well as a suggestion that if you also own a) and are looking at b), this comparison may help.

    And if not, you can always bet on some great answers here, if you ask.

    Sweet Cherries [sign in to see picture]
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    I think things in every walk of life use comparisons. Like I can't believe it's not butter. While butter is a generic thing, it's the same concept.

    It's a poor business decision not allowing comparisons on your website because there will always be independent reviews being conducted that will do this. It's easier for a persons brain to wrap around the concept.

    Lovehoney in particular seem to welcome direct feedback on what other companies are doing that people find to be better for whatever reason. Whether it's customer service or the way their toys are made, it's what has driven their sales and helped them spread across the globe.

    Figure out what people want, figure out how to do it while still turning a profit and you have a winner. Direct comparisons highlight what people want very succinctly.

    People vote with their wallets, we all know this, but companies cannot always tell why they are voting a certain way. So to me, a direct comparison would be a road map to success.

    Blueeyes82 [sign in to see picture]
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    I've been a sex toy reviewer for 5yrs, I am here to ensure my readers select the best product for them. There have been a lot of sex toys that the designs have been copied and are either better or worse than the original. For instance (no offence LH) but if i put the LH 10 speed bullet up against, say the RO Ignition 10 speed bullet, the RO one wins hands down for speeds but material, the LH bullet is better.

    It's about honesty and unfortunately, when a company sends out a product to be reviewed, they take that chance that the product could receive a negative or positive review. If x company sent me a wand to review, from say toyjoy and it's pants, i will state why but say that x company also has the tie dye body wand, which is better and link to that product page in my review for x.

    If I purchase the product myself, I have free reign and will link in to better quality products from whereever i chose.

    Kimberleyking [sign in to see picture]
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    In my pre blogging days when looking for a toy say a wand i would search for reviews then compare them to the other brand of wand. I have brought my first ever wand due to a comparison review and i find them extremely helpful.

    I think that if someone asks you for a review it is for FREE in return for the product and that you offer a NON-BIAS approach which means your thoughts are not one sided. I also dislike when manfacturers get a negative review then ask if you would change it. I do not change reviews once they are published they are my thoughts not the manufacturers.

    As for comparisions i tend to do this alot. If i think you will get a better quality product then than the one i review i will state this if i review something i already have a similar product to i will compare them to help people have more insight and choose between the two toys. It helps the consumer and thats the main focus. A decent company would not complain or be annoyed about comparison reviews as if the product they made was top notch they wouldn't have any worries about not comming out on top.

    Blueeyes82 [sign in to see picture]
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    ach, i've had arsy emails from selected companies threatening to take legal action over a review, or demand i change it to more positive views. I stand my ground and hold a non-bias outlook.

    If you use an unsafe material and the product has less motivation than a leaf in the wind, then yes i will state this.

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