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  1. Student Discount

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    DavidB1986 wrote:

    Oh look at that... 20% off just popped up in my emails....

    Heh :D

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    Thing is...students often become the working, tax paying person you are. Companies want to build loyalty so when they do have more disposable income, they come back to the brands they are familiar with.

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    Wow a lot of people on here getting quite nasty. Its only a question!

    I'm not sure I buy the whole unidays contributes. I've worked in marketing for a while and as I understand it companies provide a discount to the group AND some for of cash back per order to companies like unidays. So you would prob find that a students order is somewhere between 30-30% less profitable than a general customer.

    I'm not sure why a company like love honey would offer such a big discount though. When you look at the bigger picture it does seem unfair. I guess that's for them to explain or not! It could be a demographic that doesn't spend a lot on products and this is used to help develop and exploit it. Who knows!

    Play nice people! Its a question, quite a valid one!

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    People would have played nicer if the OP hadn't made his question so passive aggressive towards students!

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    Why LH offers such a large discount could well just be out of competition - if the two biggest competitors are offering the same or better student discounts, the same or better free postage, it will take more to get students to use lovehoney. I've just placed an order with a competitor with 20% discount and free postage over £10 compared w/ LH's £20, and they often have cheaper prices to begin with. If I didn't also get a discount here on LH, it would be a harder decision to pay the extra money for the community, reviews and returns :)

    It's also not the highest discount that's normally floating around - but it can actually convince me to buy more because 20% off a £25 shop (yeah, it's a VERY rare occasion that a student is likely to have £50 spare for a LH shop as per your example!) it would still be over £20, giving me free postage, where as on a 25% discount it winds up more expensive because it's below the free postage mark.

    I might not place an order that costs me more than £25, because I don't have it, and I also wouldn't place an order that I have to pay postage on, because I'm better off waiting for a bigger order so that I only have to pay postage once - and then I could never come back to place the order.

    From a getting students to part with cash perspective, I think the 20% discount is probably perfect - from LH's POV. From mine as a student - my student finance gives me about 600pm, and it's only that high because I get a bursary from my university. Of that, 300 is rent, leaving me me £10 per day to live on, which has to include bills, food, transport, university supplies, clothes etc etc. What I'm trying to say, is that LH is not going to be a priority on my budget, and even if it were after the essentials there is very little left for it even if I want to spend it here.

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    Staedtler wrote:

    Hi, I was just in the process of ordering some items and noticed that students get 20% Discount on items. Im not a student and havnt been for far some time. Instead I have been a working tax payer, contributing to the economy, our infrastructure and our future like im sure a lot of your customers are.

    I don't get the discount, why someone thats a student should get the same items 20% cheaper?

    Students get a discount because some of us are trying to make ends meet on less than £5k a year and whatever part time work we can cram in to our already pack schedules!

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