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    Every week we send out a selection of items from all categories we have at Lovehoney. From sex toys and lubricants to sexy lingerie. When you agree to join in, you get something free to enjoy and we get an honest review of the product – so everyone's a winner! We ask that you use the product and add your review to Lovehoney as soon as you've given it a good trial run and within one month of receiving the item.

    To find out more about sex toy testing, please visit our Sex Toy Tester Page.

    A small reminder:

    Please only add things to your wishlist once you have checked the measurements, don't be victim to eyes-bigger-than-your-*ahem*-syndrome. 

    e.g If the item for test is a bondage chain - please make sure you have compatible cuffs to use with it.

    If you do get sent something and you suddenly realise you can't test it, please just get in touch with myself or customer care and return it straight away.
    Don't try to write a review of how it looks, or how it might be OK if you couldn't actually use it - we can't put these reviews live! As your reviews help other members to make their decision.
    Please also keep in mind if you do get a product and it is faulty. Please contact customer care or myself as soon as possible, so we can assist you. Reviews where the product is faulty, we would like to offer a replacement to give the toy a fair chance to show itself, to enable you to write a fair and honest review!
    Thank you x
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    I have recently added my wish list to become a Sex Toy Tester and have reviewed everything I have bought thus far from you but there seems to be some conflicting information. Some of the pages mention a 'Tester List' to show which products you need reviews on but I can't seem to find it. I have added new things that don't appear to have reviews yet but should I be looking for a specific page? Also does this apply to all items you sell, not just toys?

    Sorry if I sound like a novice but I just want to check?

    Also, very impressed with all the items I have bought from Love Honey and the Service.


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