• Reviewing the Extra Quiet Section

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    I have previously posted on the forums asking for tips on finding extra quiet vibrators, after purchasing Flash, the USB Clit Vibrator, which turned out to be horribly loud.

    Today I tried searching through recent forum posts to see if anyone else has recommended other actual quiet vibrators, and I found out that a lot of people have expressed their concerns on the Extra Quiet category. Mainly that, well, they're not quiet at all.

    I will not be living alone for the forseeable future, can Lovehoney please review the Extra Quiet section? Because right now I just keep looking at that section, reading the reviews, then get put off buying them just because I see so many "not quiet at all" reviews. I don't even mind if it's not powerful enough really, thank you so much. :)

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    Something to add,

    The reason why quietness is my top priority is because not only is my house absolutely silent at night, and that we have thin walls, but I also have a frosted glass door that obviously does not contain noise very well.

    Thanks x

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    The only truly quiet toy is a dildo. If it moves it makes noise. Noise is subjective.

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    I will pay more attention to the noise level son mine and see if I can be of help. If memory serves me right my Tracy cox rabbit is not super loud.


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    G0neAstray wrote:

    Something to add,

    The reason why quietness is my top priority is because not only is my house absolutely silent at night, and that we have thin walls, but I also have a frosted glass door that obviously does not contain noise very well.

    Thanks x

    I've heard of a couple..Little Chroma and hello Touch. I believe they've got a skin on them called Elastomer ( something like that) which helps with noise. I haven't looked for you, biut I don't think LH sell them! x

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    The problem with vibrators is they can never be truly silent. They need to vibrate. Even the new iPhone 6S should have a quieter vibratory system but it's not! Lol!

    If you aren't satisfied by the quietness of what you buy from Lovehoney then return it and exchange it for something else and keep trying out different things until you find the right one for you.

    Could you not get a waterproof vibrator for the shower or bath?

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    You always have to remember how subjective reviews are. None of those toys are 'silent', but if you are using the lower settings then you wouldn't be able to hear them if you had a duvet over yourself.

    I know reviews are useful, but I would take them with a pinch of salt. I'd also reconsider what you're asking for, as asking for a toy that won't be heard in an absolutely silent house in the dead of night with nothing but thin walls and a glass door is like asking for a unicorn. It doesn't mean there are not super quiet toys, it just means there isn't one THAT quiet. People in your situation will say a toy is shocking loud, while people who masturbate at a different time of day or have more ambient noise in the house in general will praise the same toy for being impossible to hear. Just as people who use all toys on their max setting are going to say a toy is loud, whereas people who use the lower settings will praise it for being silent, often without mentioning in their reviews which speeds they used, which makes life confusing and reviews not so helpful.

    There are plenty of toys that, if used under a duvet and used on their lower settings, are impossible to hear unless you are in the room and know they are there. One could even argue most toys will fall under this category. This one springs to mind though:


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    Out of my collection the only ones that I'd really say are quiet are the silencer bullet, and the adrien lastic butch cassidy rabbit - and these ones it's not so much that they're quiet per se - but that they have 10 functions which means that the lowest one is really weak, and therefore quiet. The only other thing I can suggest is to swap out normal batteries for rechargeable (be cautious, they're slightly larger and can jam) because they seem to have a lower power output .

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    I would put on some low music to create dome zmbient noise and go for it.

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    I sometimes think its a little strange when we all want quiet sex toys. My electric toothbrush is louder than most vibraters and my wifes foot expholiater is also quite loud not to mention the electronic massager ( looks like a massive wand). Whlist we don't seem to bother about the noisy everyday stuff which often have a similar sound to sex toys but when we come to the actual sex toys themselves we all seem to freak out if they make a noise. Our household is no exception .

    Just my thoughts.........

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    +1 to Lovebirds, Vanessa, and Mysteron

    My first response was to say that noise is subjective, too. Things sound louder to us when we're in the same room and when there's less ambient noise. The surfaces in a closed space bounce the vibrations back to our ears, but they don't nessarily carry through those surfaces. When they do they are generally muffled at least a little bit. You might be surprised how much. I suffer from thin walls, too, but ask yourself this: have you ever heard buzzing coming from the neighbours? Because chances are, they have something that buzzes, wether it's a sex toy or not. And if you've never heard it, or it was very quiet, you probably have nothing to worry about.

    Low buzzing/humming noises don't carry very well through even thin walls and glass unless the thing producing the noises is actually touching those surfaces. If you moan or even just gasp/sigh or breathe heavy, with little to no ambient noise, those higher-pitched noises will actually carry through much more clearly. And make it much more obvious what you're doing, unlike the buzzing which, as Mysteron said, is the same as many non-sexual household devices.

    And as Lovebirds and Vanessa suggested respectively, simply using it under a duvet will muffle it a great deal, and putting on music or some other background noise will make it virtually impossible to hear from outside the room.

    I can understand not wanting something crazy loud, simply because it can be off-putting, but I don't share the obsession with ultra-quiet. Of course, I don't really like any powered toys as much as my man-powered ones, so I guess I don't have to worry about it anyway. I have to add that I think it says something about the way society still views masturbation and sex toy use- many of us are much less bothered about making noise during sex with a partner, but we're still mortified by the idea of anyone knowing we masturbate, even though we all know nearly everyone does it.

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    My Womanizer is really quiet when I keep my finger on the jewel (it rattles and makes a distracting to the point of really annoying noise otherwise. This seems to be a fault on mine that LH said they will sort, but I've not had time to hit the post office yet).

    I've only needed to use it to the third level, though, but under the duvet, it's almost silent.

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    Thank you for all the replies! You guys do post a good point there, that noise is subjective. I mean obviously not every household is as quiet as mine, but most other places have at least some ambient noise like the heater or the fan or whatnot.

    I am trying out a few toys at a time MysticalMayhem and LoveBirds_x, however I am really choosing carefully as some aren't as cheap as others (I'm a student, can't afford everything), and even though LH has an amazing set of returns policy, I'm really do try not to return something I've used. I just wanna choose carefully really. :)

    Mysteron and KitsiKiki poses great points about how the society views masturbation haha, I personally am mortified if someone else knows that I do it. :P

    Thanks for the recommendation on Silencer Bullet as well LoveBirds_x, I've seen a lot of good reviews and recommendations on that but I'm not sure if I'll like ABS plastic that much, might be worth a try though!

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    I agree with the OP's OP - LH's choice of extra quiet vibrators is a bit surprising. I'd say the Happy Rabbit 2 is surprisingly quite for its power - but I would not call it quiet in absolute terms - it's definitely very audible when I hold it in my hands, especially the clit vibe.

    But when I put it under the blankets, leave the room and close the door (with an acrylic panel) on it there's no way of hearing it over the central heating (just the flow of the water, when the heater kicks in I could probably have a Bodywand running without hearing it). GOneastray, how is your house so silent? I think I envy you that...

    I think you can safely ignore LH's selection of extra quiet vibrators (the Entice Charlize is not in there, though it seems to be quiet according to reviews and the video). What I would do in your place is listen very attentively to the videos. And if you buy something that was quiet on the video but isn't in your home, then you are perfectly justified in sending it back!

    Btw, the quietest motorized toy I have is the Stronic Eins - most probably because it is not a vibrator. The most annoying sound (with almost no discernable vibrations) is produced by the Fifty Shades of Grey rechargeable bullet vibe. Not only does it produce a mosquito-like whine - the sound actually gets louder when the bullet is caught between mattress and blanket. (Test situation, don't know what happens in use because I never use the thing.)

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    The Lelo Lily 2 is the quietest vibrator I own (and I own a LOT!). Very pricey though, but I believe the Lelo Nea 2 is essentially the same toy/same motor, just doesn't have the silly 'scented' gimmick and is a fair bit cheaper. Lovehoney have 20% off offers running quite regularly too :)

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    Thanks for the replies again!

    Talia and a few other posters, I've never thought of actually testing out how loud it is if I left it in the room and stood outside. I'm just in a quiet neighbourhood too, because people rarely have parties here for some reason, and the main heating system is downstairs too.

    Thanks again for more suggestions, I will look into those too. :)

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    is there anything you can do in your room for sound proofing? i know things like draft excluders and thermal wall paper (sounds weird but its meant to keep heat in) have been suggested as sound proofing for music purposes on other sites... with some of my things, i used to worry that i could be heard outside of my dorm room, but i found it was my own paranoia that could be the buzz kill.

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    Tbh I am not sure I would put the Swan rabbit in there. As much as I love mine, crank it to the top power and it is not that quiet toy. Its mainly the rotating shaft, which creates the most noise. I do however think that most Lelo toys are quiet compared to some other toys in my collection.

    However, generally the more powerful toy, the more noise it generates. But if you have some of those on the list, and you dont use them on full power, they are not that noisy and I do think that outside the room no one will be able to hear it.

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